MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I really hope you are right zoki $5.00 would be so nice!



Edit: look at the current price action…Much wow. Very moon. So profit.


Could be a little bit more action according to my taste :stuck_out_tongue:


It was one of the best performers over the last 24h. The steady march back towards the top 10 continues… :slight_smile:


@Zoki speaks fluent crypto


Let’s hope it’s not a random oracle, like needed for Parsec :wink:


Follow the old saying “Don’t step over dollars to pick up dimes”. Whether it goes back to the 30’s or not is long term irrelevant. Buy in blocks and should it go down buy more. The alternative is not buying anything now and having it go to $1+ and now you have cut your buying power in half in hopes of increasing it by 20%.


Zoki. 5 in 2 months. I will fly to whereever you are and buy u the biggest beer you ever had :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::blush::pray::pray::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Maybe now that Polo requires ID it’ll keep going. This makes no sense. But when did anything ever? Could even speculate that MAID will reach some new exchange? Still feels like we need more updates before then, but will keep letting this market do its thing…


@Harvindar - but don’t forget my beer… :slight_smile:


Yes of course. This one will be the biggest beer. I think we will be meeting soon :relaxed:


I would agree around 5 dollars or so by the end of the summer :grin:


If any of you fancy going a few rounds with the Substratum crew, I just noticed this post:


Too much optimistic, aren’t we?


Withdraw @ cryptopia was 10%.

EDIT: Actually a flat fee of 29 MAID.


I purposely gave my reserved estimate of $5.00

My actual estimate is, very reasonable, much value,
such supprise, many moon, so $10 dollar…


I checked, and they still have the fee fixed at 29 MAID, which means you withdrew 290 MAID (we keep you under control).

So it is or at least should be 29 MAID no matter what amount you withdraw.


I really doubt it. Specially before beta.


Yes, that would translate to a $4.5B market cap and a top ten ranking. I do not believe this to be feasible before beta.