MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Wow looked now and we’re 57th. Looks like we are swimming up against the tide!


Price up again.

Who else wishes they bought more at $0.23 a few months back? Always the way, hold off, it could drop lower… Haha.

$0.44 today.

Edit: 191% increase in just a few months. Can’t get that in a bank! MAIDSafe is doing well.


91% increase actually… Anyway, not bad at all :wink:


Slow-motion altcoin apocalypse.


Slow motion apocalypse? Now that’s an apocalypse worth having! Break out the data chains!
And some :beers:… and then some.


Altcoin apocalypse, good for MAIDSAFE coin?

Having trouble reading that graph.


Altcoin apocalypse is great for Maidsafe imo. It’ll separate the men from the boys (literally intellectual minds in Maid vs ICOs done by 16 year olds who are only after the quick buck)


Agree. I also think once they prove the economic mechanisms the support will be there should funding ever become a concern in such a market.

It’s interesting that the value of global Digital Payments alone is expected to rocket to over $5 trillion by 2022. China and India in particular aren’t going anywhere in a hurry and are likely significantly undervalued in that estimate.

Imagine a secure live network with close to a billion coins in circulation at that time picking up just one single little percent of that pie. Already Safecoin would be approaching triple digits sans speculation.

That is one single use case, there are infinitely more.

It kind of makes putting up with the current blatant manipulation in the markets as well as the lengthy wait for a product a little easier when the true scope and impact of an infrastructure like this is so ridiculously immense.

It’s an enormous risk we’re taking financially hodling and sacrificing other opportunities but I really believe few can really get their heads around how enormous the value proposition is here if the economic incentives work and people get to trust a live network.

As one wise dude (who has now left us) once said ‘the turtles almost always win’. A beta network by 2020 is a fantastic result, once everyone gets on board with that (and I think most are now) it becomes so much more obvious that supporting Maidsafe and being positive yet measured is the only real thing that makes sense now.

I realised this and gave myself a slight uppercut after thinking about the criticisms (which I still have) with regards to the website.


On target. It’s going to be a big weekend ladies & gents. :zipper_mouth_face: FALLOUT!


Bitcoin price is up.
MAIDSAFE price is up.
MAIDSAFE ranking is up.

Something’s up! What’s up? Anything in the news causing this seasonal pump n dumpkins?

6% up since yesterday?!!

Banks don’t give that in a year.

Banks!! LOL. :joy::joy::joy:

I really think everyone should make at least one low cost crypto purchase as part of their savings.
Next time we are back at $0.25 I’ll be showing people this.


I hope Maidsafe will never go back to $0.25 :sunglasses:


I’m looking forward to the day that the world wakes up to Maidsafe and we don’t need Bitcoin to be up


I dont think this day is that far away at least hope so :smiley:


I think before launch, this is still a real possibility - I would keep some powder dry to buy at the lows.


Comparing apples and oranges obviously due to different levels of risk


Rank 56 spotted.

Price rise is a nice thing to see, it’s the rank increase that’s making me more excited.


Maidsafe is no risk it is safe :joy:


Did someone light a rocket?


Bitcoin FOMO rages on and MAID slingshots at a multiple. A little over a week ago it looked like BTC was heading down to 5k$ on another bear flag, now it looks like the bots are going to send it to the moon. Bulls are back or Bull trap? I give up on technical analysis.


When Lam(e)bo sprinting out of California, watch out :wink: