MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Maid didn’t have the same boom as the others, so why would you expect the same bust?


I think speculators do not see MAID as a pump worthy candidate because of the long timescales.
On the other hand, MAID has fallen 55-60% (USD-wise) in only the last 15 days! That seems like pretty good correlation to the crypto market.
All the cryptos are irreversibly connected to each other for now and ofc to Bitcoin. Even if MAID manages not to fall against Bitcoin (which it has not!) It WILL fall against USD if Bitcoin collapses.


All I’m suggesting is invest amount that’s relative to the risk. Most invetments that have tremendous potential in gains have significant risks. The stats I’m referring to is not specific to Maid but the level of risk associated with it. For anyone who believes it’s a safe and risk free investment, by all means mortgage the house.


Sure, I guess I like to break it down further. I like to take the line that bitcoin is an insurance policy over a bloated fiat system. In that effect, at least for the time being, I think ethereum is an insurance policy against bitcoin should something overtake bitcoin. Further than that, MAID is an insurance policy against blockchain in its entirety. Other Alts are just smaller portions of speculation. So while all of them can fall apart and be worth zero, to me that is a good way to protect against going to zero, unless everything really just dumps on itself, which I do not think will happen.


It secured funding that would’ve been hard to secure any other way at the time. Investing and trading are different. Investing is for the long term prospects of Safecoin, trading is about the current price of MAID. If somebody can’t make up his mind about which of those two he wants, he’ll be up for a lot of confusion because they have no correlation whatsoever.


For scalping and other mean-reversion methods. For momentum trading, it’s buy high, sell higher. These two behave very differently. You will see small and steady profits and occasional big losses. Momentum traders see small and steady decline with occasional big wins. Both can work when done right and at the right market regime, and both can fail when done wrong or during the wrong market regime. Crashes, for one, can bankrupt a mean-reversion strategy (you’ll keep buying till rock bottom and those bounces not always come) but they won’t affect a momentum trader all that much.

Zero is the bottom. Should I say, there’s enough space for two 90% drops from 2,000 to 20.


I thought just that when MAID fell to 10k. Back then, that was considered a tested and trusted support, and the idea of going down to current prices would have been seen as madness.
Now I would not be surprised if MAID goes below 1k.


If i bought low and sold high, i would always make a profit!
Say what you want, i would like profits, if its not broke, dont fix it.

The price has dropped from an ATH of .00029350 on polo, this years ATH of apx .00008666 on polo.
Relatively, we could only possibly drop a possible total of apx 11% or apx 38% respectively.

As i said, it depends on your perspective.
IMHO, the emphasis on my, it CANT get much lower.

  1. The market doesn’t always cooperate. Sometimes that bounce is just never coming. Enron, anyone?

  1. Your balls may be too small at the worst moment and you’ll bail just before the bounce.

There’s no Divine Law of Trading that would justify those statements.

Fun experiment you can do in a minute on Tradingview. Look through the past of any coin, FOREX pair, stock, or just anything, step by step, with the future outside the screen. You’ll find numerous times when you would say “this must really be the bottom” (or top) only to be proven a fool a few bars later as you scroll on.

Yes, it may be that the price won’t go lower and this is the bottom, and yet you would still be wrong because your argument is based on a misunderstanding about how the markets work.


Everything is relative.
Ill say no more.
Enjoy your day.


I couldn’t disagree more, unless, of course, the investor has transgressed the first rule of investing, having put in more than s/he can afford to lose.

In general, if one has not breached the barrier of their risk tolerance, I find this to be a great price at which to buy precisely because of the fundamentals. Might the price drop further? Perhaps, but that isn’t the metric that matters in this long game. Dependence on TA, in my mind, is for the shortsited who lack strategic vision buttressed by conviction. My two cents.


@TaaviK looks at it as a trader, you as an investor. Both views have merit, but mixing the two leads to confusion.

If you’re investing in the future Safe Network, which most of us believe is a solid investment, buying now is a no-brainer.

@Taavik, as a trader, should not waste time on those same fundamentals because they have little to do with the price of MAID now or in a month.


