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Yup… Definitely seems to be the case, as the pump is back on now that the crust tests are moving forward. We are pretty near 3.5k again already.


And I can hear crickets now. Typical when there was a manipulator or two somewhere telling others “Its Falling its falling” Seen it a few times now and those who listen then repeat it in various forums including this one. Now waiting for the cries of its mooning. Mind you its pretty good here with very little pump/dump hype at all.


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Someone is asking about decentralised internet projects on Reddit. Maidsafe getting a mention:


Yep, in there and trying to contribute. For a while, posts like this wouldn’t mention maid, but I’m seeing it bandied about a lot more these days.


Also, yesterday was payday. Another few thousand coins off the market until launch. Tick tock. (or more realistically recently, prepare for crash)


Yeah I’ve added a couple of comments too.

Nice to see Maidsafe talk is the top comment.

I think it’s good to try and make sure Maidsafe is the one talked about the most when it comes to decentralised Internet, as it is surely the leader in the field, and yet most are not aware of it.

Of course the proof will be in the tech at the end of the day and it should speak for itself, but it’s good to build some more awareness along the way.


It’s very interesting to see what happens to the price on a day when Maidsafe has had more exposure on one of the main Crypto forums. It could be a complete coincidence, or it could be an example of how little exposure you need to actually get some interest.

If you haven’t seen it, price has had a little bump.


Trying to explain why something happened in complex system is not much different than predicting something in complex system. It is almost always wrong.


Looks like a decent buy wall is back on poloniex too. It seems the price bounced back pretty quickly from recent lows, even on low volume.


Lol, I agree it’s probably not worth trying to understand it. And yeah the likelyhood it had any effect is low.

It’s an immature, irrational market. But that’s why there is decent money to be made. :slight_smile:


Seems reverse psychology has taken effect! (If today’s tiny increase is to be an indication for continued growth.)


:wink: You’re on to me.


Time to sell!!!

I really think at some point soon FOMO is going to take hold in the crypto world. Was discussing this with another crypto mate this week, this is a great project, not only a great vision, but the people on this project are actually delivering, steady and incrementally. Step by step. How many crypto projects are out there like this. We are blessed with low prices.

Speaking from a profit perspective, to get to the highs of $20,000 that we saw with bitcoin, we do not need mass global adoption - we just need the crypto crowed interested - that will happen fast, look at etherium. $0.50 to >> $200 in just days.

Since this technology is better scalable that blockchain, greener, and actually provides awesome utility - it will no doubt reach further in to adoption than blockchain. $20,000 will be just a brief stop on the way up (if the coin is divisible).

FOMO. I think FOMO on sub $1.00 should hit soon, then FOMO on $10, one your passed $10… FOMO on getting in at under $100 is going to kick in. Might take a break while the crypto community wake up fully, then we will see the rough seas of up and down prices for a while.

Today’s $0.22 price… Really, who isn’t buying at the moment.

Buying cheap also has other advantages. Ok… Go and spend $6000 on a bitcoin. Let’s say we have a price movement of $0.01 … how much richer are you? Just $0.01.

$6000 today would buy you about 27000 SAFECoins. A $0.01 price movement, give you $270 profit (or loss).

I think about those lucky enough to have bought earlier than me, and that have upwards of 100,000 coins. A $0.01 movement is $1000. As the market moves, paper gains and losses could be thousands day to day. These are problems traditionally reserved for top investment bankers, yet here we are… if you buy in early, you price movements and gains will be far far greater that the share scheme you may have at work offers. LOL. I’m not buying shares for 700p each, when I have access to maidsafe at 20p each.


I see the buy wall at 0.00001 BTC on
is gone. Does that mean something?


$20,000 will be just a brief stop on the way up

$20000 per coin = $85.9 trillion market cap. In comparison; the total value of all gold ever mined is about $7.8 trillion. The market capitalization of all of the world’s stock markets is $73 trillion. [source]

Bitcoin hit $420 billion at the very peak of $20000. In comparison; maid hitting $100 would mean a market cap of $429 billion. Truth is maid is unlikely to ever hit $100 and if, beyond all odds, it manages to do so it will be considered a massive success story and it will be a global phenomenon. Talking about $20k as a “brief stop” on the way up is so delusional I almost lack words.

You do realize that only 10% of the maid is minted right? We’re going to see massive inflation after launch as 90% of the remaining supply enters the markets. If anything we’re likely to stagnate or slowly bleed down price-wise from the initial launch hype. I’d be pretty happy if we hit $10 in the next 5 years, but even that would be hard.


You realise this is going take probably longer than you’ll actually live :upside_down_face:

Ps I’ll also wager we’ll see less than the 450 odd million on the network intitially :wink:


Do you have a source?


Which part do you mean?

The 90% bit? The 90% doesn’t go on once the networks live that’s designed to take a very very long time (probably decades to get close to 4 odd billion).

The 452 million bit? Early investors and exchanges will transition their coin, a safe bet is the majority of hodlers won’t transition until security in the wild is demonstrated to their own personal level of satisfaction.

@Zoki may sound nuts or over exuberant but is probably using a thought process that extends beyond any contemporary markets where we could currently make any useful comparison.

Pie in the sky stuff yeah but I genuinely thought that about Bitcoin reaching what it did when I first saw it in the single digits.

As good or as bad a guess as any when it comes down to it. No metric can be really applied here but it’s fun to spitball sometimes :slight_smile:


Do you have a source for the 90% bit, right now you’re just making guesses. I know it’s not all coming live at once, but even if it takes 20 years that’s still more than 200 million coins per year on avg. In comparison we have 450 million supply right now, which means inflation would be almost 50% the first year alone.


maid has way more use cases than bitcoin … comparing the 2 doesn’t make too much sense - and thinking safe is inferior doesn’t make any sense at all :roll_eyes:

well - it has been discussed many many times in the past - e.g. here or here or here or here or here … just search for ‘inflation launch’ in the forum and do your pick - and in every topic you’ll find the same answer … the inflation is planned to take place slowly and when it happens it does mean that safecoin are being minted => the safe network is being used on a large scale => there is value being generated by the network

… you as well completely ignored the fact that coin are being burned when storing stuff on safe => there is not only a mining but as well a burning process and the supply doesn’t just increase :wink: