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I like it.


Zoki, your posts are allways top class and motivational, hope you get a nice after work today with your work buddies.


The project has been de-risking.

Look at that price rise!!! OMG!!!


With such interesting news we would need more up votes and comments

Than we can get attention of new investors.


Now I can see beyond the moon. It’s real!


Big buy blocks on Polo and Hit


It is so beautiful to instantly see such a response from the market, now on and forward it will be very exciting to follow, this needs to be celebrated all summer long. :slight_smile:


Small drop after Parsec announcement before return to top 70 in CMC.


Yeah. We’re heading back towards top ten, I can feel it in my loins. Depending on the pace the development takes from here, top fifteen before the end of the year is not out of question.

I’m glad it’s proving the market is in fact very rational and it rewards intrinsic value. It also shows that people know about this project. They’re just kinda… faithless :nauseated_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lets see if the trend holds, personally I have found the market to treat events like this as a nice pump then return to normalcy. Plus I want to keep price under 1.00 until launch so I can keep accumulating a decent volume biweekly :P . I currently don't see MAID ever trending anywhere below .30 cents till launch at this stage though. That brief dip to $.22 cents was our bottom :wink: .


Same here. I would rather have it sitting at around thirty cents for another two years. Ain’t happening anymore though.

Tech savy folks will quickly figure out the implications of this update and they will spread the word. It will only snowball from here on.


Who is selling at these low prices? :roll_eyes:


Who is selling at these low prices? :roll_eyes:

Me, but not MAID… slowly selling other cryptos to buy maid as am out of free cash for the next few weeks, already having dumped it in.


You will be over the top when it hits $10. You ain’t seen nothing yet


Need another dip to buy more Maid cheap tokens!
@Zoki what’s your prediction? :joy: We’ll have another opportunity to buy Maid at 0.20-0.30?


I doubt it very much. The project has been de-risked, the fundamentals have been solved and are in place.

We wont see $0.20 again.

Ever try holding a football under water?


I’m with @Zoki on this one. We’ve left the sub $0.30 port, and I don’t think we’ll ever return. I don’t know if we’ll see sub 40 cents again either. A turnaround in $BTC price will only see MAID rise further b/c, as others have mentioned, the SAFEnetwork has been derisked. MAID has proven its inherent value proposition (& technical feasibility) vs. Bitcoin. It makes sense that the prices of yesterday—in both fiat and BTC—are unlikely to resurface again.


Exactly. The whole project is almost derisked. This breakthrough will make the buzz we all hoped for. I am so glad that the price will grow based on the value and not on hype pump&dump schemes. I bet next DEV conference will be much much bigger;)


This chap has really explained it well:

PARSEC marketing

:pray: to that. I’m thrilled to be an early adoptor. One day I can tell my grandchildren that I got in on the SAFE network for $.20, and that’s why you’re studying at Harvard. But honestly this feels like history in the making. I say cheers to all of you who bought low and did not sell, even during storms and rough water, because you are the ones keeping this ship to the new world afloat!