MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I agree it may have been pumped, but I also think it was started by the dry up of BTC supply after the halving in 2016. Following this logic I expect another huge bull run in 2021. Before then I can see BTC rising slowly once this year is over and some good alts making decent moves in 2019 and 2020. I believe if maidsafe can launch beta by the beginning of 2020 we will see some huge gains in the Safecoin price that will be similar to Ethereum’s pump from 50 cent to $15 in early 2016. From here though we should be well and truely back in bull market territory, with many weak/scam alts been found out or failed, and the better, stronger projects coming to fruition.

Also you have the obvious race by the big boys to open the gates for institutional investors, with coinbase creating a platform for them as well as many others gearing up. This is all hugely bullish and gives plenty of time before the next halving, which I believe will be super hyped by the media and all those investing. It’s just a waiting game at the moment, and only really those over invested are the ones panicking right now.


If we move back to btc 20k and ripple makes an equal move back to its inflated highes of 120B MC there is no reason that maid can’t match that. Without knowing what the true supply and burn function will be that would put maid at somewhere between $200-$300 a coin. Sure beta needs to be up and working ect. but I think with the working platform and all the promise to think it will be 20-30 times lower then where ripple was at the height of hysteria is very very low.


Agreed. A fate much like gold (I.e., relative price stagnation after a precipitous drop) will likely transpire for bitcoin (and all other closely correlated alts) for quite sometime, I think—unless affirmative ETF news stirs up mania to produce another round of hyper price inflation. Even then, such market performance would likely be a ticking time-bomb. Fortunately, I don’t think MAID (and ergo Safecoin) is quite as correlated to bitcoin in both market and (intended) product performance.


I disagree. ETFs, Lightning, Halving/final bitcoin mined, Big money getting moved into crypto during fiat recessions will be huge events. New ATHs are on the horizon. Yes it won’t happen this year, maybe even not 2019, but they are coming and btc could easily hit anywhere between 100k and 1mil in the next decade.


20000 is fine for me


Dude Z coin it whatever the hell it’s called is a piss take on safe and it went to 1k over night.


Looks like we might be going sub .25 very shortly. Starting to become a blood bath again.


I know people waiting to go all in at near 20cents


Could be the deal of the century


There is hope still…

Yes I know the official path is decentralized exchanges but somehow Binance adds cred.


Soooo, essentially the article is calling Maid a shitcoin?


No, he admits many good projects have not yet been added.


Sorry, I missed that. That’s good news


Opinion only but the tweet is laughable. Bluntly Binance is a business not a charity and CZ isn’t Jesus as much as some wish he were :grin:

DEX on SAFE can’t come quick enough.


While I agree, the current landscape says that he and Binance are a big deal so it carries some weight.


They said the same about Mt Gox :wink:

Edit: whoops price topic…yay cheap MAID


You could be right.
However Binance can also earn on transaction and trading fees, besides a listing fee.
And improve their credibility by adding good coins. If the coins they’re offering are lacking, they get less trading on their platform and so less coin projects interested in paying the listing fee…
If they see MaidSafeCoin as a ‘good enough coin’ (at the moment), that’s another question of course.


Yep your right, the term ‘good’ should really say ‘profitable’ though.

They won’t even acknowledge this project until the traders on Poloniex/Hbtc push the daily trading volume to $100million + only then would they be forced to take notice and only for monetary reasons.

Crypto (even once this great project arrives) is and will forever be driven by the ugly greed of the majority and little more.

I also see more than a few scenarios where SAFE would severely disrupt both their current and future business and profit models.

Until then I guess lots n lots of sh1tcoins, eh em I mean ‘good coins’ await the faithful Binance devotees :smile: :pray: :latin_cross:


To stay in your religious theme: ‘let him who is without sin cast the first stone’. And with sin I mean greed in this context. Of course, some have more of it than others.
It could very well be idle hope, but maybe Binance are willing to also try something a bit more long term now, without e.g. going immediately :vampire: on it with high listing fees.
And what about their DEX proposal? Sounds like a positive development, but it could be that I’m missing something.


Of course, you talk sense.

Kinda hard to have much faith in the Oprah of the Crypto world but hey more than happy to be wrong in the end :+1:

Stones incoming anyway :rofl: