MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


And you introduced me to the project. Had it not been for u i’d never know about Maidsafe. :pray:


And you gave me a loving community of loyal MaidSafer’s while I’ve been living in KL this year.

Gift keeps on giving


Just throwing this in here:

I understand there are more pro’s and con’s, but it’s worth taking a look at I suppose.


From the article:

Project teams will still propose the number they would like to provide for a “listing fee,” or now more appropriately called a “donation.” Binance will not dictate a number, nor is there a minimum required listing fee.

They can have my 2 cents: list MaidSafeCoin.
Edit: the link at the end of the article is interesting: Binance Listing Tips


I’ll chip in my 2 cents as well. That’s 4 cents already…we’ll get there


6 with mine. Let’s make a dollar with this


Naah, a dollar is too much. Let’s make them beg for the opportunity to list Safecoin.


Well, in theory, we could ask them for their 2 cents on this…that would get us up to 8 cents…


Kicking bytecoin off the platform now, I think I’ll actually give CZ a pat on the back this time :clap:

Maybe it’s time for our esteemed member @Kingslanding to step in with the introductions :wink:

Something smells like a well timed and orchestrated marketing move though tbh but hey they do it better than most so fair play to them I guess :confused:


Poloniex has published a new blog entry yesterday: a new mobile app, more details about there delisting policy, etc…



If it actually operates as a link to USD $$ and does that well, its going to be interesting to see the price performance of maidsafe.

With an easy option of going direct to $$ without having to buy bitcoin first, withdraw, deposit sell for $$…
it could be more tempting to impulse buy sell, follow spooked markets or bull runs.

Could go either way. We might end up seeing lower lows before launch… then massive highs.


First look at todays chart could suggest I am already wrong. If ignoring HitBTC price, todays MAID low was $0.2197. Excuse me for this little deviation - my prediction still holds.

Price of BTC > $6567 ==> MAID > $0.22



That huge buy wall suggests the whales are still manipulating the price.

Looks like they are buying low (that wall) and constantly selling just above it turning a profit each of those trades.

EDIT: The point being is that it keeps the price low


everything indicating a flash crash on polo is coming, I have bids set all over under 2k sats


Can you be more specific please?


Something to do with this…?


We’ve seen that prediction before and it never happened and they had all the “good” reasons why and even mocked those who disagreed. I still don’t see any reason to think it will drop that far anytime in the near future.

Usually its the big traders saying it’ll drop massively who are wanting to spook the market and get MAID at a lower price than they otherwise would have. So if you are listening to them then you would be better to do your own analysis as they are manipulators.


sorry if that seemed like I was trying to fud or anything. Ive mentioned here a few times that I am a fairly large maid trader on polo. So im not listening to anyone but what I see. I dumped a lot that day we lost the daily 200ma. Id love to see maid fighting for 10k sats again but for now I have to stay away for the most part.


Seems like MAID is valued around 70-50 position on coinmarketcap since PARSEC. Maid seems to be in relation with many other alts who also seem to be relative low when compared to BTC. Around $0.2 seems to be a strong support level. You might be right with maybe a little deviation. Hopefully BTC don’t take a detour of a cliff and stays strong for a few years ahead and Maid don’t go lower than around $0.2


Which date did MAID go under 200ma? When you don’t show facts to support the claim it will be persived as fud. :slight_smile: