MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


We are now higher price than Ripple :grimacing::grin::sunglasses:


You are allways welcome to join team EMH (Efficient market Hypothesis), if you are leaving technical analysis. Markets run on Macroeconomic news, trend and also some random movement, past data is no prediction of the future. :grinning:


Checkpoint reached :white_check_mark:
Now heading to higher market cap than Ripple :grinning:


Should get ripple investors attention.


I imagine the new website is causing a positive influence. Imagine if a good chunk of people in the crypto community actually discover Maid properly (reading up on it etc.). Pretty sure people learning what maid is will automatically mean Maid is back in its natural top 10 place, especially when the altcoin apocalypse is in full swing spitting out the shitcoins…


I’m 99.999% (that’s five 9’s fine for you gold bugs) sure Maidsafe has something up its sleeve for this weekend. It’ll be one of 2 things: a big reveal OR The Big Reveal. Most likely only the first, but it might still surprise even us. They have an important audience this weekend. There are a few other reasons that might give credence to that, but I’ll keep quiet for the moment on those. The future will prove the past on that hypothesis. In any case, it would be silly of Maidsafe not to have something to take advantage of the situation at the Decentralized Web Summit for a bit of healthy hype to break trend just as Bitcoin potentially seems to be turning a corner (though honest TA professionals are still unconvinced) and alts seem to be in a continuation of loss in market dominance. That’s my hope at least. To make a really good impression and showing at this event is of strategic importance for Maidsafe.

And speaking of sh*tcoins:


Hate to be a debbie downer, but a ton of crypto’s are up about the same rates if not more. Just the markets being unpredictable like normal.


You never know when its your last chance to buy at under $1.00 eh?

When the new guys arrive it will be like feeding Piranha fish… Imagine seeing supply dry up a little and the price rise? One boat you want to be on once it sets sail.


I’m not saying, don’t buy! You are always supposed to be buying at these prices. :slight_smile:


I’m happy they are going with the new website ready.


Turnover has stayed aout the same.


I think a trusted exchange listing this or next year would be amazing. As much as I don’t mind Cryptopia, I wouldn’t keep more that few hundred $ on there. With exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, and a handful of others I’ll be happy to put a few k in and still be able to sleep at night.


Really trying to poke through that $0.50 … When it does i’m sure it will rally further & faster.

Edit:. I feel a $2.20 peak at the next rally before the year is out, as long as we’ve not launched. On launch or beta… Well the moon’s the limit.


I hope I will see that in my lifetime…It is for me not understandable why Maidsafecoin is that underrated


Same story with XRP. It will happen to both.


How will XRP be used? Maidsafe / (eventually safecoin) has a real use case.

Unless of course, they define what XRP will be used for. Not saying Ripple tech is bad, just don’t like XRP, just my opinion.


Yeah seems a strange comparison. XRP has the 3rd biggest market cap, so I’m not sure it’s going unnoticed.


What I see lately is a briliant manipulation with the price on Poloniex (I assume HitBTC is all fake). Some intelligent guy/group is able to effectively lower the MAID price while probably being even able to accumulate.

What we see now is drying supply of MAID while falling price in BTC terms. Interesting situation, good work whales. :sunglasses:

I would recommend watching trades while keeping an eye on market depth. Then buy the whale dips.


Price is set by polo margin and bags are dumps on hit. Im a heavy margin trader on polo and its been awful trading maid these last few months.


Are you guys able to connect to

I tried it last night and today with no luck.