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August 10th. Anyone can see the charts.


To me it seem like 50ma crossed 200ma around 25th of feb 2018, on 10th of August 2018 it seems like 50ma crossed 100ma. Do we look at similar setups or am I wrong? I don’t look at the charts that much so maybe I mixed things up?

And the fud/facts part was a reply to the “flash crash” thing. :grinning:


I think you have to check the maid/btc chart instead of the usd variant. That last one doesnt make sense anyway as it is totally controlled by the btc/usd price


But as I see it you need to have something stable like USD to compare against if you are going to use moving average?


Dump dump dump just dump


If we continue to see equity markets fall, bitcoin and crypto will follow and MAID will likely see its price cut in half if not more. All the technical analysis is fine but this is momentum driven and considering there is no working product yet, MAID can’t stand on its own two legs yet.


Down less than most of the top 10 today, mind.


If it halves, we’re basically back in 2016. Maybe some think that is justified, but that seems undervalued to me. We have come a long way in the last 2 years.


That huge buy wall on Polo looks like a good sign to me. I gather he/she thinks this is a potential bottom for MAID and or betting on the possibility of doubling up, if not more in the not too distant future.


What happened to the earlier one? Did it get eaten away? Cos if that’s the case, I won’t be surprised if the same happens to this one.


Not sure, might be the same buyer who just added more to the order.


The previous buy order did indeed get dumped into oblivion. This current wall of 70 BTC is new.


A moving average is just an average of the last x prices. You can apply it on anything with numbers.

I think you are confused with Relative Strength. Then you compare a price to another price(very often an stable index indeed) in the same base unit. Like comparing AAPL stock with a DOW30 tracker (all quoted in dollars). If AAPL performs better than a DOW30 tracker then it makes sense buying it, but if it doesn’t, you are better of buying the DOW30 tracker, or just wait till AAPL/DOW30 improves.

Same story if you compare MAID/USD with BTC/USD. But then you actually just get the MAID/BTC chart :slight_smile:
So always check the MAID/BTC chart if you are a (swing)trader, unless you buy for the long term. Then these prices and charts don’t matter at all at these price levels. They even work counterproductive I think as you might get emotional or wait too long and miss the boat.


I’m not suggesting it’s justified but correlation is also a real thing where tech analysis is just human behavior being tracked. With that being said some might say, well we have come a long way since 2016 but when they try to flip the switch, the light still doesn’t come on so maybe that price is justified. We will find out


If the moving average is MAID/BTC and let’s say I want indication if a flash crash is about to happen, how will I know if the MAID/BTC moving average is just showing that, for example, MAID
performs bad or it is BTC that is performing good?

If I make an example to the stock market: If let’s say SEC or another three letter org visits the vaults of Lehman brothers, expecting to find assets but instead finds receipts and a empty bottle of Jack Daniels. (true story :wink::joy:) Meanwhile company X is compared to Apple with the premise that company X have recently released important thing that will boost their value but Apple underperforms because their latest phone is just a updated name compared to the earlier generations. Even if it seems company x/Apple moving average shows good performance, the market is about to collaps because of the Lehman Brother thing. How is it possible to know if a market sell of might be imminent if moving average compares company x/Apple instead of company x/USD?


Major crypto exchange Bitfinex has temporarily suspended all fiat wire deposits for the Euro, U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen and Pound Sterling. This is according to several [reports]

The current market down trend seems to be in some parts because of the Bitfinex and fears of the USD tether ghost. Somehow it feels like tether might cost alot people’s investments and be the down fall of the market if the fud is real. Hope that the fears of tether is not becoming reality.


And there we go! A huge volume increase and the 70BTC buy wall is gone.


Bait and switch? Probably the same buyer as seller.


So he sold to himself?!


Ha, true. The wall looks like it was sold through rather than pulled.