MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Working fine for me and I was on the site about 12 hours with no problems.


Working for me too…


Turning off the VPN got it to load. Sorry to bother you guys. :wink:


Margin trading is the only way for a smart person to be burnt


The only way to profitably trade Maid the last few years is to sell every rally. Holding it on margin has been a losing trade. It has underperformed even Btc.


Agree I just hate trading in general though because there will be that 1 time where you make a bad move and get burned. Easily should have sold on the PARSEC rally to 50 cent and bought back again in the 30’s recently but generally I am just buying and holding for the 2-3 year long play on some of the coins and ofc looking forward to using around 1/3rd or so to put my own data onto the network and use MAID the way its SAFE Coin will be intended.


Looks like another meltdown today :cry:



Price is falling but look at that rank!!!

Edit: last time I checked we were at rank 55.


Two months ago we were ranked 103!


I’m betting in the next 10 months we’ll be in the top 20 and in the next 18-24 months top 10 easy.


nr 19 here. It takes the supplied coins % into account.


Cream rising to the top. :smile:


Man if the price doesn’t hold around 5300 sats (40 cents) im going to have to dump my position hard on these thin books…I love trading maid but this is killing me, with the 0 liquidity on polo these days.


Happy to see some dumps, I wanna scoop up more in the 20 cent range :slight_smile: . Or preferably 1 cent range if we could have a crypto space meltdown hah.


That’s an interesting way of looking at it that seems a bit backward to me.

Surely a planned / possible dilution of tokens should negatively impact future implied market cap rather than boost it?

If Safecoin had a market cap of $500bn in 2050, each token would be worth more if there were no dilution compared to if 10x the tokens are issued with demand remaining constant.

So in this case, the future implied market cap of MAID would drop drastically if MaidSafe decided a large dilution were not necessary or beneficial, unless the price of MAID then responded by shooting upwards. I’d love to see that happen for an experiment on what the market is, and isn’t pricing in at this stage (and because I don’t think the dilution is necessary or beneficial!).

Still, very interesting, as it is possible that much of the market takes the potential / planned dilutions into account when making decisions.


If you want to sell, try selling some at Openledger by placing some sell blocks. Maybe it creates some market there. Most people don’t want to register at polo because of account verification, I don’t think that market will grow


This is true, polo Margin trading is not what used to be. I would avoid it. MAID has many holders and few traders. It is not common trading coin. Verification is a nightmare for many people. Small holders prefer to buy easily somewhere else. You need whales to join your trading game and those moved from Polo to Bittrex and later to Binance. I wish MAID margin trading was disabled on polo, it makes more harm than good.


Andddd we are below ripple now :exploding_head:


Does anyone know why MAID is crashing?