MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Because bitcoin and every other alt is crashing.


What is wrong with coinmarketcap? Someone is experiencing issues there too?


Technical glitch i guess. Or the big pump this year just started. :thinking::unamused:


Couldn’t find our rank at first


If we get to 35 that will be the expected price :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent::heart_eyes:


Not to long ago our same friend said anytime the market was trying to move it was held in place by people selling iirc.

That to me is luquidity.
I asked for an explanation in simple terms and got none.

I think they may be a little confused.


Major spike (3x) in volume on hitbtc. We should see a move to the 55-5600 sat range here real soon :slight_smile:


My thoughts on hitbtc



I hate hitbtc, but what will usually follow is a mass vol decline there and it all goes to polo quickly for a price push.


Looks like ripple is catching Maid fast :grimacing::innocent:


Ripple’s market cap is almost 100x MAID’s… I don’t think it’s ‘catching’ MAID, but give it a couple of years & MAID may well be catching ripple.

I guess having a similar per token price makes it easy to judge the performance of MAID relative to XRP, but it’s the market cap that’s more telling. The SAFE network has far more long term potential than Ripple, so success could see huge growth in MAID, even if the total crypto market moves sideways or down.


I wont even consider selling til at least $100 per coin. And even then would prefer 1K.


I think you’ll be waiting a while :slight_smile:

I will be perfectly happy at $10 a coin. And given the number of Safecoin that will be in circulation, I believe that to be a realistic market cap in the earlier stages of its adoption.


$10 would be nice. Quite a few years away I think. Unless Bitcoin shoots to $100k


This is the bit I’m fascinated with. I don’t think the 450 odd million coins or above is representative of actual supply say during the first 12 months or so.

In addition to the burn rate I’d doubt many folk you and I included will want to be putting any decent amount of coins anywhere near the network until it’s been battle tested somewhat.

So many possible different dynamics come into play that it’s tough to even guesstimate at. A similar market cap to EOS currently during the later release candidates is a pretty grounded guess which funnily enough lands right around your happy place :wink:

However it goes down it’s still one of the best risk/reward scenarios out there currently.


I don’t see why we can’t expect to at least be at XRP levels in the next couple years. At ~100x MAID’s market cap, we are looking at $30 a coin. That doesn’t seem too far fetched.

If the crypto market bounces back strong, which I think is likely in the not too distant future, hitting a $15B market cap is not really that insane, especially as the scam projects fall away. Many people like the idea of the Safe Network, most crypto investors have just given up on the project long ago, though. Getting the project to a true Beta would do a lot to revitalize it in the market, I think.


I think after this crash, people won’t rush back into crypto like 2017.

People won’t set themselves up to get burned two times. Lessons learned.

Furthermore, it only pumped to $20k because the big boys from the real markets (stocks etc) wanted to win big by pumping it then shorting it on Jan 17 when the CBOE futures opened (exact date of the crash & bleeding start, in crypto), so since that is a one time thing, it has no reason to pump up like that, really ever again.

Just giving my thoughts recently. Sold almost all (besides Maid of course! :heart:).

Thought this community might benefit from opinions. Or not, Just saying.


10 is fine for me too :grin:


I remember hoping enthusiastically for 10cents :joy:


yeah. So do i. :joy::joy::joy::joy:. When its 10 everyone will be waiting for 100 :innocent: