MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I’m no good at timing so couldn’t resist and bought a few thousand. If it goes lower will keep doing the same


What I see is a ride to top 40 till the end of the year. And to top 10 in next 18 months.


Yes, this is a possibility as the sh#% rolls down hill.


I have to admit, after many months of not giving a toss about the bears I am starting to look at my wallets and feeling very light… not liking it much.


Agree with that, the tougher it gets the more this project will gather pace. What is the chance of a live network coming to fruition around the time of the next halving?

Might be a few spare dollaroos floating about in the space ready to pile in somewhere that is actually useful…just a thought.

Patience and persistence will find the big golden door, but don’t tell everyone that, they’ll think you’ve lost the plot :shushing_face:


With the kind of hype and money that goes on a correction like this is expected. When the tide subsides we will know who was swimming naked. David and Nick best have nice swimsuits on. :joy::joy::joy:


They said buy the dip. But when will it dip :sweat_smile::rofl:


and who said we need more marketing and more exchanges to climb back up the rankings :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :no_mouth: :smile:

Ps: anyone know what planet Substratum and Skycoin disappeared to? :wink:


Yup, hype means nothing right now… the market is gripped by a much stronger emotion - FEAR!

People are going to be looking at their portfolios with fresh, panicked eyes. What has real quality and potential, beyond a bottomless ICO funded marketing push? I am happy with my safe choice right now! :wink:


You can make gains with shitcoins on the short term, but on the long term Quality projects always win!
And long term is what people never think about


Well yeah I guess everyone realizes they’re all fake prices connected to un-backed Tether, so why bother thinking of them as anything different than BTC since they all have exactly the same vulnerability price-wise


Substratum is on 159 on coin market cap chart.


The former is slowly decomposing underground, the latter is disappearing into thin air.

Hence their names.


Recent maidsafe price action.

Recent bitcoin price action…


Maidsafe is holding up very well, eh?


edit: LOL @ bitcoin


All these chats and replies are sounding really nice. But the factor is time, I dont think the complete network is coming very soon, well not before 2020 anyway. As time is of the essence, a lot can change in between. Somehow the whole crypto market including maidsafe can vanish or become very small to consider. Remember, whatever we say about btc, maid is still linked to it. If btc goes down, eventually it would follow.
P.S: I started almost 1.5 years ago, before the boom. Still my portfolio is down by a big margin, reason is, I invested half of my investment in Maidsafe. Yes, its a long term project, but small players like me needs to take out a little here and there for emergencies. Bear market is giving a hard time in that. Still hoping for the best.


Good luck sanju. I wish I could tell you that the network will come soon. I’ve held for a couple more years, and it is a long slog indeed. But as Substratum and Skycoin demonstrate, there are no full competitors to what Safe is doing. Sure others may make flashy promises and raise lots of money, but when the rubber hits the road, there are lots of … complexities that take time and experience to work out. Yes maid is coupled to BTC, and will probably be until for some time yet. Crypto is too stressful if you need the money you have in it, but in my humble opinion I think it would be crazy to make it this far in SAFE and bail now right as there is finally tangible momentum to that elusive goal.


Sometime mid 2020 will be a great time. The world will be looking for a breath of fresh air by then, given the financial hole it will be in. Naturally, funding will be an issue


As much as this bear market is painful, this might be the very thing MAID needs to not have to fight so hard when a bull market returns. With any luck, in the next 3-6 months A3 will be ready and as it begins to make final strides to beta, price will rise with less clutter of 500 projects that were never going to work.


I really believe in this project. I would not bail out till the network comes. No matter what.


The only green in a sea of red, is it because I keep buying more? Lol!