MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Still 58 in the rankings, even after the drop


How long do you think we will go down?


Freudian slip? (Sweat vs sweet) haha


So I was not patient enough and just bought last 1/3 for $0.22. Now just sitting steady. If there was major crypto bloodbath and MAID went to lets say $0.10, I would really evaluate to refinance my mortgage.

MAID price between $0.15 - $0.70 means no action for me now. If we were under the lower band, I am looking for a fresh financing. Short-term price above $0.70 means I am willing to sell 5-10% of my portfolio.


Yeah, falling less than most others in top 100 over last 24h.


I only watch the MAID/BTC price and trend. Usd Maid price is still based way too much on the Btc Usd price.
If MAID/BTC is dropping it doesn’t make sense to buy Maid, even if its Usd price looks low. You’re better of buying Btc and converting later


Im going to use zoki’s slip from this day on.
That child would be so much happier.


I strongly disagree there - in the first place you are assuming that if something is dropping, it will drop even further.

In the second place, I would say following - when you sell your MAID for BTC now, you are selling for 3400 sat which is really near to all-time low of 2000 sat which were present right after a 2014 real problematic dual currency ICO (the price remained under 3000 sat for a whole three monts).

Then there were two major selloffs - first bottom in November 2015 (ca 3500 sat with being under 3000 sat just for a few hours), then second BTC bottom at 3000 sat in December 2017 (again under 3000 sat just for a few hours). Now we are nearing this level again and I think if we go under 3000 sat, we are not going to stay there for a long.

If I am right, selling your MAID for BTC now is not worth it at all.

Selling your MAID now means you wanna bet MAID will stay under 3000 sat like in those times after MASTERCOIN affair in 2014. I strongly think there is almost no space left for going down even further in BTC terms. Maybe we will see under 3000 sat levels again. I wish every one of you to be so lucky buying sub 3000 sat.


Agreed. Selling maid now in the hope of buying back cheaper is super risky. The time to sell was when they were at nearly 6k a few days ago. However, you need a crystal ball for that sort of move!

If I had cash on an exchange, I’d be buying more maid right now. By the time fresh cash was in place, I suspect it will have bounced up hard again.

Maid doesn’t deserve to be tracking down with the rest of the post-moon crowd. It had modest growth during the boom and has sound foundations. People will remember that again soon after the current wave of panic selling has passed.


If something is dropping, there is a higher than usual probability it will drop even further.

When the price is near the all-time low, there’s a higher than usual probability that it will go even lower.

If you still hold something that is nearing its all-time low and is still falling that means you neglected basic risk management and the long-term prognosis of your trading career is worse than abysmal.


Couldn’t agree with you more. Investing is all about risk management and with 30+ years of investing experience I’ve seen some extremely strong, established companies drop to zero. While I’m fully invested in the maid concept, unfortunately the stats are stacked agains it for long term investment success.
Suggestion: Only invest what you can afford to lose!


Returns are not normally distributed. 6 sigma days couldn’t happen in recorded history, yet they are not unusual for stock returns. Don’t use the normal distribution.

Oh, dear. Just, don’t. There’s no such thing as a daily average return. You can calculate the mean of the returns of past days, but it’s not the daily average return, just a number with no predictive power whatsoever.


Watching Maid in USD prices is useless. 20 cents looks cheap and maybe it looks like a bottom on the chart, but when BTC drops to 5000 dollar, your 20 cents are gone. I wish it was not true, and Maid was more independant.


Bitcoin is the only significant way to get in to or get out of crypto. Until that changes, nothing will change.


If the Safe network is successful, it’ll be an incredible long term investment.

I can’t see the market cap of a successful Safe network being anything under a few hundred billion dollars, and possibly much more.

Obviously there are risks that mean this isn’t certain, but I can’t imagine any ‘stats’ could indicate MAID is a poor long term investment, assuming network success.


So what is your suggestion then? MAID is certainly not the best crypto to trade and while it of course might fail it has an equal chance in this landscape to be a massive winner for a longtime. Investing is about risk management if you want to just be comfortable. Massive gains come from value investing and having companies/projects deliver on there promises. At this stage it’s all speculation but if you’re looking at this from a risk assessment standpoint and not a multiple of a value, then any crypto is not the right choice. With all that being said if they deliver in the next 12-18 months, look out because this will be on a level all its own.


Said much more eloquently then what I just wrote haha. That was my point exactly. If it’s not a good long term play and it’s not great for trading why would you be in this at all? Well said sir.


The problem with MAIDSAFE was always its connection with BTC and the crypto market to begin with. It is such a greart project that is stuck in the swamp of silly and mostly ignorant investors who are inspired either by greed or fear. In some ways it would have been better for the company to keep a low profile, and out of the crypto market, until after the release of the network, if that was at all possible. But that is not the case, and so we rise and fall with it. I do think enough people believe in it to keep MAID alive and well.


Throwing this out there. I believe there is a likely chance Bitcoin can fall to the $1-2k region (youtube Tyler Jenks and Hyperwave). If and When that happens I expect MAID to fall to the 5c support. How long will that take? A while I guess, 6-9 months maybe.

If Bitcoin manages to hold $5k on the weekly close and never penetrate lower then perhaps ~12-15c will be the bottom.

But anyway Bitcoin is currently breaking a long held $6k important support line and that spells Doooooom. Eth already broke very important support. Winter is a comin´. MAID is in the exact same boat as all the other Alts incl Bitcoin. I suggest to throw MAID fundamental analysis out the window for now.

Disclaimer: I have invested in MAID and have no intention of selling even though I believe it will go way lower. I married this position a while ago and am happy to ride it down. I´m throwing this info out there partly because of my Ego wanting a pat on the back when we do happen to go very low but also to just voice the opinion that right now is NOT the time to be buying just yet.

Chart: breaking a support line (blue or red) makes the price fall to the next line down.


Its all just words and opinion.

Buy low, sell high. Thats the rule.

And it CANT get much lower than this.
( Dependant on your perspective, of course. )