MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Probably not too far off from that assumption lol, until Maidsafe delivers from the outside it looks like a crypto project that has taken ages with no v1 product in sight yet. To be fair higher complexity = longer time to deliver :slight_smile: .


Another thing to consider is that the BTC rsi appears to be at an all time low this week. There is a lot of FUD in the financial news scaring investors with a lot to lose.


November 15-16, MAID trading volume dropped by half and hasn’t recovered. Some trading bot went offline or just many people scared away by the bitcoin drop?


There was a big player, that got in at the low and caused a lot of volume on polo with big buy orders. IMO that ended with the recent BTC dump.


Another problem is that after billions of dollars invested in ICO’s there are little to no results from almost every crypto project. Even BTC and ETH are struggling to make an impact. MAID, on the other hand, is doing very well in terms of development, but still it too does not have a working network, and too few investors get what MAID is doing. Has the bubble popped? Not sure. Just hold your MAIDSAFECoin, and ride it out.


This is my perception too. Many ‘soft exits’ on the go as well I think… Public blockchains are a resource intensive way of doing things, and one would do well to be very skeptical about many use cases that have been sold to the public. Good thing MAID isn’t a blockchain… one of the very few orthogonal ideas or ‘hedges’ in the space. And many of the use cases that do work, MAID will be able to do better. To quote the blog, ‘why store hashes of data when you can store the data itself?’. It may be a rocky road, but anyone who has held would be insane to bail before we see Alpha 3.

For those seeking more peace of mind, check the 1 month charts and the liquidity depth/volume. There was no real selling of MAID in this dump and nothing showed up on the sell side. A tiny volume to get back to knocking on 4000sats (perhaps the same buying program picking up where it left off). If anyone wants to get into MAID in a medium to big way, it won’t happen at this price without some angel OTC trade.


What would you consider a “medium to big way” at this point in time just out of curiosity?


If one wanted say a million maid ($200k), you could do it right now with a split (between exchanges) market buy taking Maid to 4300. If you wanted a million dollar buy in for about a 1% stake (e.g. some small venture money), there isn’t enough on exchange (on offer… there is a ton in the wallets); you’d have to do it OTC or try and buy in over months and months. And if you waited and Alpha 3 came out, I think you’d be out of luck.


Got ya. I was more interested to understand current liquidity of “being a lot” meaning a couple 100 thousand maid or million+. Thank you for the response.


I’d be interested to see a coin ranking in terms of 24hr volume as a percentage of market cap. Has anyone seen that?


And rather XLM with 3m chart?


Were you the one that just pumped 700k Maid on Polo?


Between the two exchanges, almost 100 BTC to spike it to 4300. 5 BTC to walk it back down and fill the gap. If they are doing it to pump it they picked a bad day and will have to do a lot more to get anything going. If it was a straight buy, then that was a nice pickup :slight_smile: Otherwise just a whale thrashing around in the kiddie pool.


Looks like we’re in for a crazy week.


You can sort coinmarketcap by clicking the header, if that helps?


But that gives the absolute number in USD. I’d also like to see a number relative to market cap.


It’s too big to post here, but dead easy to do. Get the copytables extension for your browser and just whack it into excel and add a column.

Spoiler: Tether with 200% wins by a country mile. Big names… BTC, XRP, BCH etc all around 5% which is high for any period except the fall 2017 pump. ETH at 12%, so something is up there. 1-2% is typical for a decent alt under normal conditions. Lots of P&D alts can hit 30-100% for a short period. MAID at 1%, which is double its average for the last little while (something is up).

Hard to say what this metric shows now though… lots of wash trading, so liquidity is definitely not as good as it appears at face value. The only valid metric I think is comparing volume as a percent of cap vs itself. Each coin has different ‘fake trading’ rates, but most have a pretty stable baseline. See it double and you know something is up.


What you are describing shouldn’t be hard to do. But it would be nice having a site where you could watch these changes live. Wanna code one and post the link here? :slight_smile:


Haha, no not me. In a perfect world it would be but unfortunately it’s not.


New 1 year lows for bitcoin, being the gateway con surly this will impact alt prices.

Maid is back under $0.20

Keeping my gunpowder dry, just feels like it’s not right to buy.

We might be riding this down past Xmas