Remember that feeling you had when it hit $1.20 wishing you could go back and buy at $0.20 ?

Here we are !

Will it go lower? Who knows… but it’s $0.20 now.

If it crashes completely… $0.005 … Oh man, massive opertunity to bring your buy average per coin down.

$500 at $0.005 would get you 100,000 coins.
You’d be sitting pretty - that’s if you do believe where we are going.

If you put in what you can afford to lose. No brainier.


With this I can agree. I do question why anyone would be trading (as opposed to investing in) MAID. Personally, I don’t think there’s (ever really been) enough liquidity or access—particularly after the Bittrex delisting—to justify trading MAID as a play with balanced risk/reward. Trading, however, has never been my game.


Again, trading and investing are two completely different games. Investing is about the real-life long term value of something, trading is about exploiting market inefficiencies (and low liquidity presents its own particular inefficiencies.) They require different personalities, mindsets, tools. Questioning someone who does the other is like debating the guy who prefers Waikiki instead of the Rockies.

Note: I do realize @TaaviK is both a trader and an investor, and he’s good at compartmentalizing those two sides.


I’ll make a bold prediction: we’ve hit bottom already at 0.20. If I’m wrong, I don’t care. To me though it seems that everytime 0.20 comes around most traders have already jumped ship leaving behind those who will not sell so quickly. Thats my not so technical analysis, cheers


Most traders don’t make money, most long term holders do. Just a fact of the business. Traders provide liquidity and price action for prices to eventually go higher. I’m happy to let other do that for me as we go from .20 or .05 to $100+.


If something is droping a lot, like falling knife, the project could be rotten and than you are right its not a wise decision to hold all the eggs in one basket. Anyways, if something fundamentally strong dropped, the probability of going up is higher than probability of going even lower. Luckilly those of us who follow the project for a long time know this project is super legit.

Buying assets you understand at all-time low price is a wise decision, selling it at that point is a nonsense. Therefore I cannot disagree with you more. If you don’t feel confident with the project legitimacy, its targets or the speed of development, feel free to sell part of your coins. I think your action will be welcomed by those wanting to buy for a bargain.

Depends on a perspective. When most of your assets lies in crypto than its better start to think in BTC terms. If you are new to the crypto space, the situation is completely different - then you would better watch USD price. And again, we are really near an all-time low in BTC terms.

I think you could be right and Bitcoin price could go a lot lower. And yes, MAID is still not recognized as something completely different than all the blockchain projects so it’s still strongly connected. Cheap Bitcoin means cheap MAID. On the other hand, we already almost reached an all-time low in BTC terms, so escaping into BTC is not a solution. If you really believe in this armageddon, the only solution is to go away from crypto.

In BTC terms, not much… In USD terms, sub 10c is really not imposible at all.

Exactly! Look at BTC price, it’s still 12x in last 2 years while MAID is “only” 2,5x in the same period.

Seriously? You really think the market is so dump it would evaluate the ground-breaking technology with more than 12 years of research and developement and well funded supreme team of 30 people working hard at less than a million dollar? Muheh, I really think you are just a paid whale agent or just the one doing the exact opposite you say.

Please consider that in the same period when MAID went from 20000 sat in June 2017 to 3000 sat in December 2017, the fiat price remained almost the same (actually rose by 15%). MAID did not fully follow the blockchain boom and I am almost sure it will not fully follow the blockchain bust.

Well said, I cannot say it better.

And a final word at the end of my almost neverending post. We all know Safenetwork has a community full of strong hands mostly waiting for a launch in the following years. I thing the motivation of those people is not a need for a Lambo in a month or two… Those are mostly people reading weekly reports and enjoying the project progress. You can see there are not a lot of pumpers, most people rather like low prices cause its just another chance for raising their stake in this unique project. Once this beast is in a wild, there will be nothing as secure, anonymous and eficient…


“Happier than a child unleashed from a sweatshop and into a sweet shop.” Sounds legit. Also whoa huge amount of posts.