MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Taking it from another thread - Assume 30 EB total and growing @ 60 PB of data per day. 200 million farmers. What does this mean for the MAID price? of safecoin price?


Not enough information to know.

Need some of this info

  • how much farming is being done (ie people reading data, safesites etc)
  • How much spare space to used space ratio. For instance if have 30EB of data stored but there is 120EB of space in all the vaults opposed to the situation where 30EB data stored and 40EB of space in all the vaults
  • How much mutation of Mutable Data objects is being done.
  • How much utility has SAFEcoin got for buying selling goods
  • How many people are hoarding coins.
  • and more

But if just guess things and look at human nature, then your scenario would mean that SAFE is being used a LOT. And as such the need for coin to spend for resources is very high so the fiat price will be high.

Also spare space will not be all that high due to the rate of storage so farming rate will be reasonable. Thus all farmers will be happy with their rewards and willing to add more vaults/disk-space.


Lets check some trends on global network usage.
Now Video content has about 60% of global download with continuing grow for next decade.
So if SAFEnetwork would like to be much bigger, than kind of Netflix service is necessary.
2018 statistic:
80% of global download by 2020 ?


Introduced yet another new person to the SAFECoin this week.

Without explaining much of the project, this person, on just their financial gut looking at the price history said…

Wow. A great buy. It already peaked past $1.00 and is just $0.22.

I’m not sure how someone can make the decision to buy on just price history.

Sadly… they then said, the coin isn’t available on the exchange they use to trade and will be waiting .

I didn’t have much time to explain how, if it was more publicly available perhaps it wouldn’t be such a good deal. The extra effort of signing up to another exchange will reward you… why wait till everyone and their dog can randomly speculate and push the price up. I guess you need to pay more attention and actually read and understand the asset to make that decision. I have the the URL to the new SAFENet website, maybe it will sink in.

Guys… there are people out there that will throw money at this coin without even reading too deeply about it.

For now, keep buying and be happy you can accumulate while others are to lazy to register on other exchanges.

$8.00 … when the project is delivered, you won’t have much opertunity to buy at $8.00 , we will rocket past that.

$0.22 as of this morning, it’s a bargain!

I don’t know why FOMO hasn’t set in at these prices. I think people just prefer to buy when prices are high.

How many people knew of and where buying bitcoin at $0.22 ?


I’v just seen in on Twitter, I don’t know more about it, but it seems CoinTree has added MaidSafeCoin again to their platform.


it’s a little flurry of exchange listings going on right now.
Simple Swap have also listed MAID.

I have been playing around on the new StellarX decentralized marketplace and think it is going to be hugely successful, hopefully we can get on there.


Could explain recent large buy orders? Exchanges need stock?


I don’t think it works that way.
For instance with StellarX you can deposit MAID but what actually happens in the background is the MAID goes via Changelly through HitBTC converted to XLM and is deposited into your marketplace account.

With Chainrift Maidsafe said they are providing early liquidity.

I am sure Simple Swap use larger exchanges for liquidity same as Changelly.

Others use airdrops to disperse coins among users to kick things off, those come form the project seeking a listing.

But I’m no expert at this :wink:


I have introduced MS to at least 80 and they have bought an estimated 3million tokens. In about a year they will either hate me or love me. Look forward to finding out…


I bought MAID back in 2014 because I saw its disruptive potential - in the same way I had seen the disruptive potential of Bitcoin (and purchased it) back in 2011.

MaidSafe is a long play. I placed my “bet” based on the project’s vision and because I believed in it.

I’m not concerned about the present price. What matters is the successful deployment of the network. After that, price will look after itself :slight_smile:


Anywhere on Omni Explorer to view top MaidSafe wallet addresses?


you’ve a ‘address-balance’-list here, but you have to filter/sort the top addresses yourself.


Generally people have coins in multiple addresses.


