MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Yes I noticed that too. Great work adding a comment to correct them.


Sure enough, the price around 3333 sat. was magically irresistable :slight_smile: It has been a very strange feeling with MAIDSafe since I discovered it for myself mid 2017. The more I read about the fundamentals, the more interviews with David I watch or listen to, man if this is how the whole market is feeling about this thing under the hood… As with Monero, this is not a project I’m a strong supporter of because of the money.


The increasing price of Substratum relative to Maidsafe leads me to thinking the market considers that Substratum will deliver a successful product before Maidsafe. I’m not commenting on the quality of the 2 products, just something the marketing side of Maidsafe needs to consider


Price has increased for SUB for only 2 reasons.

  1. Changing of # of coins in circulation which pushed them up about 10 spots
  2. TV appearance approaching on one of the CNN channels on the 26th April.

Reasonable chance of a dump in the days/weeks after.

Tbh SUB can do it’s thing and launch a Beta tmrw, it’s subset is soooo different and inferior to what SAFE proposes, its really just a flashy distributed VPN that will likely end up still having issues regarding centralisation (they want to be able to vote out certain content arghhhh).

In a nutshell I think Maidsafe are sleeping pretty well at night knowing the real value long term and the success of their Company is going to be determined by utility not hype or speculation :+1:


… the market cap list?
What am I missing. The market should reflect changes in supply by adjusting the price in such way that the market cap remains the same.


Its just total no of tokens x price.
So more coins means higher cap, assuming price stayed the same.

Edit. Free market adjusts the price, one might think the market price would adjust accordingly, but theory does not always prove right in practise.


They may deliver something more quickly, but not what people are hoping for, imo. The whole distributed hosting side is little more than a few sentences in a white paper, so I remain sceptical.

Still, people seem to love them and lots of shills and hype around the project, so that probably justifies the price.


Eventually the market does react to bring perceived value back in line with price. Often times introduction of new coins into circulation sees a short term increase in market cap; however, as was seen with Santiment, Monaco, and other coins, when actual improvements in performance, usability or milestones crossed do not correlate with that increase in circulation, the coin price tends to correct in the mid term.

It’s one of the reasons why when diligencing coins, I continually assess the current circulation against total supply with the goal of understanding when and why additional coins will enter into circulation. It probably goes without saying, but that $0.10 coin with 100M circulation looks potentially attractive from an economical (i.e., laws of scarcity) perspective until you realize the total supply is 1B, and that 150M coins are coming out of lock up 6 months post ICO. My two cents.


I don’t disagree. One of the main arguments against Maidsafe, apart from time, is its complexity. Something for the Marketing staff to simplify


Yeah it’s interesting the approach they’ll take.

Pre release you’d think the Crypto Community will play a central role in their efforts to foster adoption.

Using the last 5 years or so in the crypto world as a frame of reference is certainly part of the equation but only that just a part and maybe a bit less of one than some think.

It will take quite a while for the Network to prove itself and gain trust. I wouldn’t worry too much about the Copycats though.

I can’t really see any scenario where the Millennials don’t have a ‘holy sh1t’ moment when we reach the point of “I can charge my phone overnight and tada free money”. Long way to go before that, but if we hit that point this thing would turn into a unstoppable wildfire almost overnight.


Is it safe to say we’re past the lowest part of the dip, onwards to the next peak?

Found a strange opinion from a crypto investor recently, they have other coins. They love the maidsafe project, agree with everything it’s aiming to accomplish.

Investment wise, they said they won’t buy any coins till it hits $3.00

Strange idea for me, why buy at $3 when you could have recently bought at $0.22😀

In the way up, there will be similar people - people who have a buy in at a certain price. Who would have thought, some people don’t buy cheap. What this means is that on the way up there will be groups of people giving the price a helping boost.

I feel the next peak will be at least $2.50

Edit:. In relation to the post below, this person also said they would buy more if the coin was on a proper exchange…:joy::joy::joy: What ever that means.

I do believe, when we do inevitably get listed on other exchanges and with price buy in mentality - we will :rocket::artificial_satellite::crescent_moon::new_moon_with_face: moon.

You should keep buying while it takes just that extra bit of effort.


The power of a new exchange listing: MCO adds #Bithumb to the list & thunders back into the top 100 by market cap.

Imagine MAID gets listed on just a handful more significant, global exchanges. What do you think the price and volume impact would be?


Hi price. Hi volume. More product discovery, more people reading about the SAFEnetwork.

…And a higher volume of “why didn’t I buy below $1, I always miss out - why didn’t I find out about this coin sooner” people.

…And more people posting screenshots of maidsafe in other communities just like you did above.


IMO - any early release helps teach the masses of the capabilities of decentralization. Maidsafe should use all this as a platform to push Safenet even further and faster.


Zoki, you had me at 2.50…then you went and said moon…


A topic more compex than today’s “5min comaprison video” average user can submerge themselves into, the MAID fort endures.


I need to refresh my Monaco repos but last time I checked it wasn’t so great under the hood – proving your point. I guess what I mean to say is that CLOAK (much closer to my heart) has achieved the same thing with Binance lately. Nuff said, not enough MAID.


… When the speed and security of maidsafe / safecoin is understood by industry, you are not going to be able to stop it’s rise…


When lambo? I’m sorry; I couldn’t help myself. :joy:


Not at the current price :grimacing: