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I wrote the other day about my opinion of needing another exchange or 2 not for price consideration but just for access. Being from the US some exchanges don’t even let us participate and even polo at this point won’t let me trade Bc they don’t accept people from NY. So in all honesty if I had a need to sell what I have or had a desire to buy x more I really can’t without being creative or paying an insane price. Hope the team fixes that soon.


Demand is leverage. If you build it, demand will come. He who has the gold, makes the rules.
Leave paying the middlemen to the shills and charlatans…at least until we can leverage these abusive on-boarding fees.
Developers, users, and investors…in that order.


No, and I repeat what @Fruico said its 29 MAID to withdraw.

What you claim is 10% and that is not what they charge for withdrawal fee. While 29 MAID may have been 10% of your particular withdrawal it is not a 10% fee.

It is a flat fee not a percentage.


Yes, my mistake. …


September 2017 EOS marketcap was $210mil, slightly below maidssafecoins. Now it’s $11.8bil. If maids performs like EOS, the price will be $26 approximately. :smiley:


A ‘technical analysis’-article that seems to be positive about MaidSafeCoin: MaidSafeCoin (MAID) Technical Analysis – Is MAID Ready To Set Itself Free?


Price hit hard over the weekend. Any ideas why :flushed:


Ignorance and Bitcoin.

One in the same, really.

A bit more reasons, but I’ll just let myself have fun by saying just that. And this.


Exchanges being hacked.
EOS is proving to be the Raytheon/Lockheed Martin-backed scam and failure that will bring about the next crypto winter.


Maidsafe historically has followed BTC ups and downs and this is just more of that I figure with algo trade bots making the ups and downs. All just noise until SAFENetwork launches within a year :wink: .


When Bitcoin dips like this and the rest of the market follows, is it people trying to sell their other coins to prop up the price of Bitcoin or is there some other reason?


More of a macro perspective, but tech usually tops market cycles…and crypto is the most speculative thing out there…so…considering that traditional markets are very stretched and events over the next days in Singapore are reorganizing a world order that hasn’t changed in 60 years…well, expect volatility on multiple fronts.


I agree with @anon63178599

I wouldn’t hold much crypto of any kind for a year or so, to be honest. I think 2019 will be a mess, macroeconomically.



That said, this was very positive. The CFTC coming down on a number of big exchanges for price manipulation is also a strong signal of regulation coming. Hopefully, it will take the heat off the backs of taxing the little guy and put it on the manipulators and altcoin fraudsters for a while. “Andy Dufresne, who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side.”

Also, a bit of comic relief as we pray for a truly historic peace in Asia. Like Trump or hate him, this is a BFD for North Koreans who’ve been suffering for decades.


Whelp, feel silly now for adding just before PARSEC, could have had some few thousand more. Oh well, held for 3 years now, another few months (or years) won’t hurt :slight_smile: For those worried, this is one of the few realistically valued cryptos out there, and the fiat performance measured in years is at least on par with the best macro stocks.


EOS is an empty excuse at best, I think. Even last year, people called that for empty promises at best, scam at worst.

For weeks, crypto hedgies and the like have been warning of BTC prices as low as the 3000s incoming. To me this looks like yet another round of the weak-hand shakedown as the Olde Guard of financial institutions continues to make their inroads into the crypto ecosystem and set up shop. They don’t want to destroy bitcoin or crypto—just control it. That means scaring retail investors into selling at depressed prices so that the minnows—like compulsive gamblers—buy back a limited supply from institutions at inflated prices during the next bull run, whenever that is.

In addition, trade volume is quite low compared to six months ago. I think the market is tiring of this rodeo.


It was expected that MAID would hit a high with the news of PARSEC and that it would retrace back down afterwards when the realisation that it was still going to take time for alpha3 to appear. The only way it was going to stay high was if alpha 3 came out within 2 weeks.

Then as others said a large drop in BTC shows people are cashing out and often the alts are hit too as the cash out involves the alts too. But not always.

Thats why I only hold my small pile of MAID tokens.


On the upside I think that MAIDSAFE is holding quite well considering the selloff in market cap. It could be doing a lot worse.

Considering where this project is going, there is no downside for me, because I will always buy more when it bottoms out. These are the early, sweetest days of accumulation, which I will look back upon fondly, one day, with a tear in my eye. :sob:

Edit: and others will have tears in their eyes because they missed a great time to buy MAIDSAFE.


I think we’ve just seen the post PARSEC dump.


I agree. I think there are lots of things going on, but some shoe needs to drop. The CFTC announcement is part of it, but I think something like EOS has to fail big-time for a reality check to reverberate around the ecosystem. A cowgirl never tires of a rodeo:

I know everyone here likes to talk about altruistic Dapps, etc., but I think we should be talking about the really big stuff like putting securities and real estate on the SAFE Network. Hernando de Soto’s explanations about the lack of liquid property rights around the world is THE main cause of poverty. Central banking is a cartel but a ton of money get siphoned out because of the massive number of intermediaries in the securities business. SAFE could settle securities trading better than any other system out there. Money, securities, and property. Those are the main traditional assets. We should be talking about those more here. It will attract more people to the conversation as well as catalyze some of the other next level applications that we want to see like health data or whatever. It seems we are trying to jump ahead a bit in the pyramid of apps simply because the technology will allow it, whereas I think these other things need immediate attention, IMO.

It’s a bit disappointing that PARSEC didn’t seem to make it past the lower stratosphere, but hopefully, there are more newsworthy things coming and the decentralized web event will be a big catalyst for SAFE. We certainly have quite the representation there this year from the speakers list. On a positive note, I noticed that MAID seems more volatile than other coins now. This is new because it was never the case before. Maybe it’s counter-intuitive, but this might be because everyone is holding. That is, there is little liquidity, so when someone freaks out, they have to sell into the lack of demand or buy into the lack of supply. Basically, this is a loaded spring situation.