MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Well, we lost the daily 200ma with a vengeance…this could get real bad again


Keep an eye on the market cap ranking relative to the fact that the dollar value (and Btc value) has gone down a bit. Ranking indicates most other coins are doing worse.


Good for illustrating how far some coins have fallen from grace. Many have lost over 90%. Nano, which mooned on promises has since lost about 97% of its peak value!

Maidsafecoin lost a little ground to Bitcoin during the last boom, but it has largely been clawing back ground since. Steady as she goes compared to many other coins out there.


It is written on the wall: the more they fall the higher we rise. Stand your ground! And if the manic pump comes again Maid will drop out of sight, hidden once more like a diamond in the rough. Only those with a keen eye can see its true beauty. Stand your ground, Safe diggers, and the diamonds will be yours. Cheers!


Hopefully you are right… Not only me waiting for lower pricess to load up.


Whatever said and done. Its not two years i bought into Maidsafe. So its not that bad a wait. Some bought in 2014. I guess its a longer corner for them. Got to hang in there :pray:


So there we are… MAID for $0.25!

The price is almost the same as a year ago. Even though I am not sure its definitely the rock bottom, I have load up with 2/3 of my disposable fiat funds between $0.25 - $0.26. The last 1/3 is waiting for even lower prices like $0.20 and I am really looking forward to meeting those price levels.

Anyways, look at the chart. Fiat price of the quarter of a dollar is looking like a huge support and I am almost sure, these prices are on levels whales were trying to reach the whole time. Why not lower? I think those whales know pretty well that trying to suppress the price even lower could result in buying cheap coins by a different whale, so these are really accumulating price levels for whales.

The problem for whales is not easy anyways. Assuming the demand on Polo is real, while sell walls are there partially for manipulating the price down, there is not much real supply. 1M$ inflow could easily double the price even if the sell walls were real. But, if the significant part of supply-side is fake (as I expect), the price is illusionary and they are really not able to buy reasonable amount without skyrocketing the price.

Now I expect these prices to stay between $0.23 - $0.30 for a week or two while whales creating a lot of FUD and buying up all the supply. After that, coins will be almost completely away from shaky hands (we are almost there) and the only way to buy more will be to restore the price and try to buy more from strong hand for some more reasonable price.

My advice? Buy some more on those levels and try to buy even more when seeing prices closer to $0.20. I thing the profit in the next 2-3 months will be enormous (3x - 4x). Selling a little bit back for $0.70 in a month or two is not a sin. :slight_smile:

Those are just my two cents, I am not a professional trader - rather I am the long-term holder, having 90% of my crypto portfolio in MAID.


I only ever intend to sell in order to fund the singularity and even then … so …

What I suspect is happening is that there are a few whales who’ve made too many bets and some of them are not going well in this bear eat bear market. Skeptical that it’ll go too much lower - under 20 cents is a super bargain for even the most broke of investors.



I agree. I always buy at .20 and below. For me the biggest problem is buying large amounts of MAID, as liquidity is always too low, and I ususlly have to buy in smaller amounts at time. Seems like most investors hold.


How low will it go? I don’t trust a lot of technical analysis in crypto.


Neither do I. In my opinion, this bit of Forex “analysis” is tepid air. Matters can change on a whim, and this market is anything but rational at the moment. Right now only 6 of the top 100 coins by market cap are in the green, and just barely at that. I’ll save my concerns for if BTC rightly corrects (i.e., we’re over $10K in a sustained way with upwards price pressure and good supporting fundamentals) and MAID is wallowing at less than $1.


I’am alittle confused by todays movement but right now I just see it as a extreme value of random movement along a normal distribution curve. But I don’t have any fact about Maid daily standard deviation percentage movement and so on.


Did some calculations on a modified portfolio analysis Excel sheet. A movement
of about 14% (daily) seems possible within two standard deviations, and within 95% of random daily movement percentage along a normal distribution curve. Maybe some one else can check if the calculations seems fair. Conclusion is from the calculation that even though it is rare for a 14% daily movement it can be a random event that can take place.


Some numbers was alittle wrong but did not affect the conclusion. Average return yearly, which is calculated from exchanges days within a year multiplied by daily average return, needed to be changed to 365 because crypto is open all year in relation to traditional stock exchanges.

Also yearly standard devitation was affected.!


Who is selling at this price? Thank you.
But why?!
That time to stock up again… but with the history of the coin, it has ALWAYS recovered from this price point, it has ALWAYS given 100% better return than high street savings account.

Thanks very much… Just feels like I’m a child in a sweatshop unleashed.


If I was smart I would have sold at recent highs such as 0.47 and rebought… but I’m not, but $0.20-ish man… It’s like flipping property pre-creditcrunch


I’m surprised by this big drop, although I did buy over 100,000 MAID today. I’m confident the price will recover.


I think this dip will sort the men out from the boys


Capitulation has yet to happen.

I think we ll all be surprised how low it may go on this dip.


I feel Bitcoin could drop further, but maidsafecoin never had such a big upswing to fall back from. It seems like a bargain atm to me.