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105th at coinmarketcap, this is the lowest MAID has ever been right ?


Probably. But so what?


So What? I think I worked em out. In a nutshell


I’m looking forward to the day Maidsafe/Safecoin cuts it’s ties with the Bitcoin value. I don’t know when this will happen, pre beta, post beta or post post beta. I’m a useless stockpicker but I hope and pray that in the next decade we will look back and laugh hard at current prices


Looks like it already has :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry just couldn’t resist, 12 days later and back out of the top 100 they go.

Large exchange listings at their absolute best :stuck_out_tongue: :smile: :rofl:



I’m agree with Sotros25 but Monaco is not a good exemple nobody know what is going on inside this company and what case or problem they have. It’s the problem with crypto and transparency …It’s just a market coin up and down.

Maid is different we have every week Dev Update and transparency…

Anyway look the number of trading for the 20 first coins market compare to us it’s big. I think maid with other exchange will be better of course. More we have place to trade more possibility for the buyer to join us. Some people have few place for trading (buy or sell) other just one (like me) and they only can buy the coins are trading on her own plateform…


It (spending ridiculous amounts of $) is at this stage an unnecessary risk to the delivery of the project no matter how ‘right’ it may seem or actually be.

But don’t worry i’m a caring soul and have plenty of supplies on hand for anyone who’s not happy with cheap coins and a massively undervalued and for now misunderstood asset :grinning:


Edit: I probably should add what sometimes gets missed in the hype bubble that we saw late 2017/early 2018 was who actually precipitated this snowball of price and attention and kept pushing it down the hill.

It wasn’t the average investor, it was heavy manipulation and inside work from some very skilled and very well resourced trading groups (welcome to crypto). The newcomers were just collateral damage so to speak.

If you watched close enough with MAID during the early bitcoin forks there were pretty damn decent support walls for MAID despite only being on Polo/Trex.

Given the age of this project more than a few of these groups know of this project and if it’s money and linked attention people here want than these groups are the ones that will very likely take care of this at the appropriate time. That time isn’t now, but it is coming, just sit tight :smile:

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Ranking at 114 now :disappointed_relieved::sweat::cry::cold_sweat:


But its weekly dev update day so get pumped! :slight_smile: , any coins bought in this price range is a great short term or long term play I think, who cares about rank for now until we have a viable product.


I’m just buying up as many as I can. Then take them off the exchange. Soon enough they’ll be a demand. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really need to chart coin rankings over time - could be useful information trading wise…
Buy lower ranked coin, wait for it to rise - change to maid
spend too much time looking at price charts.


I hope some good news today like a cooperation with a big company(Google) or something like that :grin:
Need Maid to moon!




Yeah. Need Maid to moon. :pray::pray:


Technology investment bank GP Bullhound predicted that cryptocurrency markets are due for an extreme correction that will eliminate 90 percent of the value of the entire crypto market. Author Sebastian Markowsky called the coming market crash “crypto-winter,” but said the handful of currencies that survive the crash will be positioned for unprecedented growth once the selling cycle passes. Markowsky predicted that companies will continue to raise money via ICOs, but the era of fundraising without clearly demonstrating a marketable product is coming to an end. If true since Maid has true value, it will survive the winter.


Don’t worry guys, be patient.
Like the stock market, Crypto market is in the short term a voting machine while on the long term a weighing machine


Hey @Savage didn’t you say you can get maidsafecoin on ? I’m turning my friend onto the project and he’s looking to invest but I want to make the process as simple as possible, is coinify a pretty user friendly service?? Judging from the site it looks pretty good. Prolly easier than poloniex.