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Looks like 1 whale started buying on these prices… Lets see if there is another whale ready to FOMO


How many MAID do you own, like 10, 100, 1k, 100k, …?



Just another pump and dump.


You just never know!
Prople will be saying that as we leave low levels never to return.
Its gonna happen at some point.
Lets be positive.

Tbh. Looks more like heavy accumulation to me.


Just think, a week ago … you could have got 1 coin for $0.18
$0.30 today…


edit: $1.20 by xmas ?


That would be a fine present indeed. Today’s action seems to show that there is a lack of liquidity of available MAID that will make it very hard for anybody to acquire a significant position without driving the price up. Should lead to a rather dramatic rise at some point, I would think.


This is the whale buying before their planned pump-n-dump

They buy cheap first to have plenty of coin to sell in the dump

Then they start claiming its going to jump in price because of this or that (pump)

Then when its jumped in price because of all the FOMO and others trying to take advantage of the pump n dump the whale sells all their coin they accumulated (now) and the little they bought to start the pumping of the price.

I’m guessing they think alpha 3 is about to be announced. It would seem though that is still too far off for a successful pump-n-dump now/soon. So they may end up holding the coin till they can do a PnD


Yes, I also see it as a most likely variant.


I wish them much success holding it down. I would like to keep accumulating as long as humanly possible.


All that surge in Maid buying appeared to be only on HitBTC - but the whole exchange/all offerings surged around 27% in trading volume over the last 24 hours while most other top exchanges posted red over the same period. If its a Pump-n-Dump it looks to be exchange wide. Pending exchange news perhaps, new owner or whale moving into just HitBTC?


As I see it, MAID volume on HitBTC rose just a little bit (a few tens of percent) while volume on Poloniex tripled. I think HitBTC is all scammy so I am glad the pump was actually happening on Poloniex, not just being prefabricated on HitBTC. You can be right anyway.


I think if alpha 3 (fleming) is released it will effect the price. I think there are some really nervous guys afraid of buying in to late but we will see. I am relaxed, bought already :sunglasses:


What would an alpha 3 release mean?

It would mean the team would start work immediately on vaults at home. Alpha 4.
Quite soon we will be discussing vaults at home
as the next step, taking part in tests.

It would mean we are 1 release away from
vaults at home. At that point a few more people might wake up.

The recent tests, add to the feels that alpha 3 is just around the corner.

So much progress.


I agree HitBTC it is a scammy exchange mainly defined by their own actions. The volume may have risen on Poloniex, but the pump definitely originated on HitBTC:




Although we know vaults at home work, so its alpha 3 that is the critical release


The second that test 3 works, safe is vastly derisked as an investment. Hopefully there is a window for all of us looking to put more in to observe the success and jump in before the market realizes it. I’ve been nibbling a small bit every paycheck for ages, but at that point I’d be seriously considering liquidating other investments to jump in.



That battery level, you like living the edge


Can anyone reccomend a free service, that will notify me when prices of maid hit predetermined prices on polo?
Sms or email.