MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


When I checked earlier today MaidSafeCoin was in position 69 on coinmarketcap and also 10 minutes ago.
But with a little bit of extra stimulation it went up to 68, over Skycoin :wink:


Deserves to be in the top 10 in terms of market cap. This would mean reaching $4bn. Realistic?



I think top 10-20 is realistic between alpha 3 and alpha 4, when Beta, I think top 5 is not unrealistic, post launch I think a flippening and a number one spot is realistic.


Definitely realistic once everything is demonstrated & tested, though of course not guaranteed!



If you ask me, it should be valued as something like EOS. Promising project with no launch yet, although MAID has a longer way to go till mainnet launch, but it’s also offering more at the end.
So that means x50 from here :roll_eyes:
Maybe a little too much for the near term, but it should be worth more than that TRON($4+bn) marketing scam.
So let’s say x20 for this year :slightly_smiling_face:
That means place 10.


Bitcoin trending down…


Maidsafe trending up…


Why would you hold on to bitcoins when you could hold Maidsafe?


So true @Zoki , Maidsafe is the future! Bought some more yesterday because of that :slight_smile:


diversification, but point maid.
the point between the lines is that maidsafecoin is breaking the correlation with bitcoin: BFD for the technical analysis AND the fundamentals people.


Still need bitcoin till the network launches :grimacing:


Completely agree. Project is much lower risk now. I think we are heading to a dollar and not coming back.


MAID reaches 66 on coinmarketcap chart.


So did I @Nastypasty I couldn’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is a double win for me, with most of my crypto holdings in MAID and two S9 miners earning double the BCH with depressed bitcoin prices.


Do you guys think we’ll be in top 10 cryptos again this year or perhaps not yet?


I am still counting about 2 years to lunch Safe coin. So maybe top ten next end of May.
There is always momentum when people think that everything will be done soon and than it is still not ready, they will sell again to buy later.


“Currently greatest security with highest transactions per second. Blockchain is a dinosaur now. It’s now a fight to the death between Block-dags, Block-weaves, and PARSEC. PARSEC looks to be crypto on GOD mode. All of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.”

Love it!!! And it’s great to see so many people talking about Maidsafe & The SAFEnetwork on Reddit and elsewhere :smile:

Absolutely agree on this. If something like Cardano could exceed a market cap of $33B last year, I see no reason why we couldn’t see $70 MAID this year.


After the PARSEC announcement, this became a lot tougher. Alpha 3 could be announced at nearly any time and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise given the level of effort remaining. That could (and should) pump up the price above $1 permanently. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alpha 4 by the end of the year and possibly even Beta if things go really smoothly. The time has come where MAID is teetering on that precarious edge before a huge takeoff. Sell off now, and you could miss the huge gains.


Yep could be, but most people (not from this forum) are waiting for mobile walets, user friendly apps etc. There is still so much more things to develop.

To read and understand full whitepapers or primer is not easy for Joes. It is actually not easy to learn everything about Bitcoin, than Ethereum than … SAFE network. So that is why well knows mentors or youtubers have so big influace on other people and they follow them.

I think that we need higher level shilling about it. The activity was not that big as could be.
Like some reddit posts got just about 50 upvotes and 10 comments.

Actually reddit subs:


I feel confident in guesstimating that this wasn’t a one-off announcement, but rather a first powerful attack in what will be a blitzkrieg of successive winning.