MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


There were 3times sell of in December - January in the past. People try to explain it by tax duties, holidays etc. The more people expect this dump the more probable is that exact opposite will happen. Trying to predict anything in complex system from the past experience is in the best just random guess but often trap and opportunity for those who know it is not predictable. So they can take advantage of such biased predictions.


I got a email from Poloniex today about maintenance on the 17th December at 14:00 UTC for several hours. I wonder if it has anything to do with the removing lending for US. Maybe they will just remove the lending books all together, they don’t have many and I can’t remember the last time they added anything to the lending platform.

If it becomes more difficult to short MAID, and all shorts must close their positions, this could have a positive price impact. I vote $6.00 by the December 25th 2018 :joy:


Tonight I’m giving some friends 150 maidsafecoins as a Christmas gift, it’s not that much but enough to get their attention. All small bits help I guess :wink:


Maybe in a few years that 150 coins can either 1.) Make a ton of their personal data SAFE :wink: . 2.) Convert back into FIAT for a down payment on a car/house :smile: . Whatever floats your boat as a SAFE enthusiast(the nerd side vs the investor side) . I hope its a win for both!



Dang I guess getting this vote the right price makes me a qualified crypto market analysis guru :laughing: .


Now would be a good time to have another poll for New Year’s Eve.


Too soon lol, maybe an end of January poll :slight_smile: , I kinda think we see more dips. I don’t feel like bottom has been fully achieved yet.


Nice! So we have more time to accumulate :muscle::sunglasses:


Maid vs btc or maid vs fiat?


Regardless, it’s time for my monthly post: another few thousand off the market until full release. I think 2019 will be a banner year for MAID. The new browser and APIs are incredible. If parsec works in the wild, this thing is going to be happening. Good luck and best of the season to all!


What’s happening with maid price?


hodlers are selling . sad but true.


Maybe there will be some delisting? If holders are selling so there are no trust of product…


This would be a perfect gift for the beginning of the year :slight_smile: I would like to buy a super cheap safe before Alpha 3 …


Interesting diagnosis - based on what exactly…?


Looks like sell MAID to buy some of the rising coins instead.



I’m no trader but it looks like its been in a 3 cents cycle for a while now


Is It possible to buy maid at 1-3 cent price range soon r this year?


Interesting conclusions based on what examples/history.

1st there is no basis for the statement that holders are selling. Maybe the poster making the statement in the 1st place was selling their own holdings but that cannot be equated to holders as in plural.

Then how can you say that there would be a delisting. How would the exchange know the holders were selling? OR more importantly there is no trust in the product? To the exchange selling and people buying, they see interest in trading the coins and thus more likely to keep the coin listed.

Sounds more like reactionary talk or maybe you want this to happen, or simply are fearful of it happening.

No I doubt it is about to be delisted.