MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


zen all you guys…bitcoin still underpins one of the best decentralised math based safety nets for money. Safenetwork can (more fundamentally) do a an even better distributed version for data…so…one thing at a time…maybe -


I’ve also noticed the 20k dude selling, and me buying it; but I don’t get why people sell or short MAID right now: its a bit of a pain in the donkey. There’s hardly any liquidity at this point. Just buy and hold. Less hassle for longer term gain…


I’m just thankful to whoever. I never believed I’d have as many Maid as I have, and so cheaply too. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere I wouldn’t have lost near as much as a good second hand car


I say we have a working network before 1st January 2035…anyone wants to dispute that


I say MaidSafe will be long gone if there is no working network 10 years even prior to that :laughing: . Lets see how far they get this year eh :slight_smile: .


might be a close call


2006: “Everyone’s always asking me when Apple will come out with a cell phone. My answer is, ‘Probably never.’” — David Pogue, The New York Times.

We’re all experts, just sayin…


Not 2035 , Maybe 3035 I guess :laughing:


That gives us 16 years. You are probably right. Somewhere within that timeframe. But my guess us sooner rather than later. In 2035 I will be too old to drive a Lambo


Unlike other crypto communities, we all love cheap coins (before launch), anyone trying traditional dump n pump practices will probably find out they have to buy back their coins at higher prices.

I’m imagining huge whales going from market to market, then stumbling on the blockchain token Maidsafe and treating it as a blockchain project then having a little suprise.

Fill your boots up with these cheap coins.


I see it very similarly… On HitBTC is almost purely prefabricated volume. On Polo, it’s definitely more real better, but I still see some entity selling to its own orders so they end up with the same number of coins mins fees while suppressing price significantly. Not a bad strategy for a forgotten market like MAID. If I were in their shoos, I would probably do the same.

Only the manipulating entity knows (if there is only one) what percentage of the market depth is real.


MAID need another 10 years~ it costs too much time. MAID is one of the worst investment in crypto since 2016.


Totally false.

The highest price Maidsafe Coin was in 2016 was 12 cents maybe and that’s even pushing it. It was down to 2 cents in 2016 on some exchanges. Jan 2, 2018 the price of Maidsafe Coin was over $1.

How is that a bad investment?

It was only bad investment if you were like me and bought in at 4 cents, but refused to sell when it was peaking in January before the crypto crash.


the profit is in terms of BTC


it won’t be 10 years until we have a truly decentralized network… that’s like next major release on the horizon. Price will almost for sure react to this. How much depends on how well we get that news to spread outside our small community of hardcore HOLDers. I think the real big move will come when they start to test out the economics of safecoin (prolly in beta) then people will be able to better gauge how much you get for 1 safecoin. Of course the highest price will come when we get to final release, but I see a few major fundamental points to pump on before then. And then there is just the fact sometimes whales moonlaunch coins that have been ground down to a low enough market cap for a good ol PnD. This could happen randomly any time.


Such a big pesimistic view…


The MAID cycle length is just resonating at a different frequency to those who moonshot in 2017. It doesn’t make it a bad investment; it just means that now is a bad time to sell.

If you want quick returns, I would invest elsewhere in something with a much more limited scope.


In 2035 the lambo will drive you, so you are cool :smiley: :smiley:


Pi day, price MAID around 0.0000314 BTC. Nice!


Anxiously awaiting Tau day then.