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That battery level, you like living the edge


Can anyone reccomend a free service, that will notify me when prices of maid hit predetermined prices on polo?
Sms or email.


Try blockfolio. You can set up alerts for any coin and for specific exchanges


I’m just trying to imagine what we will be talking about this time next year?


Like all good crypto topics, we will be talking about the price going up, no matter what the price is at the time.


All the reviews say the latest update has caused big issues with it. But thanks


I believe

might be what you’re looking for.


How the SAFEnetwork is blazing success, how it’s usage is being taken up quite fast… and because of the positive change for humanity how much we don’t care that the price per coin has fallen to $0.05


I had an Android app called ‘Polotracker’ that worked decently. I’m not closely tracking any price stuff anymore so I don’t know if it still exists, but maybe you can also get e-mail or sms notifications there.


The 1 month trend is nice :slight_smile: hope this is only the beginning!


I wouldn’t hold your breath. Low volume on Polo except for one or two whales causing some FOMO.


I have a question about the price of maidsafecoin. I know no one will be able to answer this question seriously, but I am wondering why the price is that low? A project like this where I sometimes think it is to good to be true is that underrated? Do most of the people out there overlook this project? Or is it because it is non-blockchain and so it is not proved to work for now?:thinking:


Many people probably think it is late, has taken too long and is too ambitious/impossible. Moreover, they hear of the troubled ICO, the slump out of the top 10, then the top 50, briefly the top 100 and they conclude the project it dead or dying.

You have to follow the team and the project closely enough to understand the talent of the team and the progress they have made. This takes more effort than most are prepared to put in, so it gets ignored, ridiculed, overlooked, etc.


What do you mean with troubled ICO?


you can see the whole story described here: MaidSafeCoin Announcement by MaidSafe

  • in the article crowdsale= ICO


One also has to remember that this ICO was before ICOs were a thing. SAFE has kept their word since then. Instead of making off into the sunset, ten years of life into blood sweat and toil.

It has been a long road here. SAFE is on the cusp of potentially achieving something that has been deemed more or less impossible, and that would destroy the use case for many other cryptos out there. The worst case scenario is looking to be a superior solution for a subset of these use cases. There are not many allies for this battle.


@dimitar Thanks for the link

@dask Do we need allies to see a higher price? I mean investors do only care about profits and if its a good project then why not invest in it?

I assumed allies are the different projects out there…



I also think people are more discerning about crypto investments compared to a year ago. Flashy white papers are passe and investors want to know how and how long their investment will take to realize an actual product and how mainstream adoption will actually happen. For me Safecoin or Maidsafe coin will start to move as we move closer to Alpha 4.