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Perhaps the extent of the bull market was more of a surprise than the inevitable bear market?


I agree. I just wanted to moon. We overshot into the asteroid belt. At least now there will be a pretty meteor shower of falling stars.


I thought you predicted new highs year end. :roll_eyes:


I think it is called a straddle, when betting both ways and as long that there is high enough price movement either direction, you win. :grinning: :wink:



I think we just jumped from bottom and will never ever hit it again in both btc and usd.


Never say never, but why not? It did feel like a bottom to me…


Blimey - that is quite an upward leap! Is there some secret that just found its way out or something?! :sweat_smile:



Or just the usual Christmas rush on a sale? None of it really makes any sense, or at least I’m better at understanding stock prices than crypto prices…


Christmas pay rush crypto buy vs. christmas sell crypto to buy gifts and flight tickets

Intresting time of year.


Same thing happened before previous waterfall. IMO all eyes on DJI this month. Hopefully BTC drop won’t be more than 1:1 DJI.


Eh, nothing points to a broken trend line just yet to show bottom has occured. I think we will see selling pressure till high 2k’s. Of course its all just guesswork, no one knows where the bottom is and the big boys will decide how low they want to drop it. Regardless I keep buying a little every week.


Doesn’t BTC traditionally fall in January?


OK guys! What price on December 25th 2018?

  • 1 maid <= $0.01
  • $0.01 < 1 maid <= $0.05
  • $0.05 < 1 maid <= $0.10
  • $0.10 < 1 maid <= $0.15
  • $0.15 < 1 maid <= $0.20
  • $0.20 < 1 maid <= $0.25
  • $0.25 < 1 maid <= $0.50
  • $0.50 < 1 maid <= $0.75
  • $0.75 < 1 maid <= $1.00
  • 1 maid > $1.00

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why so low? did you missclick? xd


I’m expecting a selloff but mainly BTC for the Christmas season, people want to buy gifts, pay for transport. I think payday January there will be a rush to buy back.

OK, we are led to believe large players are now involved and they wont care about buying a turkey and gifts with crypto funds, but I think there are many individuals out there with holiday commitments that are going to sell and sell more than usual.


What about Chinese New Year? I feel like I’ve heard that has seen some trend in the past. I don’t really know though. I don’t follow that stuff so closely. If it’s the right price and I’ve got some spare change.


Just predicting not many fireworks before the end of the year. I’m (still, as always) buying.


Yea, any big holiday period I’d expect falls.


There was sell off for Christmas in a past ?