MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Looks like we are gaining momentum right now… Just for fun, I am willing to gamble a little this time and I have set some little sell orders around 3800 sat cause I have a feeling we could get there pretty quick before retreating back a little.

I still hold a believe we are going to 10x until the end of the year. Fundamentals are great and apparently not a lot of people outside of community realizes that. For many, MAID is old sick or even dead coin. Once information about technology progress spreads outside of the community, while supported by a steady growth of trading volume and price, we will definitely see a pretty nice FOMO.

$1.40 is my 1.1.2020 target and I am willing to sell there around 10% of my MAID holdings. Price higher than $3.50 at that moment means selling 15-30% of my MAID portfolio. Prices under $0.40 until then mean continual accumulation for me.

What is your strategy?


I’m trying to figure out what is a good size holding in Maid, without going over the top.


My strategy is to sell all my coins when they are worth 150€ per coin and then live a good life without being a slave of the system if you know what I mean… Because then I am able to live an independent life where I can deal with food crops and things like that. But I think I have to be patient…:disappointed:


Never sell everything man. :slight_smile:


I have been in and out many times in last little while. Not taking BTC out though… Just growing that MAID bag even bigger for when it really booms. At the current moment I am still mostly in HODL mode though, seeing how far this current momentum goes before the buy side is looking overextended. Rly at this point I am only selling when it looks like a good chance of rebuying cheaper within 24 hrs.


At these prices, if you believe, having anything less that 50,000 MAID seems like a bad decision.


Given the low volume we’re seeing on exchanges, I’m not sure how we can gauge momentum one way or another? I’ve only bought more MAID since the ICO. I’ve considered selling of my coins to daytrade, but the whole crypto market just seems to be very unpredictable to me at this time.


I would say momenturm is more obvious in lower volume situations. All it takes is one major player to feel bullish and things get moving. When there’s more traders it becomes more like a bluechip in that all the people pulling in different directions tend to average out much faster.

Like it would not surprise me if all the gains in last couple days are just one guy accumulating. There are pros and cons to either situation but right now while a few whales have control at least we should see more volatility to find profit margins inside.


Is 150€ realistic in you view? Hoping for something closer to $50.


Thanks for the tip. I should make it by the time Flemming arrives, even though I don’t expect any lift in price then. Once beta arrives we could see some action


I think everyone keeps forgetting the power of parabolic movement. We have seen it time and time again and with the possibility of people holding on to coins that they have held for years, along with farmers and developers taking new interest as well as people just purchasing anything is possible and $150 might be low (depending on the span of time). Consider all those variables and then consider a small possibility that this becomes the platform for secure everything from data security to payment processing ect. Perhaps it never achieves true parabolic growth but the the upside IF people realize the potential is crazy.


Certainly just an opinion but why not give yourself a chance for affordable security and financial freedom all at the same time is my thought.


at these prices parabolic movement just means we have spread the word of the milestones reached with fleming release outside our inner circle here. There’s tons of people that were buying like 3 years ago but lost interest. Time to bring them back into the fold and I am sure we would see some fun in the markets. On top of this there’s still people out there that have never been exposed to maidsafe in the crypto community. Right now the market is small and every new person that we bring in counts big so I would expect great returns dependent on how well we do getting the word out. Its not like we need to become the CNN of crypto. Just think of how prices would move if 100 new people invested 1 BTC


Does anybody have a clue why this spike of interest appeared?


I’d say reading back a few posts in this and the other topic on speculation and you may have your answer. There are others out there reading these topics too and fomo can kick in anytime people start talking up the coin even a little


With my limited experience, I think we hit the bottom in February.
I think any FOMO at the moment is justified.

Bitcoin market volumes look good, looks like the volume recovery is going hand in
hand with a price rise.


The Maidsafe market has had a damn good go at pushing the coin below $0.10, but that
balloon isn’t staying under water.

With the increased intrest in buyers in the bitcoin market, and the trend in the Maidsafe market,
am afraid very soon you won’t see sub $0.15 prices for a while if at all.

We might see some temporary market moves down, but it looks like we are on the up.

How fast can you get yours?

edit: Hopefully I’ve not let the cat out of the bag too soon for anyone rushing to get in one last large accumulation order.:sweat_smile:


Thankfully I’ve taken full advantage of this accumulation period. Money is definitely going in to crypto now though… this is as good a time as any if you’ve got cash waiting. They won’t ring the bell.


The release of SAFE-Fleming will be a ringing bell, but at that point you’d have to be very quick to get in the market - there just wont be cheap coins available.


It will be a ringing bell that I think will fall on deaf ears. I don’t see much of a price jump from Fleming in the cards. I’m not a whale trying to keep prices suppressed, either, I just think people are generally over crypto projects that are a piece of a good idea, at least ones that aren’t flashy and exciting. Too many people got burned severely during the last crash and I think many are a lot more skeptical, now. I think the fully functional Beta product will be the only point people start to take notice.


Current MAID market looks like a playground for one big shark playing the game with plenty of inactive small fish. This entity appears to be able to accumulate while suppressing the price at the same time. If I’m right and probably I am, its only possible cause there are no other sharks but only little fish like me or you. Once other sharks get there and try their own tactics, they quickly realize they are not alone - at that moment, the rules of the game change and those sharks start to behave like normal fish.

At that moment sharks start FOMO and the rest of us likewise. I am really looking forward to this moment. :slight_smile: