MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Dammit, you beat me to it.

Folks that haven’t followed the project since the early days may miss that the majority of the really big wallets outside of Poloniex (the real hodlers who @starsmick should be referring to, as they are the ones with the ability to tank the price) haven’t sold anything since the Crowdsale, in fact quite a few have continued buying.

This was despite the crazy run up late 2017. Almost none of them have sold chasing gains. Pretty telling tbh.

We did see the really big wallet most think was Brock Pierce’s split up but given the cameo of the network logo in a recent Disney film there’s a reasonable chance he’s still got his hands on a few of them…guesswork perhaps but more than a few dots connect up there :slight_smile:


And turnover is nothing special. If there was dumping, turnover would be a lot lot higher


As just mentioned, there are a LOT of long term and hardcore HODLers in this coin. Nobody that has held for years is going to sell anything significant before alpha3. And if a3 works with moderate or less issues, then nobody will be selling anything significant before alpha4. There is no selling pressure at all, but buy side pressure is also low, which means a few people can play some games with the price. Every day the price is this low is a gift IMHO. I’ve banged on and on about it in this thread, but if SAFE can only be a secure and private dropbox (almost certain) then $1 is almost certain. And if it can do more, then blue sky.

I’ve held for years now, and only ever add (except for one good trade which was reinvested in MAID). If the price goes that low, I may even become a whale, but I’ve settled for monthly buys since July and will continue until either alpha3 or the price is over 50c.


Maybe a holders pet tiger got sick and veterinary expenses are super high.
Equally feasible really :joy: if we are just making random guesses on a momentary dip.


I’m with you. I’ve doubled my holding over the past 3 months and hope to double again before Alpha 3


You could also say hodlers hodl.
By the very definition of the word, theyre not dumping, or theyre not hodlers.

Buy the dips, sell the rallies.


Yes! And the dip looks like a common pattern: BTC starts rising, people sell MAID to get BTC. This is always limited, so buy now, this will reverse. No one serious about MAID is selling at these prices, only buying! Cheers


Watch out, the prodigal hodlers are sheepishly crawling back :smiley:


And watch out for the manipulators wanting cheaper MAID who are also around adding fear to try and get weak hands to sell cheap so they can buy cheaper. Rarely happens here since we usually spot the crap quickly. I can still remember the guy claiming MAID would be at 2000 or below and that claim was IIRC a year ago.


Finally, some words of reason.


Ah, but Occam’s Razor indicates that pet tigers don’t exist, and that Lackys is correct and nobody else.


FUD anyone? You’re just making sh*t up. Maybe this is just signaling the end of the world tomorrow. No, really.


Tweedledum and Tweedledee are just talking the market down again. Nothing new to see here.


Yes, you’re right! Don’t fall for the FUD.

On the other hand i think MAID is pumped/hyped right now, so sell your maid before it crashes to USD 0.02/MAID :wink:


Ill offer 3c - (20 chrtrs)


Yea… We are going to be lucky enough to be able to pick up coins at sub $0.05 .

I think after this sale, you won’t see cheap safecoin again.

Who knows who is selling and why at these prices.
But they will regret it.

Looks like we are about to dive below $0.10 this weekend


I doubt we will see 5c , xmas has been and gone, no more presents till next year.
But you never really know.
Id certainly have to consider a large purchase (for me, peanuts for some) were we to have xmas come so early.


Is it possible to see maid at $0.03-0.05?


Remember what they sold for in the ICO? If you expect them to get close to that again, I have to wonder why.

The ICO took place at a similar time in the last bust cycle - maybe a little earlier, but hardly. At the time Bitcoin was worth a fraction of its current value.

With the all the source code, successful alphas, mobile interface, community network, PARSEC, etc, all here now - offering vastly more than at the ICO - along with a team several times larger and far more capable… seriously, you think it is worth no more?

Maybe I am the crazy one, but at record low BTC prices and only a few multiples from ICO in USD, it looks like a total bargain to me.

It feels like a dump, which will shortly get a pump. Lots of familiar faces were saying the same thing in the last dump too.


Anything is possible.
The question should really be, is it likely?