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I agree with all of this. I do believe, this project longer term has the potential to be a game changer. HODL’ing out.


Came across a social media sentiment tracker that might be of interest, sentiment often but not always leads price moves. Also provides quick way to see recent twitter reddit posts about Maidsafe:


This is definitely a useful tool. I use it to find social media posts that might be worth supporting/correcting.


I feel like these swings are the norm for crypto. Anyone who has been around this space long enough know these huge price increases and decreases occur. It (the market and Maid) will go up in the future we just need to be patient and wait for interest to grow again, hopefully next time it is a little bit more organic and a little bit more based on fundamentals rather than speculation and hype. It is not a mature market so it should be expected that speculation and hype will be part of the price. The low liquidity is an issue, but we are not seeing the volume in OTC markets. I think this would provide much better picture on interest and if large sums of money are entering the market. Time will obviously tell but I’m putting my money where my mouth is and I think bull run as well as a consolidation of good coins/tokens is coming and I’m bullish on the best few. Maid obviously one of them for me.


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My gosh the prices.
I don’t really care about the prices per se, I care about the funding of the project.
If maidsafe has 24 months budget at $7.5k btc a piece, do they still have 24months at $6k ?

I don’t understand the btc dump, i only see institutional buyers at these prices while all the whales are on hold and postponing their exit.


Do you see any OTC activity?


Yes inquiries for Block trades everyday, a lot of potential buyers, but no sellers to match them because the large sellers all want a higher price.

The retail crowd on the other hand is long gone.


It sounds like maidsafe team have plenty of funding based on the TechCrunch article. I can’t get enough maid at these prices, kinda glad it’s cheaper atm. Hate having to go through poloniex though


You can go through and w/d fee is 27 MAID. upto 5K NZD per day without ID


Having been HODLing maid since the ICO and have only traded a little I’ve recently decided to start trading Maid. Thinking of the volume requirements for getting listed on some exchanged and volume in general being considered a big deal by every day crypto traders/investors I think it’s important we do our part in trading as well as HODLing and what’s a better price to start than what we’re currently at (close to nearly a full year low). This doesn’t have to be day trading and personally I don’t day trade but buying at this low prices and setting sell orders at a 4-10% increase so you can re-buy the same amount and keep the profit (or re-buy more or a mix of both) could do a lot of good for the project and potentially for you (if you do it well).


it matters what you trade. If it’s against a fiat or a bitcoin…

Personally, before I was trading MaidSafeCoin against a decorum…

For a year, I quadrupled my decorum.

but I would not risk the same thing with a fiat or a bitcoin … I can remember the day when Ethereum climbed 10 times against a bitcoin :wink:

Just a matter of time MaidSafeCoin to do the same :slight_smile:


I am not calling on HODLers to trade any of their holdings. Buy a new small amount and trade this so that when that day comes you still have your reserve


Do you work at an OTC desk? I’m curious where this data comes from. Thanks!


Zoki , I love memes but I am deeply worried about memes but only until Maidsafenetwork is launched !> hahahah


Hi @dlux
my company is an authorized and supervised financial intermediary in Switzerland for crypto markets. We have a direct Finma ruling for selling/buying crypto as well as for keeping a back up of private key for clients.

This is the crypto company:

I am also an associate in a reputable family office in Geneva:


Very interesting—thanks, @SwissPrivateBanker.


Quite a bit late in replying but i think you meant connection and not conexion.


I am very much happy with Maid right now. We are in top 66 - much better than dipping below 100! Hope to get back to top 25 with exchange listings and back to top 10 in the next few years. Obviously surpassing Bitcoin will then be on the horizon also


Exchange listings has to be a priority. What if polo or hitbtc were to pull the plug, anything is possible. The more barriers to entry the better.