MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


If the company in future is able to turn a profit from these activities then the price will rise as the company is seen profitable. How much depends on how well they do

Activities include

  • SAFE network core development (after release) where they are earning a portion of safecoin derived from a portion of the 5% core developers rewards (according to the share of the total dev work done). The true value here depends on safecoin value.
  • development work in other projects and paid by the companies/people hiring them to do it
  • Speculative development work in other areas and income comes from selling the applications
  • Applications development for the safe network and deriving income from the APP rewards (10% of GETs on their APPs) and again true value depends on safecoin value.
  • anything else they turn their hand to.


Ahh okay that makes sense. And they will publicize what they are working on or developing, the profitability of current applications built generating revenue and so forth much like investing in a standard tech company. Thanks for the clarification. Will be a serious long game to invest in that considering just getting the network out is a big task, and bringing in users is a multi year effort as well :slight_smile: .


Yes I expect they will report just like most mainstream software developing companies. Usually in company reports to Government and Shareholders reports/Meetings (AGM)


Also, if you look at the 2017 figures for comparison, they had about 3.5 times more reserves in 2018, despite the burn rate.

I have said before that maidsafe were unlikely to have been relying on the massive inflation of crypto prices when planning. It was surely a welcome event though! :sunglasses:


Does anyone have any idea when will come back online or if not where is MAID traded now?


NO and . . .


Mid February is not out of the question as far as a chance to log in and hopefully withdraw whatever you have left there. As far as trading goes… I am not so sure it will ever be a thing again.


Oh no, didn’t realise people weren’t able to withdraw! Luckily I have my coins. Seems like it was the most prominent platform for MAID trade, such a shame it got hacked.


What does the abbreviation in ‘OG exchange’ mean?


Good for you.

Polo is the one. You have to give in to their KYC policy though.


I would have said poloniex was the most prominent, not cryptopia.
Of course opinions differ.


Looks good on the front page?

Dunno. Some choices could be

  • Ocean Grown
  • Old Guard
  • Other Girl
  • Original Grab
  • ???


I thought the trade volume had fallen off a cliff, but maybe i just wasn’t paying attention to it before or it’s just bear market business


Original Gangster surely


I wonder if formerly “high and mighty” exchanges have changed their tune on the exorbitant listing fees given the crypto market’s performance over the past 12 months…

This topic has been adressed at length in recent months, for example here:

I imagine it would likely be quite similar to how Alphabet’s share price and market cap grew through the generation of a portfolio of monetized applications


I think if we just reach alpha 3-4 then if another funding round would be required, the project as shown it can take it all the way. And if crypt market don’t crash, if a dilution would happen it would not be big if price moves up with alpha 3-4.

So if we just reach alpha3-4 then I strongly believe another funding round if required would be possible. But if price rise enough on alpha 3-4 then maybe not another potential funding run would be needed to take it all the way to the finsih line.


Whats going on here?


I’d say trading :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I watch the charts a bit too often, volume is usually smooth.
Plunge protection team?


Really odd.

One person playing with the market?