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Ya, saw that something is going on, because the price of almost every other coin falls. Maybe some new Investors realized the potential of the Safenetwork?


I suspect it’s the usual pump n’ dump groups off the back of the impending big news announcement. Then they’ll just dump as usual.


Creo que sería mucho mas fácil de ser conocido maidsafe creando un whatsapp maidsafe. Podria ser la antesala al lanzamiento de la siguiente fase.

I think it would be much easier to be popularise maidsafe if there were a maidsafe whatsapp. It could be the prelude to the launch of the next phase.


There are messaging examples already.
Im fairly sure someone will create a whatsapp equivalent.


Somthing is happening with the price. See what just a little bit of humble hype can do. Feels like somthing big is actually coming for the Thursday update.


Yes that’s really hilarious haha I think so too, something big is coming… I am excited like a little kid waiting for santa :grin:


Well, I’m a disbeliever in tea leaves, mystic runes, druidic rites, numerology, astrology, reading entrails, tarot cards, the i-ching, crystal gazing, divining rods, bone reading and above all market analysts, but my waters tell me you might be onto something.



“Let my people go.”


Divining rods actually do work. I haven’t tried the other stuff. :wink:


The hype is working. I am getting asked by people if they should by more.
Well… I did say buy at $0.22 in the past few months. I guess $0.40 is also a good buy in.

I think the next jump up past $1.00 will be a permanent one, if the breakthrough news
is of the magnitude we all are beginning to expect. I think we are in the second half of
the innovator stage, with the news on Thursday I think we will get more early early adopters, developing apps, and smart money.

Now… do you make you final large buyin before Thrusday or After… oh man…

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your TA needs more triangles :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh it will be a jaw dropper from a technical perspective absolutely no question there. But would I bet the Farm on that alone causing a rise beyond a brief P&D post Thursday?

In a fair world hell yes it should, in the current market though probably unlikely.

Maybe we get blown away and in addition to the Consensus breakthrough get given an updated roadmap with the remaining tasks to Beta clearly outlined, but I’m kinda erring towards this announcement being a very big step towards that kind of thing a bit later in the piece say once we see Alpha 3 done.

The buy in window sub $1 probably remains open until at least then given the markets outlook short term.

Buutttttttt, was just thinking in the 4yrs following this project I’ve never seen the words or sentiment uttered by the Boss that we’ve seen the last few days. Damn this is fun :slight_smile:


I think you’re right. There will be some price movement, but I reckon it won’t be much. And for what it’s worth, I don’t really care either. (although my kids do)

The dev-update tomorrow should be considered a (yet another) celebration/affirmation of our belief in this incredible project.


Welp, just couldn’t wait until tomorrow and sunk another chunk of cash in. Looking at the broader world, stocks, bonds and currencies all looking shaky right now… crypto is frothy, but MAID is BTC cheap and USD reasonably cheap now, steadily derisking and still looks like a vastly asymmetric bet long term to me. I stand by my previous comment that even if SAFE can only achieve 10% of dropbox’s market cap, then it is still a multiple up from here. And does anybody doubt at this point that SAFE can at least serve as ultrasecure file storage?.. multi year long, and getting longer. And I second the observation that the ‘emotional tone’ of the dev updates is getting better and better…


I’m speculating a little bit, but I think if significant advancement has been made, Alpha’s may be skipped, bringing us much closer to beta release. Alpha’s are largely used for test-nets, which no longer may be necessary. In David’s reply his mention that development will be speeded up I find significant. This is great news for price.


It may be a marvellous technological improvement but Im not hitching my horse to a dramatic rise in the price. That will only come at beta stage


Likes are telling! :popcorn: :sunglasses:


Let the games begin!


Amid all the fun, MAID has advanced to place 86 on CMC :slight_smile: Perhaps the time of buoyancy is here… the price is very attractive considering where it has been, and how much progress has been made.