To view top 20 addresses

  • open the list posted by @draw (ie this link) in browser
  • then open developer tools (press F12).
  • in the javascript console put this one-liner to print out the top 20 addresses:

n=20;z=JSON.parse(document.body.innerText).sort(function(a, b){return parseInt(b.balance)-parseInt(a.balance)});for(i=0;i<n;i++){console.log(z[i])}

currently this gives

VM598:1 {address: "1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh", balance: "128625881", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1AoDUDd2qK9YU3ps5jzd6hWCzF2kLwUoiN", balance: "14624674", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1C8TYGbFcVQk74vV8bXD7k4Nuo1LVmjpLp", balance: "11521205", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1DUb2YYbQA1jjaNYzVXLZ7ZioEhLXtbUru", balance: "10182492", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1BgQmAZ9wSEF5MvrN6dRopUBr1XDw1PAt", balance: "7096283", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "133pYGsG2dDVFSsNK5RSuK7fQFmzjCNquY", balance: "5000000", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "12SdZk7Gd19zbvQZDF447PpHSpGY5SGYE2", balance: "4849734", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1LLV91m8jJuaD8tavssMcNu8GdLRu8Nz2n", balance: "4491018", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1Ek75abkX3zUGf3frtrN51bckYdfULZjm6", balance: "4000000", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "15Fkf4K6z6XQXr1xoNBDDTaR9GBMX6JdyF", balance: "3987372", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1Bona24fYY3Qx2uFcnt6eDsWqao5vo6Mez", balance: "3968884", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1KzHa54Qt7V75VmEsSjP2MddPxb7Mwr1fc", balance: "3569998", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1K9fmUuiJodaDD9pw9DuUcMcV9GEZfbyz", balance: "2949940", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1DjAmmS6iSg5Xe6wYz37CAMAdvGTQoijiK", balance: "2808400", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1SAFECM93tBBXsgcG6kcX9AT4JbtNCgHM", balance: "2709555", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "141QSMGUpBZ4Zb6bpetXkXDGiVTDgyc1Ae", balance: "2602997", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "18rABFNFz9KEv4uwqbfsuvTYggWhP3hSPc", balance: "2463680", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1F5XwVAnXWJJSMQkYpQda4WQ9587qSPgGy", balance: "2354838", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "1KTwWvhCF4EKCvH3tAYT1iq69XKTqxVRtC", balance: "2276003", reserved: "0"}
VM598:1 {address: "15qorFPmoxwbnrR5zU4xcnG9pBQEo9DsaK", balance: "2213916", reserved: "0"}


Poloniex hot wallet

VM598:1 {address: “1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh”, balance: “128625881”, reserved: “0”}


VM598:1 {address: “1DUb2YYbQA1jjaNYzVXLZ7ZioEhLXtbUru”, balance: “10182492”, reserved: “0”}

Other exchanges ???

VM598:1 {address: “1AoDUDd2qK9YU3ps5jzd6hWCzF2kLwUoiN”, balance: “14624674”, reserved: “0”}
VM598:1 {address: “1C8TYGbFcVQk74vV8bXD7k4Nuo1LVmjpLp”, balance: “11521205”, reserved: “0”}


This is the Polo cold wallet.

This is the Polo hot wallet.

EDIT: I mean the Circle wallets. “Knowing is good. Knowing everything is better.”

Related image


I’m still pissed and confused that Bittrex delisted Maidsafe. And they have $2.3 million worth of MaidSafe.


Thanks. Omni Explorer used to have a display of the top balances per wallet. Now I’ll have to try and follow your instructions to see the top 100.


Not sure where you got that idea, but this is Poloniex’s cold wallet


And don’t ask me if they changed it because they could have since I don’t see significant amounts of MAID in it.


Interesting. I remember something like that too. Maybe that’s why I am assuming with the 1Ao…prefix. I haven’t tracked it since Omniexplorer ditched the html link.

1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh does seem to be the hot wallet…and the 95,000,000 coins from the cold wallet got moved there. Not sure why they would have that much in a hot wallet…Considering the jump up from when the Brock Pierce coins moved there, it looks like most of them are still on the platform…hopefully stronger, less bad-for-marketing hands. Could be a new management thing with Circle…