MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I think the HitBtc bot has failed… :smiley:


IT ticket resolved.

Something is up… too strange behaviour.


Could this be a smoking gun? A tell tale sign of wash trading? Feels like a bot has failed temporarily. Without the bot, the true volume looks like it was heading to zero.


I think it was trading bot.


Yes, obviously a bot.

But to what end? Convincing everyone that it’s going lower? Market making? Attempt to pump?

My 2c: Nobody significant will sell here. MAID has never been a p&d coin. Buying interest is low. Everyone is on ‘wait and see mode’. Crypto in general is licking wounds. Great time to slowly accumulate. Terrible time to dump. Overall, coin is low on the radar.

Together, I read this as: the current price is unsatisfactory to market participants. Those wishing to buy want to see proof. No long term holder wants to sell. Binary divergence of valuations pending Fleming. Works->publicity->volume and few offers. Fails -> people probably hold for a fix and very little buy interest -> price games.


Happy Chinese New Year to all. May the year of the pig bring good fortune to Maidsafe and its community :blush::innocent::hugs:


NEED TO LIST MAIDSAFE ON A BIG exchange. Technical Noobs like me wont buy anything on decentralized exchanges as we are afraid of not doing something correctly there. There are several investors like me. The Maidsafe price will not move until it gets listed or relisted on Bittrex, Binance, or any of the other top crypto exchanges.

Maidsafe team - it may be an effort worth exploring/pushing for. A decent exchange listing is critical for price to move. It has come down from 1.4 to 11 cents - even after so much dev progress. I agree its related to BTC price but I would have hoped it to be in the 50c range. Down to 11 cents is only because there is no liquidity/trading going on. People who want to buy cant buy in bulk.


This is an issue with projects, these exchanges want hundreds of thousands of dollars and into millions at times. They are catering for the big ICO cash rich projects and price accordingly. We are always looking and you would be amazed at 1. The scams out there and 2. The costs involved, they are project ending costs, at times looking at 30%-50% of our total holdings, so what can we really do, apart form try and keep hunting and hoping there. We do look though and it does take a lot of man hours effort to try these things, but we do make the man hours investment and it is not cheap in terms of not doing other things, if you see what I mean.


I remember Mt Gox when it first kicked off…Magic the Gathering, seriously they expect me to send my Western Union money order over there???

The easy part comes later once the unknowns are removed, the price will move and the options present themselves. Speculators take a back seat until that time, sorry folks.

More than you really should tbh, stay disconnected and a step ahead like you guys always have, experienced heads generally agree the big payoff will come later on delivery.


I do not think that we need big, but any other would be benefit when Polo is not open to all people.
I mean,,, …all already with some omni token with low or no entry fees.


Magic the Gathering, I would say these cards are meant to be played with.
But I remember playing that game once (I didn’t/don’t know the rules: very complicated) with a big fan of such games. I had the impression he always came up with new rules that suited him in the situation. So I had not much fun playing.


So you class bittrex as a better exchange than poloniex?

I just dont get that, if thats your opinion then fine, but if so, whats your problem with polo?


Did you think about an option for Peruse browser for native functionality like buying safecoin directly with CC cards once the safenetwork launch? I am asking because my business partner has online bank, with company able to issue CC cards and even assign IBAN numbers for unbanked individuals. And he is already supporting a cash to crypto exchange in one EU country. I can imagine that if I offer him some really cool premium deal like native support for buying Safecoins directly from peruse browser with his CC gateway he could be willing to set up a company just for this. Since this project is far from ready and very risky it would have to be really interesting deal to push him to such deal. And of course at least test safe coin is required to make such guy interested in this.


I could be wrong, never played the game, but i thought that was his in game name.

I loved gox, thankfully i didnt lose anything there though.

Edit. Just googled it. I was well of the mark.


Magic: The Gathering Online eXchange, to trade cards like these I assume.
Edit: it was apparently for online ‘virtual’ Magic cards, not physical.


I miss willybot thats for sure.


Hm, do you mean like from person to person?
Isn’t he within EU? If so I’m quite sure he MUST be able to show who both ends of a transaction are, anti terror laws and such.
And the seller end (selling Safecoin) would need to be identified.


Id have thought once things were ready it would be the other way around.
Companies bidding to be the “official” retailer, rather than them requiring a sweetener.
But maybe i misunderstand you.


I mean full KYC, just simple buy safecoin with credit card. Since CC is always owned by someone non anonymous, CC is automatically KYC compliant. He can set up company in any country in the word, so EU and US can be easily avoided. He has just an obligation to report to swiss central bank and comply with KYC. So no anonymity just a simple way for common guy to buy some coins with his credit card so he can start to use network easily. He is providing CC payments for many business which regular banks usually avoid. Like crypto, forex or even porn. As he said, banks do not have problem to do business with dictators, mafia, mass killers but they avoid crypto, forex and online money in general. So his business is kind of a new generation of online banking growing fast where old banks failed to take their share. BTW no way there will be anonymous fiat to crypto run by serious company.


Very cool. That could be a great start for the network. When we come to that, there’s hopefully a resulting public attention of the network, and I think at that point, it would present itself as an opportunity to your business partner, more than a risk.

Mm, it’s a strange thing that. Probably very logical reason somewhere.

Yep, I realised after I wrote, it wouldn’t even be possible.