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Precisely. Never artificial mob rule. Smartmatic. :hammer:


For forever storage I would pay price of new RAID 1 storage or more. That would be around 1TB for 100$


Poloniex representatives officially announced that if you don’t want to verify your account and you wish to close it, you have to consent to forfeit your funds.

Essentially, they turned into a scam.


In my musings, I imagine the long term equilibrium will be (something less than the wholesale price of a TB) times the network_duplication_factor (8 at present?) + the discounted cost of running a device (low). Quickly browsing newegg, I see about $<30/TB as possible … times 8 + let’s say 0 = <240/TB for permanent storage as an upper bound, always decreasing with technology advance. This cost allows many of my use cases (starting from 250gb of home photos and movies, for which I would pay many multiples of that, downwards). The interesting thing will be to see where that lands on the business scale…


I actually think available storage will far outpace demand for the foreseeable future. Especially when duplicate data is given a pointer to the existing instance, instead of actually uploading duplicate data (at least that’s my understanding).

I’d speculate most people have well under 100GB of data they would want permanently stored. Those with a lot more are likely pirating/backing up/copying things like Blu-Rays, which sooner or later there will be a central landing page to access those things, much like BitTorrent has with places like Pirate Bay. Most people will stop uploading and simply consume as reputations are built on good rippers. These rippers earn coin by having their “product” consumed.

All that leads to a likely overabundance of available resources, as people dump all their extra HD space into supplying for the network. Not to mention those of us who will be looking to farm on a little bit bigger scale, and even some on probably a very large scale.

Pricing for Safe Network Services

Agreed. A huge portion of space is used up nowadays to save videos and games. Due to IP its hard to watch movie online freely. As SAFE Network would be anonymous so I am guessing all these duplicate copies would cease to exist. And if it can be watched directly it would be far better.


One week after great news, price is flat, volume has dropped by over 40% all of this while it’s easily the best project around. Tough crowd out there.


Very true, but lets wait and be patient, focus on the medium to long term :+1:t2:


Blind crowd out there…

PARSEC guarantees, in my opinion, the relative quick completion of the network. We’ve never been this close before, with so little doubt, and I find it very exciting. The impossible made real is about to give light to those who have shut their eyes. The price will rise.


People will not believe until they see it, and I think that is a just fine bar to set personally :slight_smile: . Those who choose to take risks prior to its full existence will be rewarded in more ways than just crypto “gainz” we will have cheap tokens to store all kinda data permanently dispersed across the globe, Like a candy shop for nerds early on :smiley: . Jokes aside I watched a new thing on Bitcoin on Netflix tonight and how its revolutionized global finance, but I don’t think the world has seen anything just yet :slight_smile: . SAFE takes the “wild-west” they say bitcoin brings to a whole new and BETTER level IMO. Its not only bitcoin on steroids with fast free transactions on a much more efficient process, but an ecosystem for decentralized apps AND security baked in for the end users. An all you can eat buffet of everything this crypto boom has stood for! #excited.


Agree with everything and my comments aren’t from a “get rich quick scheme” point of view rather just slight (very slight) disappointment that with a true break through, not some air bag bs marketing, didn’t make a larger impact I guess. But, I like patience and progress as well so I eagerly wait weekly for Thursdays like most others on here and the time will eventually come.


the longer the price stays low, the better for everyone who is still accumulating. For the last year I almost doubled my initial investment and I very much hope to have more months to accumulate at these prices… :wink:


Taking the devil’s advocate position, Bitcoin and Ethereum are operating platforms, whilst Maidsafe has just completed its R&D phase of its platform. Once the theory is turned into an operating platform, the market should re rate its price


The market reflects the progress pretty accurately. MAID is now in the forties, seemingly strong. With every important step towards beta, the price will see small but steady gains. Things will begin to happen with beta and after launch.

It will always be build-build-build with this project. I don’t ever expect it to moon overnight. Though it may :thinking:


Being a functioning system is the key. When Bitcoin was presented to the world it already worked. It has taken years for people to fully trust it, and hence the value increase, but it was a working system from the get-go.

MaidSafe’s current price is based on expectation only - not speculation. Speculation will occur when the Safe Network is a functioning system, when anyone can download the Peruse browser and get started. That’s when I expect the price to take off.

Even then, the price may be mostly speculation-driven. It will take considerable time for people to trust the network and for a true value-related price to develop.


True, but it also means that now is a great time to buy, if you believe that a working network will come to fruition within an acceptable time scale.

Once it is working, some of the risk/reward will have diminished. I suppose it just depends what people’s appetite for risk is really.


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So is it good time to buy now or it might dip again to 0.3 -0.4sh??!!


Everything under 1 dollar looks good to me…


This just in at the news desk, maidsafe projected market performance… is off the rails!!!

We’re looking at $5.00 within 2 months guys!!!