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‘UK Positioned to Lead the Crypto Economy According to a New Report’ -Live Bitcoin News

…bodes well for MAIDSAFE based in Troon, Scotland : )


Good one, Joshuef, you are right ofcourse. :smile: Even though the economics prize maybe isn’t the most solid one or an actual Nobel prize, they are usually smart cookies and I think that I have to believe at least some of them until someone disprove their theories. :slight_smile:


This weeks update, with possible website release… with Dev tutorials, > $0.50 by the end of this weekend.


It’s good to be an optimist but it all depends on Bitcoin until beta release


MAID is nice up again last hours. The market seems to appreciate the new website :smile:


I bet this is just the core supporters showing some love. Just wait till it spreads and until major Youtubers start to [re-]discover it


Price rising.
Also at rank 59, rising up the ranks.

Looking good.

Could be it, if you’ve not bought at under $0.50, it’s getting a bit risky to not have done.


Would be great to break above the 6k sats resistance level.


I have been heavily trading maid on polo but the liquidity pool is just dead. Even a position as small as 20 btc has been a struggle to close positions on. This is going to make it very hard to get through the 6k range any time soon. :-/


I would have thought, low liquidity was better for price movement.



and i need to type at least twenty words…


Usually price moves are spear headed at polo. This small squeeze back up seems to have been all on hitbtc. Volume has been in wash mode on polo the whole time.


If people want the Maid price to rise exponentially from here and before beta, one of the key issues the Marketing team need to have a strategy for is the age old question " You’ve been working on this thing for how long and still can’t say when it will be delivered"

I know, I know. It will be delivered when it is delivered. But I will be there on the day and years ahead when the headlines say " we have delivered"


Maybe it is because the maidsafe team are less concerned about maid price and more concerned about delivering a working product.

Different people have different ambitions here. Pumping the price now is only beneficial to a subset of the whole.


true. but in every organisation you have different departaments responsible for different areas. without investors there would be no funding and the project would have difficulties to succeed. So you should not ignore them. also remember that the devs get safecoins from the company stack so this is also motivation and good news for them if the coin is valued at 1 dolar instead of 30 cents. Clearly safecoin should be available on more exchanges… that we cannot argue about.


I really don’t care too much for new exchanges, but I do recall that 4 months ago there was said that there were two new (Asian?) exchanges going to be added to the list in the “next couple of weeks”.

No real news since then. I didn’t really care either, until I read this on the safecoin page on the new website: “MaidSafeCoin can be bought and traded at these exchanges. We’re adding new ones all the time.”

That’s simply not true. We’ve lost a few though.:sweat_smile:


Can i hear that in plain english please?
Because those words joined together like that made no sense to me as a reply to my statement.


Attempts have been made from time to time but it’s proving quite hard in the current markets.

But I agree that this statement is a pretty misleading summarization of what’s been happening.


Although this article gets some details about MAID wrong, they are bullish toward it for good reason.

“MaidSafeCoin gained past 45% to $0.4290 in the last three weeks versus the US dollar and more than 25% versus Bitcoin.”

Positive signs of MAID having a life of its own. This kind of movement in a dead summer market with low volume is nice to see.

So read it: