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Are You a whale? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know the feeling. I’ve been in MAID since the ICO & have build my position since, but recently due to my own circumstances I’ve had to sell some MAID for NEXO / ETH so I can borrow against it on NEXO.

I still have a fair bit of MAID, and hope I can switch back from NEXO & ETH as soon as possible, as I have no doubt MAID has massive long term potential if successful (which I expect it will be!).

I’m very pleased with MaidSafe’s progress, and hope it continues at its great pace, but not too fast or I won’t be able to buy back in before the launch to the moon :smiley:


I think the singel biggest factor keeping interest and MAID down is the inability for ordinary passers-by to just download the browser and take a quick peek at what it’s about. The required activity on this forum may not seem like much, but I believe it’s a huge deterrent for people just browsing the net for some interesting project to invest in. We all know it’s for spam/overload protection, but it’s equally effective against genuine interest. Is there an estimate on when this restriction will be removed. Would that be Alpha 4?


I feel kinda dirty writing this. As much as I’m in the current price means bugger all crowd, the ordinary passer bye you refer to won’t have this project cross their radar until a significant price move (sigh).

You’ll find there’s many in the wider crypto community who’ve been around since the Crowdsale who moved onto other opportunities awaiting news that this network is in their mind a feasible proposition.

For many this will be once the farming algorithm gets hammered out and Test Safecoin is in play.

I’m leaning towards that when that influx comes back, combined with the real crypto whales (the early eth and bitcoin hodlers who do know of this project) moving in once it’s apparent what’s on the horizon with SAFE, the snowball will start.

That momentum as we reach/pass through beta, plus I would hesitantly add some bigger exchange listings will see a wider audience prick their ears and start looking closer at the project eg: downloading the software.

Cash not common sense rules crypto for now unfortunately.

I remember reading somewhere Alpha 3 is intended to be for all and sundry to download but would be happily corrected there.


Getting firmly up the crypto ranks will also help, imo. Maidsafecoin only needs to stay the same USD value, if everything else is falling! :grinning:


I have seen this before. RIP btc and all that talk. Did not happen. It cannot happen. And then all of a sudden its usd20k. So hang in there. I may be wrong but i hope i am right. But for now in the crypto world everything centers around btc.

I just hope and pray A3 happens soon. And then A4 & Beta. Since A3 should be the backbone of the network the team i hope will be more confident to do more marketing to attract adoption. I aint no expert but i feel we are in good hands.

I told a friend that i put my kids education savings into this. Thats how confident i am. Cam it go tits up. Yeah it might. If it does i will work harder to save up again. But when it launches and i had not bought i’d be jumping off a bridge.


But it is possible, you only need to register in the forum to upload. Everyone can browse…

I personally advertise this in the first place on the Bulgarian site. Download the browser, see. If you like, register yourself in the forum and test for yourself.


Well, that wouldn’t really be enough for me personally. There are som many projects out there. What’s fascinating is seeing the Safe Network actually do something nobody else does.


who else has decentralized web hosting and url safe://… neither sia or storj :wink: even just that’s giant…


I’m just talking about perception and general feeling. I’m not able to read the code, but it feels good to me to easily be able to put up a small HTML-page and see it work. That’s all.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is the actual mathematical proof that PARSEC works. I’m not a mathematician either, but it would give me a warm and fuzzy feeling just knowing that such a proof exists.


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I’m beginning to feel sub $0.05 for maid.

Bitcoin is falling so fast tonight. Panic has set in.


This is BTC dump, Alts used to fall much faster than BTC but they do not fall so fast like they used to. Many top alts are on their rock bottom in their BTC prices. I am willing to bet Maid will not hit $0.1 even if BTC hits sub $3k price range.


Pretty good for me to get some more cheap maidsafecoins! :smiley:


That’s the only way I’ll get to my target of 100000 coins


As many keep checking the prices (MAID included) with a frown and as many projects are drawing down on vapour trying to stay afloat I wanted to write this quick post and thought the price topic is best.

They don’t get anywhere enough credit for it but maybe now is a good time to actually publically give Maidsafe credit for something that doesn’t get acknowledged much here because we all at times can get distracted by the price of a temporary little proxy token.

It’s what many loud voices are too headstrong to acknowledge, that their business acumen is at a level well beyond most others in the crypto space.

So many posts here cry ‘marketing is sh*t call in the cavalry’ or ‘man up it’s just business spend money’ without any real depth of understanding beyond their own backyards and experiences whether it’s in crypto or elsewhere.

Watching this company over the last few years, we’ve seen them crawl through the sewer pipe (Andy Dufrense style) demonstrating an uncanny knack to steer the ship on the correct course even though almost all others having to walk the same path have fallen or are for a number of reasons currently falling flat on their face.

As prices drop, the market hibernates and is stripped bare Maidsafe are charging forward towards what many thought was impossible.

Given it was only $3.6 million (or whatever) behind them it’s a head scratcher that this network may actually happen and how the bloody heck they’ve actually managed this is a testament to them.

Crypto bubble (and coin loan) aside, this only could only have happened if the right people (mainly the CEO and COO) understand very deeply the industry they work in and the long term cause and effect of every single action a Company takes beyond simply a monetary level.

My impression is that both David and Nick view the entire operation of their business holistically whilst simultaneously grasping the minute details of how things work on both a professional and personal level.

This may sound like fluff to some but it’s so very rare in the Business world and is made even more clearer the more difficult things seem to get for everyone else.

There is going to be a time to look closer when making a judgment on the sales/business development aspect of what these guys do but that time isn’t know.

No fanboy post and carefully watching (with guarded optimism) where we go next (tech and price wise) but just a good time to say thanks Maidsafe from one little Community member for keeping your heads screwed on through this process. It’s been impressive work, keep it up.

Onwards to Alpha 3 and beyond!


Only 100k :blush::grin:. At these prices its a crime to not stock up. Now when it rebounds best hope u have a strong heart :wink:


Hey if it goes back to .01 - .05 cent per coin I should be able to reach 100,000 :+1: . I say let the whales and wall-street of all the cryptos apply the selling pressure. Cheap coins for me before SAFE launch :smiley: .

Feel bad for those who just hold and wait till project completion to see the fiat value of their crypto diminish, but the reality is if you were in it for profit and bought in the .01-.10 cent range and you sold none when MAID was 1.00+, then you really have no room for complaining about prices now because you got greedy and wanted higher % yield of profit. Overall I think for this project we are moving towards a product and the coins value will appreciate based on the value the network brings when we launch.