MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Yeah I’ll probably buy once a week as long as the price is low and I’ve funds


Anyone seen this link before…i sure hope he is wrong with the long term growth projection…


Yeah they are a dime a dozen sadly.

Harv, on this article and how ones like it are usually written (with bugger all due diligence), are you comfortable in knowing that if by some chance BAKKT or some other catalyst causes a return of capital to the market in the next 6-9 months the MAID token likely won’t get its fair share, even with Alpha 3 and heck even a clearer roadmap sans timeframes (and wizz bang external marketing some want as well)?

Point your eyes towards the later development targets likely at end of 2019/early 2020 and then you’ll see the REAL movement you want and all completely independent of the poop show that is crypto.

There’ll be a possibility of a little disappointment in the near term otherwise.

Ps I’d personally be perfectly happy with a x4 by Xmas like the article suggests for MAID :wink: :smile:


I searched for 5 other coins on that site and their predictions are all the same: 4x by end of 2018 and 10x in 5 years. They didn’t do any research I guess :wink:


I found a few more links after this one…looks like they’re all conservative in all their projections. But hey…end 2019 is not a bad time to have a party anyway…for those who never bought they’ll never get to party :joy::star_struck:


Type one review and recycle it for all other coins…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


I bought in a very long time ago, but have been adding with part of my monthly savings for a while. I’ve also chucked a couple larger chunks of cash at maid in the last little while, but would have been better off just upping the monthly contribution. Hoping for at least a few more dips to get to my target holding.


yeah it’s just a automatically generated site, you can put every coin into the address and they will make a $current_coin_value x 4 “prediction”. They even describe why they think that:

This is because following the previous highs of the Crypto market, a 4x bullrun is expected for the cryptomarket in 2018 according to our Technoical analysis.

they assume a crypto market bullrun for 2018 (they should update that to 2019, seems like they are using an old template :wink:). I would say that their only goal is to sell BTC.


That’s a total bullshit site. Like all others offering price predictions. Nobody who knows what they are talking about (so is worth listening to) would offer a price prediction because they know it’s impossible.

The difference is, this site doesn’t even try. It’s just an elaborate scaffold around the ads.


Anyone hear about this project?


Amazon’s market cap is over $800 billion. Alphabet (“Google”) is even bigger. More importantly, both have hundreds of products developed by tens of thousands of engineers. They can (and regularly do) throw as much money and as many engineers on a problem as they want. Competing against that with a “crypto platform”? How cute.


Heard them on some podcasts recently. This was one of them:
Unchained: Big Ideas From The Worlds Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: Dfinity’s Dominic Williams on How Its Blockchain Nervous System Is Not an AI - Ep.78


Does anybody want to buy 8000 MAID off me. I dont wanna KYC on Polo.


At market price and you send first? Sure :smiley: .


As far as I know still does not require KYC for withdrawals less than 5000 NZD and they trade MAID


lol yes but u send first!


Ok thank you very much


:laughing: As much as I wish I could, I do not trust rando people on the internet. Probably best to use an exchange like neo mentioned. I only do exchanges where there is no chance of me getting burned (where someone else takes the risk sending to me and hopes I return the favor :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Ya man of course no worries I wouldnt either


You could try As far as I am aware it doesn’t require any KYC