MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Kind of hoping @maidsafe waits to release SAFE-Fleming till late April-Early May. :crossed_fingers: Looks like markets will bottom out then and then we can start moving back up. Of course that’s based off of (I’d argue good) TA and even though things are ‘looking’ bullish right now and obviously TA is just an indicator not a crystal ball but I think it’d favor the price more after the crap hits the fan and then a Phoenix rises from the ashes in the form of a decade long technology being proven. Timing is everything. Just some brain meanderings. :grin:


Just to touch on this again. Might be a good idea for all of us to really keep a closer eye these next couple months and be cocked and loaded to enter. Hopefully markets don’t trade sideways at the bottom for long and we could all stand to gain and push things in the community along. Just don’t get too trigger happy :wink:


Yep, I am also expecting an upside, at least a suckers rally that will fail and then start a bull market. It would be a surprise if halvening didn’t do anything positive/did something negative to the price.


Buy the rumor, sell the news?


I think that kind of applies if you step out side of TA. I have a gut feeling it’s all manipulation masked by the recent growth in ‘fundamentals’ and people are thirsty for good news so it’d be easy to get them to bite. In other words a bull trap. Fundamentals or news based crypto insight seems like a veil that traders, market makers, manipulators hide behind imo. TA, volume, and long trends tell the story of what should/could be and about when.


Very unexpected news with BTC bouncing back up, I was expecting a big drop (thank god I strongly believe shorting/leverage is stupid). This is beginning to look like 2015-16 sideway action rather than a bear/bull market…


I thought this was fun:

It shows how long MAID was near the top before the 2017 boom went nuts and left it behind.


We will reclaim a spot at the top table when/if network launches and meets whitepaper aspirations :+1: . SAFE is a forgotten underdog to many in crypto, probably a quality strong crypto investment at these levels regardless of ones interest in freedom of data through decentralization + anonymity. Would be nice to see MAID with a working product for the next crypto boom and maybe market cap will grow like ETH did in the 2017 craze. If I saw these coins go from $.13 cents (where they are now) to $30-60 USD I think I would fall out of my computer chair then quickly book a flight to MaidSafe HQ to meet the team that relieved all our financial burdens(and made the world a better place too obviously :wink:) :laughing: . Few rounds of beer and cheers would be in order, maybe even sample one of those Irn-Bru things I hear of hah.


The next Bitcoin boom (with other cryptos following) is likely to be in 2021, based on historical response to the four-yearly halving.

Bitcoin’s next halving is due around May 2020. In previous halvings the price started to move up prior to the halving date, in expectation, but has taken off subsequently as the effect of less newly minted coins every 10 minutes kicks in.

If the SafeNet project can be in BETA and fully available to the public before the beginning of 2021, then I believe the price of MAID/Safecoin will certainly benefit from the rising tide.


That’s only about 90 more weekly updates to go, in the absence of a timeline. Nah, I don’t think they will hit early 2021. Hope they do but then most of us thought that Alpha 3 would have been done by now. As long as they get the tech right and have the funds, 2022 is my wild guess


Peoples projected timelines continue to grow. 2022 is 3 full years from now. I’ve always been for the slow progression to get it correct but if it takes 3-4 more years to deliver a beta product, SAFE will be left behind whether or not the technology is superior or not. I hope that is not the case.


Any idea what is actually the biggest hurdle left? 3 years is a very long time to wait. :frowning:


I just read this story by Arthur C. Clark called “Superiority” (link below). They used to make incoming engineering students read it at several universities, but probably no longer. It’s a fun read, and has been brought up by people in regards to programs like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program.


I don’t know so many details about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But I heard recently (Belgium is also going to buy some to replace the old F16’s) that one of the problems of the long development is that it uses a lot of (C++) code. E.g. necessary to virtually ‘see’ through the floor of the airplane with a HUD. And this code still has a lot of bugs. If they could use Rust instead of C++, things would go a bit quicker in the long run…
That is of course only 1 factor. Something more complicated will fail quicker, certainly in situations like war (more difficult to maintain things).


I am not sure why all this skepticism here. As I see it, Flemming is around a corner and we are probably going to be in beta at the end of 2020.

Once beta is on the horizon, we will see the motion into top 30 currencies. Once beta is live and running, top 10 is very likely even with an almost empty network. Once the network is proven and full of data, I don’t see a reason why we should be behind the Bitcoin.

In my perspective, there is a huge prospect of 10x in a year and 100x+ in 3 years. All this with a short term risk of falling in $ price. Risk of falling in BTC terms is minimal - I don’t think we can dive under 2800 sat for more than a couple of hours.

We are near all-time lows in BTC terms. Accumulate man!


I don’t see any scepticism here just some guesses on when beta will happen. We all know it will happen but pinning it down to any given six month period is difficult because there is no project breakdown for public viewing


Does anyone know how to check the richest Maidsafe wallets? Thanks!



Looks like someone is setting alot of 20 k sell orders on Polo - i guess by marginal trading on Polo to keep the prices low. Lets hope he get burned.


they have been doing that for a few days now. Hence the 10% drop over this week. I agree it doesn’t look like legit selling, and if that person is really trying to unload they are doing it in a silly way, pushing price down but not getting much actual selling done.

A whale that does like 10-20 BTC daytrades on hunches could just overpower him and buy all those shorts up and push price up a nice bit in that process… then when the shorter realizes there is little chance of closing those out in profit and just hurries up to dump them we could see a spectacular mini-moon launch I think.

Other option is we just say ok thanks for the cheap MAID and shadow him. If he is grinding the price down to accumulate then accumulate to. Eventually he is gonna switch gears and push it up to sell and you can sell then to. Not as much glory and combat in this one but prolly decent profits still :stuck_out_tongue: