MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


the red one? :slight_smile: No worries, partially did the same but mostly because of the Bitfinex and USD Tether thing. Everytime I hear Those two together a cold chill run through my body, too much smoke without a fire, @SwissPrivateBanker possible Mt.Gox 2.0?


In my opinion, the sell-off doesn’t have anything to do with MAID itself. Big players lose money on stocks and get scared, then need to sell BTC to cover positions… BTC drops and Alt holders don’t want to lose profits so sell off the Alts. This keeps BTC from dropping through the floor, unless the stock market falls further and the cycle continues. This is compounded with the get rich quick attitude of many cryptonauts who “want moon now” and don’t have the patience to wait for the SAFE network to launch.

The amount of FUD in the financial news this past week has been growing exponentially.


Yes, the tether issue is another worry/FUD I don’t want to think about.


Yeah. It’s all about BTC isn’t it. Until something else rises from the deep


I can see this as a legitimate comment, strangely enough.

(Nobody knows anything without proof, so I’ll make this my little feelgood belief~. And $ince it is so jovial, what’s not to ascribe to about it? … …What I am saying is that he should just photoshop proof of it and nobody will be the wiser. History will forever show the whale with the best trade in the history of trades. Yes I’m bored in a liquor store.)


I think there is room for improvement on how this could be accomplished for coders + non-devs. When it comes to code I believe it would help if MAID had clear tasks for people to accomplish with clear scope and objective broken down into small bits so MAID could leverage outside help. I think utilizing github issues would help track it. I also think offering the community rewards in MaidSafe coin for completing coding tasks(the amount of coin is mentioned up front for a 100% completed job to spec). The reward should be comparable to what Maid would offer an internal employee as part of their fiat salary compensation during that time frame of dev. Also rewards for non-developers could be driven the same way, task + payment model.

I don’t wanna get off topic in this thread though so how about dem $.18 cent MaidSafe coins? Looking like a good time to buy folks :slight_smile: .


We don’t need centralized organizing. Not only is it philosophically counter to the SAFE Network, I think it’s actually going to be an inherent part of the future of decentralized infrastructure. Self-organization, collective biomimicry, etc.

Want to get paid? Buy MAID and start talking about it to people, build a SOLID app, develop an educational program, scout out developers and connect them to venture capitalists, or just setup a farm. Disrupt where you see fit and your talents match. This is potentially the biggest Blue Ocean to ever come along yet, and we have front row seats! Organize with like minded people. Your payment will be in capital gains. If Maidsafe wants to and can help too, then great, but I want them focused on their more specific task at hand. We don’t need their permission.


An article mainly about the price drop of today: MaidSafeCoin (MAID) Price Hits 18-Month Low as Daily Losses Continue.


Not gonna lie. Hopefully it stays this way so I can acquire more :sunglasses::moneybag::money_mouth_face:


I’d like to buy more too, but don’t know how since Poloniex changed their policies…

On my opinion they now asks for too much personal information, and the only alternative is HitBTC which still applies huggggge fees on MAID… :frowning:


You can always use


Cryptopia has become pretty reliable. Their withdrawal fee of 29 MAID is not that bad and the only downside remains a relatively low volume. If you wanna buy some MAID without ID verification, it’s the place to go.


It mightn’t be the silliest thing for people here still hoovering up MAID to just have a little peak over at Cryptopia and/or Open Ledger.

The rumblings around Bitfinex don’t seem like there going anywhere soon. Should Tether go down Crypto Capital Corp would probably go south as well.

Relates to us here as Crypto Capital Corp’s insolvency would more than likely mean the collapse or slow bleed out of Poloniex amongst a stack of other exchanges.

Not suggesting that’s what’s on the cards but it doesn’t hurt to be across these lesser attractive options.


$0.02 - $0.08 , would not be surprised.
Just don’t panic sell, wait and fill your boots.
Bring that AVG price per coin down.

It would be awesome to pick up 100,000 coins for $2000


I’m gonna check but it seems that volumes are very low… it’s more and more difficult even for early adopters to buy MAID, not surprised that MAID’s price is going down weeks after weeks… :frowning:


I’m not focused on day to day price but I’d think it would be really benefic for all of us to have at least one exchange with easy access and low fees. Does the team has an action in this way?


I hope we can see $0.02 it would be perfect to fill full bags :stuck_out_tongue:


Tone Vays and others have had some good debates about Tether and Bitfinex last year and earlier this year.

At this point, I would assume that the SEC, the Secret Service (jurisdiction over counterfeit dollars), and others are working behind the scenes with Bitfinex. They want the B.S. to end, but not in a way that completely destroys innovation. I think it’s safe to assume that pain will be coming for many, however. In the end, it only strengthens the ecosystem by removing the tumors.


And now you going low when earlier you went high :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Can you not count? MAID is currently ranked in the top 100 of over 2000 coins on CMC. How can a coin in the top 5% be an “obscure dead coin”? Please take your baseless FUD elsewhere. Thanks.