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The lesson here is to just stay put. I.e. HODL.


Maid is still near all time lows vs btc, Pumps on Hitbtc, accumulator/pump bot on Polo. Accumulate/Hodl


:crazy_face: :candle::candle::candle::candle:


A note among the madness, the gearing of many alts in this dump has greatly reduced. Used to be 2+:1, now many are 1.25 or so :1.


Excuse the n00b question: what gearing are you referring to?


It used to be that when BTC dumped 10%, alts would do 25%. Now, many of them are 12-14% off while btc is down 10%. Overall it signals greater confidence in alts relative to BTC than in the past. If only we could decouple now :slight_smile:


Pump… dump… pump , dump funny to see.

$0.10 next


$0.10 for MAID can happen only if BTC hit $0.1 first;). Seriously, MAID has hit its low in BTC pair, and it will not happen again. We have seen few days ago, that there are no dumpers anymore and if someone want to buy MAID he has to pay way more than 3k satoshi. I expect MAID to grow or at least hold value in BTC ratio even if BTC dumps like crazy and hits $3k.


Two bearish technical analysts that I value saying the shitcoinapocalypse could be at hand if BTC doesn’t get back above and hold @$6080 by Sunday night. BTC sub-$1000 next?


Congrats all around for anyone who managed to keep the FOMO monster at bay this past month…
It will be interesting to see if we retest 3000 sats. Anyone else waiting for a black swan? Dragon king?


The stock market is going down. Do you guys think the crash in crypto is related, and if so why?


I doubt we will see another big lunge down for MAID. It is already near and has bounced off long term record lows. It is also riding positive news, as successful crust tests have completed and alpha 3 is drawing nearer.

For BTC, well, it has found a rather high support and I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see it crumble. I suspect MAID would gain relative to BTC if this did happen though and we would probably see a similar ratio to 18 months ago. In that scenario, I would expect to see MAID climbing the crypto charts too.


Just yesterday (list pulled from another forum, lots of US-centric happenings)

  1. Two important Israeli ministers resign
  2. May goes onto the chopping block over her Brexit proposal
  3. Democrat senator arrested for illegally protesting elections
  4. Porn lawyer Avenatti arrested
  5. Buses start arriving at US/Mexico boarder, but can’t traffic drugs and humans with US Army in the way
  6. Macron’s and Merkel’s approval polls are collapsing
  7. More countries reject the EU and are drifting towards a populism of economic nationalism
  8. RINOs (Republican In Name Only) are being exposed (e.g. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake, etc.)
  9. Overly-emotional attempt to protect Mueller by democrats in congress failed in attack of debasing the new Acting Attorney General who is not recused from the Russia investigation
  10. The widespread election fraud is fully in the light and about to expose the guilty
  11. Gaza truce coming into effect
  12. California wildfires starting to backfire as truth comes out about likely corporate arson

Just getting started. Lots happening. I’d expect things to get more volatile, not less.

As for Bitcoin, there are definitely a couple scenarios that would be correlated. One would simply be taking some risk off the table. Others get into what relationships might exist to correlate the BCH fork with current events and the role of policy or big business players outside of the crypto ecosystem. That gets a bit complicated to decipher, but big money is at stake. I wouldn’t discount a certain level of coordination that we may never know about, even if it’s just some kind of benign collective unconscious driving us toward the singularity, hahaha.


I like to see sources…

I was interested in whether people thought there was a connection between the stock market going down and crypto, not porn…


Or it could also be that some whales have had time to read the article/report below from a few days ago.
When I read it the day before yesterday, I wondered if BTC would go lower…


The sources for the items are very public, e.g. news reports, etc. The source of the list is unimportant.

Porn lawyer is simply the descriptor used in the list and widely across popular media. If you paying attention to politics, you understand the role that this guy plays as a very public pitbull for the democrats and potential 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate. He just got slapped with allegations that could have come months or years ago. The guy seems pretty horrible. What’s the point? It’s not the allegations. It’s a political signal that he just got cut from the roster by the powers that be. With is credibility tainted, he won’t be on CNN everyday like he has been for the past 12 months. No more protections from the establishment. It’s a fairly noteworthy piece of information that lifts part of the veil about politics undercurrents. It’s not about porn, obviously.

Do you think that the stock market goes up and down only because of quarterly financial reporting? At a minimum, crypto is derisking in relation to the broader stock market and the stock market is derisking in relation to a whole world of things, politics included. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the entire world order has been under demolition and reconstruction since Trump was elected. These types of things effect markets, particularly if there are politics related to monetary policy. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes with the FED or the Treasury, but if you listen to hours long congressional hearings and the like, you’d be hard pressed to argue that there is no effect on the price of crypto. These people are involved whether we see it on the surface or not. Crypto is a huge threat and delaying and minimizing the public acknowledgement of it as long as possible helps their ability to transition on the back end.

EDIT: The list wasn’t about any one item in particular. It was about a day’s worth of happenings that are fairly earth-shattering when taken together and when taken with the appropriate understanding. I forgot to add to the list that the IMF chief also espoused crypto.


Yes. A good AI trading bot considers all available data for market predictions. :upside_down_face:


So you think the stock market dipping and crypto dipping at the same time is because trading bots were programmed to sell both types of assets when one of them drops in price? I guess the stock market would have to be the trigger then. Do you think it automatically works the other way as well, that crypto will rise when stocks rise?


IMO if big investments are relying on AI to drive their trading bots, then all of the training data fed into a high performance AI for pattern recognition would generally include ALL market data (stocks, commodities, crypto, job numbers, GDP, social media, trade deficits, etc…). If the historical training data shows patterns across markets that a drop in stocks leads to a drop in crypto, then the hypothetical super trading bot would act on this. To some extent it becomes a self-fulling prophecy and reinforces the updated training data for the AI.

I’m not saying I know this to be the case, it’s just a conjecture. If you were really wealthy and had some money to throw at a big AI project that could serve as a crystal ball to predict the market a few hours or minutes in to the future, wouldn’t you?

That is also a simple (more likely) explanation :wink: . If someone starts to lose a lot of money in the stock market, but are up 300% in crypto, then IMO it seems likely that they will liquidate the crypto to take profits and/or cover losses.


Volume has dropped a lot lately.

$22.87 K 24 hour volume on polo and barely a couple hundred thousand on hitbtc, which for all we know could be largely faked.

It’s as if the only people buying or selling maidsafecoin is the people on this forum.