MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Is crypto market really off 15% because Goldman not launching trading desk? Is it really what we have come down to nowadays ? Kinda pathetic.


Just think what will be if CBOE for BTC ETF will be rejected after september 30?


We actually dropped from $823b to $202b, so we preformed even more spectacular.

I mean, at a marketcap of above $700b and all this talk about net neutrality and somehow the cryptospace can’t come together and fund it’s own isp*, then your basically begging to become pathetic.

Keep hodling, keep burning coins, keep calling cryptocoins shitcoins, because you think you got the luxury to do that and soon you’ll find out how low the banks can push the prices of these tokens. The cryptospace is bringing a :fork_and_knife: to a :gun: fight, disorganized $b to fight hyper organized $trillions and expecting to somehow win. :joy: yeah we are selling laughing stocks. Enjoy the lows, if emerging market currencies give any hints many things will fall through the floor.

So maybe cryptospace invest in *Freifunk, Opengarden, Gotenna… $10b each for starters, before we have a total marketcap of $69b. :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed pathetic, so much focus in the space on integrating with the old instead of innovating.
Bored to death with it.
As with the early internet, lots of time was spent putting what already existed on web instead of forging new paths. We don’t need Goldman Sachs or ETFs we need innovative new ideas.


New exchange, MAID/BTC and MAID/ETH pairs.
Anybody know of them?
Not much happening on there.



Crypto Exchange Circle Recruits Former Homeland Security Official as Legal Chief. With Circle being the owner of Poloniex…


Whooo, have you seen the market depth at Polo?

Looks like somebody is either trying to manipulate the market or wants to really buy for a reasonable buck. I see those two stairs there for last two days, which means it’s not so temporary and this guy really wants to buy for around $0.21. If the market does not accept his price, then he loses his patience and buys into the market for 3500 - 4800 sat. In that case, we could see the price of $0.30 again really soon.


I’ve started to get bored watching the prices. Like I’m micro managing my investments. I now believe this is a real “long haul” situation if you’ve found projects you like. I could be wrong about this, but didn’t Amazon have to wait around 7 years before they turned a profit? Now it feels like they’ve been here forever (for some youngsters that’ll feel even more like the truth). I feel like Maidsafe are doing something legit. Eventually, it (and it’s tokens) will be worth quite a lot and Safenet will be a standard. I’m willing to wait.


Investing is based on fundamentals. You need to know the thing you’re buying to the extreme, you need to know why it “must” work and, instead of looking at the price, you need keep an eye on the project: the people working on it, the people managing it, and of course the progress. It needs a long term view.

Trading is about exploiting trends and reversals. It works on much shorter timeframes than investing and, at least in the case of crypto, it has nothing to do with the “tech” and everything to do with the hype and maybe even more with the current pick of the major pump&dump groups.

Both approaches are legitimate, but you need to know which one it is you’re doing or else you may look at the fundamentals to open a position for a few days or invest long-term based on a pump and both of those will lead to great losses.

Trading MAID is unrelated to investing in Safecoin. If you want to trade, there’s no reason to be particular about MAID. Instead, just pick whatever works best at the moment. Develop a system that wins more money on the long term than it loses. On the other hand, if you want to invest in Safecoin, buy MAID when it’s cheap and then forget about it.



In some countries the SAFE Network doesn’t need marketing, people just need vaults running from home, the sooner the better.



I was wondering - is it possible and what would have to happen to seeing Safenetwork becoming succesfull in the future but at the same time the price of Safecoin not skyrocketing or maybe even falling.

I, as a beginner, cannot answer this (easy?) question but I think it would help me to understand this project.

(And to be clear - while i’m hodling some maids, this is not a bad scenario to me at all)

I hope this is not a stupid question and I’m not going to interrupt onyone from doing his important tasks,
have a nice day!


Do you think Safecoin needs to skyrocket for it to be successful? It would no doubt attract some attention, but I don’t think it is necessary.

In fact, perhaps that thinking is putting the cart before the horse. The price of Safecoin is much more likely to skyrocket after SAFE Network has demonstrated significant success.

Maybe each will help drive the other! :slight_smile:


I don’t think this at all and don’t really understand the skyrocketing of any cryptocoin out there yet.
(besides of speculation and greed)

What I’m asking is - is it possible that, once a lot people use safenetwork and safecoin, the price of safecoin actually starts to fall (for reasons like - a lot of safecoins are (re)used and the network is not that expensive).


There are 2 use cases for safecoin.

  1. Payment for network resources -

Let me re-frame your question. Blockchain coins do not have coin destroy, they are just printing more and more. The less they are printing(like bitcoin halving) the more is price pushing up. Mining of coins means that at any point in time, all time stored data + whole network infrastructure maintanance has to be covered by newly minted coins. So in fact if network is successful all hardware on it has to be paid by coins created as reward to miners. The more all network hardware cost are, the more should coins be worth and vice versa.

  1. Any other payment services. Since safecoin will be anonymous, with 0 fees and will allow micro-transactions in real time, it will be the only choice for micro transactions on both Safenet and old Internet.

Coins used in second category will not be spend for hardware resources but will be used as real money. People will not destroy them, so network will not be able to use them as reward for miners. The more coins will be in this second category, the less will be available for destroying and mining in the first category.

So, let say, if first category will be 90% of whole safecoin economy than it should be much cheaper than if it is only 10%. On first day of the network category all coins will be in first category, but in long term the more successful network is, the more use-cases will safecoin have and the more will the second category importance grow. It is possible that in the future ratio will change to 1:99 in favor to second category.


I wonder the same thing Jaco .

In the equation of exchange mv=pq. The higher v is the lower p will be. Maidsafe coin seems like it would have a very high velocity.
m = money supply
v = velocity
p = price level
q = quantity of goods being purchased


mv = pq

mv/q = p, Higer money supply or higher velocity gives higher inflation on services and goods ( higher price), if you can buy a higher quantity of goods with the same amount of money supply and velocity, the price of goods and services goes down.

Would you please elaborate alittle in what way this money supply and inflation theory is applicable to the price of services and goods on the SAFE-network. At a first glance I dont quite see how this theory can be fully applicable on calculating prices on the SAFE-network. If the demand of Safecoin goes up than price of Safecoin goes up and it will be more profitable to farm, more vaults will be created, when more vaults are created than the free storage space on the network increases and the network adjust so that farmers gets less Safecoin and the relative price of storage goes down. So the price of storage is related to the networks supply and demand of storage.

I would also like to expand further on @Antifragile and say that there is a third use case for Safecoin and that is as a store of value. Data is seen as a new asset class by the World Economic Forum. Safecoin will be traded on exchanges and therfore the price of Safecoin will also speculatively reflect the value and future value of all secure data being stored on the network. I’am alittle tired so maybe I dont see the whole picture here.


Anybody follow this guy on Youtube?

19,000 subscribers

EDIT:I thought it was kind of weird to have so many subscribers and views, but very little comments on his videos. I’m starting to wonder if this guy has artificially inflated his views and subscriber count?


I have been thinking about this a bit recently, will it be difficult to know the exact supply of safecoin once the network is live? The supply will not be manipulated, but is it hard to predict what it will be? I’m basing my thinking of the Store of Value hypothesis traits in the link:
If the supply is not highly predictable (it may be, I’m not across how this works when launched) then it doesn’t support the store of value hypothesis. Interested to hear your thoughts.