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agreed, but my question is what will it be worth in 2 or 5 years. I suspect even though it is on clearnet it’s going to… “moon” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


COM domain trading is not profitable now as it used to be. I used to own 20 bitcoin related domains for years since 2013, some of them top quality. I was not able to sell them at reasonable price. I still have one but droped rest in 2016. But even now the best one I am holding, I am not able to sell for amount worth doing the trade. BTC itself is growing much faster than bitcoin related domains.


You own nothing on clearnet, your just renting it and it can be taken from you.

One SAFEcoin, if you choose a right publicID can be worth millions of $ (that’s why it’s so funny to read the comments here, what SAFEcoin is worth atm?). I’m guessing that “com” (oooh yeah publicid had a minimum of 4 characters?) will be worth that since it will be the only on the SAFE Network. PublicID’s are the cryptokitties on the SAFE Network :cat: (fun fact is that publicID’s can be used instead of waiting for a greater fool)



Good for you Harvindar!


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A few years ago I bought the domains, and in my country not to resell them but to protect them from people who will use them for themselves and not for the good of SafeNetwork.

I intend to use them as educational sites for the SafeNetwork…


Legend :wink: :+1: :slight_smile:


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Sh!tcoins are flying past MAID in marketcap. Another day closer to the Cryptapocalypse.


You forgot inbuilt currency and way of exchange :blush:


Interesting spike today in MAID price. Could it be due to…

Option 1: Hedgie taking a position? A friend of mine who co-founded a crypto hedge fund last year asked me about Maidsafe the other day. During the conversation he also noted that there’s almost no way for a hedge fund to take a significant position without temporarily moving the market.

Option 2: Anticipation of Alpha 3 news this week?

Option 3: your guess is good as mine… Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Regardless, was great to see MAID price rising even as BTC fell.


Not sure, but I think there are a few whales out there who are patiently waiting to buy lots of MAID on release, and that will move the price up dramatically. Big investors will start to get interested in Safecoin when it reaches over $100, and then it will be a moon ride. Look at it this way, Buffett just got in big with Apple: 75 million shares. Might seem a little late, but not for big money. Big investors need to see more than just the pudding, they want a mouth full of proof. MAID will soon deliver something tasty.


Tbh it’s quite likely Mr Pierce or another of the original Mastercoin fraternity doing their thing. There have been a couple of smallish P&D in recent months in a similar vein.


If SAFE is ever over $100 dollars I will personally fly out to Scotland and rent out a bar or two in the region for MAID and OG forum people for a wild network success party hah :smiley: . I hope it happens, with # of coins I doubt it but you never know with crypto hype where we could go. One blog predicted $600 SAFE one day and his other predictions have been on target for ETH/BTC/Factom/Ripple and such (probably all luck on those predictions but I still wanna believe he knows!)


I think $100 is definitely feasible. At present circulation that’s a market cap of only $45B. I could see that happening by/at beta. For reference, ETH hit that market cap around this time last year and I think the beta SAFEnetwork will be more functionally complete than where Ethereum was at that time.

Once the network is live, I agree with Alex Fortin (the blogger) that Safecoin will trade at $600. In fact I find $1000 within the first few years of launch to be a reasonable target. When you consider what the whole crypto ecosystem should be worth by then and all the SAFEnetwork will do/render redundant, such a price is more than plausible. This of course all depends on Safecoin divisibility and burn/replenishment rate.


Impressed you knew who I was referencing :slight_smile: , I hope you are right! Would be crazy times if so.


Does this count even if very temporarily on a low volume exchange somewhere? If so, I’ll make it happen & see you at the bar :wink:

Though more seriously, $100 per coin with e.g. 1bn coins in circulation would be less than Bitcoins’s market cap today, so if the SAFE network succeeds in becoming widely used beyond the crypto community… expect $100 coins at some point.


It counts if you buy a specific volume around the order of 10k+ coins from me :laughing: . All right, I will expect $100+ and bring this up in a 2-3 years again to you both heh.


It was alex fortin remember reading this article… if safe gets mass adoption could be possible


If this happens that would be absolutely insane! In a good way and well deserved imo but I think we should all make a pact! If this happens we all must fund the development of an app of our own liking or tick an app from the Most wanted apps thread :slightly_smiling_face: