MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Yes, nice to see it in the 50 realm. It’s got to go higher sooner or later, regardless of what BTC does. Cheers


Yeah honestly with not only the groundbreaking PARSEC but all other components, there hasn’t been much of a pump, not even above 30’s in cents yet. A bit of a 50 cent mark just after the news. It could go up whenever it wants; I’m not sure if there’s been any recent explosions of certain projects one could look at to solidify further opinions/projections of SAFE. SAFE is technically better than everything, so any scenario/timeline is even more possible to happen, with or without everyone else in tandem.

I almost feel like the larger the network grows, the more value it will have. After all, the bigger it is around the world with more users: 1) the stronger it is, 2) the faster everything goes. That’s literally what true economics should seek for worth/value lol: stronger (via security et al), faster…! “Bigger” historically can go either way: as in, bigger centralization is bad (i.e. more people are involved yet there are greater risks thus greater hidden costs let alone corruption), but bigger/wider adoption of a commodity can make price soar. And since SAFE’s crypto will be a commodity, and be more “everything” the more people use it, there’s more confidence and inevitable worldwide clamoring that will have people needing to use it over anything else out there, because it’s just better than everything lol. Except familiarity, but all I can hope for is a quick-like transition on that front, necessitated by a relatively rapid changing of hands by people who just know that SAFE is the only solution, followed by those unfamiliar with it being instilled a sense of apprehension, hesitation, and what have you—wondering when they should make the change as well.

Of course start with all the basics (which will be many-fold influentially huge: price-wise, etc. [even without SAFEtube SAFEbook, SAFEreddit etc. etc.]), and then move onto the better version of every website out there. There’s a lot to be said about every individual type of group of people, which I won’t bother thinking/typing about, who will cling to Facebook, YouTube, in their own way. Nothing can resist an eventual tipping point, however. Turn the tide of the % of people who use something to a large enough degree, and it’s an unstoppable force with nothing to fear or worry about. This happened in the switch between IRC and Discord, though of course Discord has its faults, and people still use IRC for the infrastructure. I guess that gets into whole new topics, so I’ll stop here. The entire infrastructure of SAFE being coded to mimic the sturdiness (and then some) of, for example, IRC: well, now I think I’m really getting out of my league. I do believe Maidsafe is working on a chat protocol, or something along that line, as one of its main projects for eventual 1.0 release, or whenever! Yay open source! (I.e. anyone/everyone can contribute to/change our global digital communication if they so choose.)


We’re now back in top 60 on CMC. Fingers crossed that we’re not going to see us slip down below 60 again. If the pace keeps up and especially if we get a listing or two we’ll get back to top 25 in no time and top 10 eventually too!


Keep the momentum going, we can all help here. I spent every day an hour or so commenting on all kind of today released youtube videos related to terms like bitcoin, altcoin, blockchain or a popular coin. As soon they have some decent views I comment (In context of the video, friendly) and mention some terms like Maidsafe, SAFE network, PARSEC. Already got some nice reactions back.


If I was a government advisor… I’d advice a treasury to put aside $100,000, maybe $1,000,000 - and buy up SAFECoins slowly, very slowly so as not to spook the market. That’s advice for any
straight government out there that are having problems escaping debt / or can’t quite attract enough money for their country / having issues providing a good standard of living of their citizens.
… as for the rest of the citizen population, buy hand over fist. Look… The cream always floats to the top, in this falling market we’re in the top 60, up from way below 100.


I’d rather MAID & (subsequently) Safecoin remain not only broadly distributed but also out of (the centralizing pull of) government hands for as long as possible. Governments (and banks, for that matter) generally have no desire to destroy Bitcoin (and this first generation of cryptocurrencies) because they are easily manipulated, and thus controllable. The SAFE Network is designed to resist control and censorship. There is no public ledger to facilitate oversight and control. What the powerful can’t control, they often seek to destroy.


Pump now be careful on the 19th 20th 21st the dump is coming


I doubt there are a lot of people here trading.



PM May says she wants to work with the US on a new GOLD STANDARD in financial services through technology. SC Bob Mueller accuses some Russians and Bitcoin and the Btc-e guy gets extradited to France. New claim to being Satoshi says revelation about who and why coming soon…as well as suggesting that there is quite an interesting story behind it. Meanwhile, Trump goes to his golf course…a few minutes from Troon and Ayr. And Q continues claiming “THIS IS BIGGER THAN ANYONE CAN IMAGINE.”

I’m not asking anyone to agree with these potentially unrelated macro observations, but there are some interesting parallels worth noting. I can give much more credence to why these isn’t simply a random hypothesis, but I’ll let people make up their own minds as to whether there are potential long-term price implications or not. This is certainly nothing about the short or medium term price movements.


Why are those dates significant?


There’s a death cross coming in Bitcoin in the next days/weeks. It’s going to crush the whole sector. Just look what happened when that happened after the 2014 peak.

Hope for a Black Swan. Unknown Unknowns. Or Known Unknowns for the few that might know them. Likely unrelated to crypto… Otherwise, it’s going to be a altcoin apocalypse. Hopefully, MAID will at least gain marketshare in the fall and the Maidsafe team has fiat to make it through the home stretch. Can Humpty Dumpty be put back together again?


Little climb to 6000 sat. and soon $ 0,40.


In the picture the moving average is set to 7,30,50 days, A real death cross is when 50 days cuts 200 days moving average?


It was a screenshot of the video. There were lots of configurations being looked at because traditional metrics seem to more accurately apply in crypto when looked at from an accelerated timetable, according to some. That said, I could have been more precise about the screenshot. Regardless, the context of that conversation is still the same: as those peaks from late 2017 get taken out of the average, the shorter average, albeit 30 or 50, is going to turn downwards pretty dramatically.

I see some other fundamental and policy items that could be positive, but I’m unsure about a net positive when the TA is applied. Who knows? Just more grains of salt.


Interesting, also some people are predicting the 3rd Elliott wave, meaning a big pump. Who knows…


While I’m not the greatest proponent of Elliott Wave Theory, I think strong arguments can be made in support of this. I think we’re around “C”.


Charts and theories, for markets with lots of traders - they are kind of a self fulfilling prophecy as many people follow the same rules. Probably should pay attention to this.


Yeah, I agree. I don’t think in general that anyone can predict markets because markets tend to move with the trend, random and with macroeconomic news. But if every one hitting the sell button on a death cross then the market collapses but if there is ok macroeconomic news it might just go the other way around. From economic education I’am a firm believer of the “Efficient market hypothesis” (EMH).
Only exception is the " @Zoki coil effect" (ZCE). :wink:

EHM (Eugene Fama, Nobel prize winner).
Strong markets = Not Insider or Fundamental analysis works
Medium Strong markets = Insider information works but not fundamental
Weak markets = Insider and Fundamental analysis work
(Technical analysis don’t work even in weak markets.)
But it don’t hinder anyone from getting lucky in the short term. :grinning:


Exchange traded fund(s) (with insurance to please regulators) might act as a catalyst for next bull market?
We shall see in the next few months whether it gets “approval”


I largely agree. It’s like reading tea leaves; you can squint your eyes to see whatever you want to see…