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Just added a post to r/cryptocurrency about the incoming news / Davids words yesterday, hoping to draw some more attention from the crypto community:

I hope you guys approve of what I’ve written.


I can’t find the post you quote above… do you have the link?



That was strange. I’m struggling to find it on the main page too. Looks like the link works now.


No dev update because of crash?


Dev Updates are Thursday.


Oops, I thought it was Thursday today. Damn I need to chill out lol


Looks like my post on reddit was removed for hyping up the title too much. Just had this message from one of the mods:

“It most likely removed for violating rule 5 and and rule 9. I suggest you repost it with a less hyped up title.”

Attempted re-post here:

Maybe still a little too hyped? Not sure. Trial and error :wink:


Don’t worry its Thursday for me. 10am actually. I have to wait till Fridays when I wake up to see the updates.


It’s all relative my friend.


The mods perhaps should allow Reddit posts be be Reddit posts. Reddit is the appropriate place for hype. Every other crypto subreddit has hype posts, so it seems like an unnecessary effacement to not allow any hype on ours. People can come here if they want sober dialog, but where are the people to go who want to shout from the rooftops about moons, memes, and other crypto traditions?

There will soon be a whole different group of people wishing to discuss SAFE and used to a certain level of celebration. Are the mods going to stifle that?


I know, I get a feeling we need to do decent posts on the tech itself, maybe broken down into different parts like, Safecoin, decentralized internet, apps / websites already on the Alpha 2, the Solid project boost, Devcon, etc. One post for each topic.

I’m not sure I’ll have time to create a detailed post tomorrow about the news, so if not, please could someone have a crack?


Couldn’t agree more. Perhaps we skip or consolidate the Alphas. Regardless, I think that whatever Maidsafe announces will be a massive leap towards a beta network.


Another possible reason for MAID to suddenly rise in price is because a well-known crypto investment service - Teeka Tiwari’s “Palm Beach Confidential” - has made a first-time recommendation for MAID, advising subscribers to buy it under 50 cents. This recommendation could have a significant impact as his followers number in the tens of thousands.

The email update included the following text:

MaidSafeCoin (MAID)

MaidSafe held its first ever Developer’s Conference this past April. During the conference,
founder David Irvine announced the launch of the SAFE Developer Hub, an online resource for
developers. The conference also featured several new projects, including SAFEFlow, a time-series
database for health science; Jams, a decentralized music player; and SAFE-FS, a decentralized file
storage platform.

Action to Take: Buy MaidSafeCoin (MAID) up to $0.50.


Do you have a link to this?


Maidsafe has gone up to $0.40 usd !


It was an email message only


If they say BEta in December we may get some traction i guess…


Same here…first thing when i wake up at 630am on Fridays i look for the updates…


Is this the day for the Zoki coil effect? :slight_smile: