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MAID your mark on the history man.


It is very good practice to ignore all the price predictions from traders. Anyway if some day traders bought MAID at the bottom and are instructed to take profit now it is ok. Day traders are important part of economy. They evaluate future to present and give us instant feedback to company/asset behaviour. But in this case they were just lucky. And of course they are selling too soon. When I want to laugh, I open past predictions. It is stunning how are people not able to predict even near future and how crazy those predictions are when you check them later.


Yeah I know. Hindsight has a way of showing up all those ‘experts’ as the BS artists they really are. That doesn’t generally bother them or their followers too much however. Success is always just around the corner.


I stopped trading long time ago, but a friend of mine is in al kinds of paid chats, emails and subscriptions for getting signals. Maid is mentioned lots of time the last weeks/days.


Exact same situation lol. I even put extra Bitcoin into the Bitcoin address that I accidentally dropped off my MAID at, as a sort of tongue in cheek move for how “risky” and “extremely complicated” (as if having an exchange at all isn’t complicated) it is, so that they could use that for the inevitable mining fee… …so simple a child could do it.

I think they need to realize that there will be many people like this, and thus have the best possible template / set up with which to prove the validity of those legitimately suffering from petty mistakes. (When you create the support ticket presently, you can see some of the fields already show a template from the distant past meant for correcting mistaken sends; but apparently they’ve recently decided that the overall effort is ‘extremely complicated,’ etc. etc. So, that current support template is now meaningless.) Said mistakes are the unfortunate result of being in needlessly rushy IRL situations, and thereby you can easily make simple, and ultimately—by the time SAFE changes the Internet/everything—exorbitantly expensive blunders.

Of course if I was truly wise I would be happy with the bunch I already have, especially knowing delivery will be pretty much sent in stone by 2020, if not earlier (especially with the new PARSEC stuff). Dwelling on past despairs is just the paradoxical result of my human nature’s impatience despite simultaneously paired ‘intellectual (and whichever other suitable words)’ patience.

edit: W/R/T impatience I’m trying to convey that somewhere in my being I have an irrational fear of SAFE-Net not taking over the Internet, even though, logically, it’s inevitable. Hence my ‘caring at all whatsoever’ about wanting a tiny fraction back of my overall worth – before full release causes it to not matter, regardless! (Some may be able to perhaps completely erase that irrational fear from themselves, though not me seemingly!)

That said, I hope Poloniex eventually figures out a solution for it. They might not ever, before they become completely irrelevant; but it’s just something to consider that they might eventually replace their currently defeatist support attitudes with optimistic and functionally helpful ones.


The risk is in their key exposure,

A btc deposit address will not have set up a omni interface. And since its all automated to the pull keys out to put into a omni wallet is risky because it bypasses their in place security.


Aaaand Poloniex is completely dead to me now.


@Audity By which you mean they froze your account? They just did the same to me. On Sunday. No warning, no email, no grace period. They just did it.


I made the same mistake! But I hodl maid!


I’m holding for now, but as soon as the network goes live, I’ll be spending as much as it takes to secure all my data, and then farming to replace as much of that as possible. IMO, the best way of selfishly ensuring the price goes up is by unselfishly spending/using it.


Exactly! When filling it out it made me even more confident that it should be no problem to recover. I thought nice they probably have some script behind it. It’ll fill out the values and someone is gonna look at it before pressing recover. :joy: Well, shit happens. Lesson learned.



Who keeps making those big red candles on polo? You’d think they were deliberately trying to keep the price in check for some reason.


Probably the same person making those big green candles.


Polo’s apparently frozen unverified accounts

@Audity @Fruico


Yeah, this is what they proclaimed in December:

Just a couple of quotes:

The exact date for this deadline will be announced in Q1 2018. While you will be given advance notice before this requirement goes into effect…

Of course, no deadline was announced and no advance notice was given to us…

And, even funnier one:

On the date of the deadline, legacy accounts will be placed in a state where:

blablablablabla… and…

Withdrawals will remain enabled at the daily withdrawal limits prior to the deadline.

Obviously, they did us in.

Funny enough, to my ticket in which I pointed out they kept none of their promises and they sent me no advance notice, they replied by sending me the notice :thinking: No advance notice obviously, but a notice nonetheless.


Have bought the last time on thursday at poloniex. After that I withdrew all my funds. I was afraid exact of that scenario which @Fruico has desribed will happen.


Luckily I only have 85 MAID in there and .0016 BTC. …And my 2400 mis-sent MAID that they’re obviously keeping until it’s $1000 per coin. I hope they enjoy their 2 and a half million dollars in 2020+.


ahhhhh my account is frozen :sob:


Logged in and found mine too was frozen but got it verified pretty quickly and now open again!


Exactly, if you don’t intend to follow KYC laws then don’t use centralized exchanges who have to obey them hah. Glad you got verified and back in action though. I will continue using centralized exchanges until we have one that functions on the SAFE Network that will become the honey badger of all crypto exchanges, letting people move coins and buy and sell as crypto was meant to be!