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I’m not sure why people who believe in the project would not want it to go to $0.02 a coin. I would like to pick up another 50-100K+ on the cheap. None of this really matters until at least Beta comes out, maybe not even until the final product release. What others outside of the project think does not really matter. Once the product is in its final stages and completion is all but guaranteed, the coin price will reflect that. MAID is still a relatively obscure coin in a “what have you done for me lately” market. There’s no reason to think that it couldn’t bounce back once a product is out there, even if it dips below the $0.05 mark.


I’ve been trying to leverage SOLID in conversations rather than push SAFE. It’s a backdoor strategy, but with the Inrupt news, there is tons of reference material, new articles, etc. Plus, TBL gives instant authority on the subject. We may be overestimating the ability of even many in the cryptospace to understand the benefits and the vision of a decentralized internet. People are starting to get blockchain with the problems of centralized monetary policy, but I don’t see that the public really has an understanding of where to even begin fixing social media data mining, corporate espionage, etc. Moreover, SOLID offers an idealist angle in a year in which centralized solutions are failing spectacularly…rather than an awesome network (with an integrated crypto) in a year in which crypto is not so hot. It overcomes some of the incentive conflicts. Enough time and familiarization with SOLID…and people will come across the SAFE Network soon enough. SOLID sets a lower bar for entry for a trip of 1,000 miles…



I think that’s why the marketing has to be about security/privacy/ease of use. If it’s easy and it solves problems then you’re in. People get Dropbox, SAFE is obviously much more than that but that’s simply just one avenue. Another is music :slightly_smiling_face: Some good points though and we definitely shouldn’t get lazy.


Poloniex has suspended BTC deposits and withdrawals.


I am probably one of those who bought a crap load when it was at 0.08. And saw the price gradually climb over time. I know it will bounce back. Right now i am getting kicked by the many who were introduced to the project. You do ont want to be in my shoes right now i guarantee. I follow the updates and details and know it will come good. But just not sure when. Its a long stretch home hehehe. And i wait for the day we see the upward projected prices. But i doubt we’ll hit 0.15. We can bet a beer on this :relaxed:


If you bought at 8c, you’re doing pretty good right? Whether it goes down more or less, now isn’t a bad opportunity to get some more if you’re not gambling, don’t you think?


I was hoping a quick turnaround of Alpha 3 and following updates. The more time it is taking, the chance is getting slimmer to be with the team. No personal reasons, I want to be here till the network launches and beyond but the current political and governmental stance in my country is getting against crypto day by day. Based on the latest information, even holding crypto might be illegal in near future. Hope it does not come to this point. :cry:


Yeah i thought about it…but trust me when i say crap load i mean carp load. And right now the Finance Minister at home will not allow anymore money into Crypto :rofl:


Which country is that?


India… (20 char)


I thought India were starting to adopt crypto?


Meanwhile while playing with crust :sweat_smile:


With yesterday’s crust test. :slight_smile: I would welcome $0.02

Release of SAFENet, feels for me at least, a certainty. The rest of the Crypto (blockchain) world can chase their price tails.

Here is where progress is being made.

:beers: Here to lower prices before launch.


Nice comment over on the Telegram feed from Mightyf00l:

“I just wanted to let you guys know you’re the best community in the crypto scene… every altcoin chatgroup I’m in is losing their mind over the price, not giving a damm about the tech. And here you guys are, not giving a dam about the price and continue to talk about the tech. Love you guys”



:cry: I’d like to buy MAID on cryptopia but volumes are very low and prices are verrrry high. We really need a decent marketplace!


Well its in the absolute bottom and there are lots of buyers. Price being high is relative. I saw that the first decent sell order is at 4k satoshi but still decent. If not use poloniex or HitBTC. HitBTC is a money grab but still a good option if you want a big quantity of coins.


I’m ok to pay an extra for using any exchange but poloniex or hitbtc, but on cryptopia it’s almost +30%! That’s crazy!


You were fighting with me. I was buing on cryptopia last days and all those buy orders between 2800-3150 were mine.


I had one buy order that filled in this range this last days :sunglasses: Let’s fight together to pull the price down! :sweat_smile: