MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


The future price of safecoin will not just be based on the sober, responsible and realistic market-cap calculations that go on in this thread. There will also be the senseless, emotional cyprto mania aspect too, that defies all logic, and is based, not on true value, but on sheep-mentality of not wanting to miss out.


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It is kind of impossible ahead of test Safecoin being specified, implemented, and then adjusted based on testing.

Assuming divisibility is added, I see zero economic reason for any increase in supply being required. This isn’t a blockchain that needs to incentivise miners by handing out new coins - it’s a market for already valuable resources, with all required incentives in place.

It will be interesting to see what happens with test Safecoin - hoping for all economic assumptions to become clearer at that stage to give a better picture of what to expect going forward.


I know it’s difficult to speculate on the price of a coin ,but if the maidsafe project works as according to plan and goes global ,what do you think the potential price of a coin could be?



The investment banks are buying, hedge funds are buying, and family offices are buying.
We are witnessing a transfer of coins from the early adopters to financial institutions.
It’s ironic.
The market is being dryed and liquidity scarce. Look at the order book of bitstamp, it is so thin nowadays. so easy to push the price.

Most of the large transactions now happen in OTC blocks, off-exchange.
They are buying patiently and orderly, accumulating on a daily basis, unlike the retail crowd.When this process is done, I expect a new moonshot.


In all these discussions about a future potential Safecoin price, I think one thing is being overlooked. It’s not valid to compare it to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has taken years to arrive where it is. I purchased my first coins back in 2011 and I had no idea where it was headed. The tech was not proven. The reason Bitcoin is valued as it is now, is because it is the most secure crypto. It has passed (and increasingly passing) the test of time.

Now, when the Safe Network goes live it will also need to prove itself. This could take a number of years. Who will store valuable information within it at the beginning, before the tech is proven over time? I certainly wouldn’t.

It’s the same with Safecoin.

I can tell you, I would not be willing to move the value of my Bitcoin holding over to Safecoin at the beginning - to an un-battle tested system. Those airing exaggerated expectations of Safecoin’s price are likely to be disappointed in my view.

If it reaches $10 after a beta release, I will be very happy. It if goes to $100 within a year of full release, I will ecstatic :slight_smile:


Not “when”, but “if”.
Not only, the Safe Network, isn’t proven and is yet to go life, but it isn’t certain it will ever go life.


choose life :smiley: :smiley: you wont be far wrong.


I agree, and won’t move my MaidSafeCoin over until the network is well tested. Though this constraint on early supply may help push Safecoin market cap higher.

Safecoin will be required to upload to the network from day 1. Even if people don’t move their life savings onto the network, if there’s significant demand for using the network, Safecoin demand will be high and the market cap of Safecoin could be very high very soon.

In the end it’ll just come down to supply & demand in a context of many people taking speculative positions in crypto assets.

I’m pretty sure that if the Safe network launches as a well functioning decentralised internet, with a brilliantly performing crypto currency, it can take off in value well ahead of being battle tested.

How battle tested is Cardano? Its market cap is 40x MAID’s today. What about EOS or IOTA? This market can be surprisingly optimistic about unproven technology it seems, and the SAFE network could quickly appeal to people beyond this crazy crypto market.


Cardano, EOS and IOTA are still fresh and exciting prospects. Several years ago when MAID also qualified as “fresh and exciting” it had the same relative cap, it was a top ten coin.


Yes, which shows that being ‘battle tested’ isn’t critical for a high market cap. The SAFE network on launch could easily be seen as a ‘fresh and exciting’ prospect, though with more substance to it.

Nobody knows what will happen, but a very high market cap very quickly is a very real possibility if the Safe network launches ahead of any major competition, performs well, and is accessible / easy to use.


That’s a few too many “ifs” to my liking, but I do not exclude the possibility for MAID going to da moon.
Nothing in crypto surprises me any longer.


When talking about the future, “ifs” are part of the deal :smiley:

I agree that MAID’s price rocketing is only one possibility of many, and that crypto is a very unpredictable world!


I’ll make a prediction: anything with enough hype behind it will go to the moon, even if it is garbage.

If the Safe network gets enough support at the right time, it will moon.


Because the establishment media is doing most of the hype already, seeding peoples fears with constant stories about cyber terror, and third party facebook hacks, and business networks that are not secure, personal data loss, etc.

As soon as the Safe network goes live—and it will go live, most of the principle technology has been proven already—all that needs to be done is to connect the dots. Suddenly the world has a solution to it’s cyber security woes. And that is just the beginning.

Obviously I believe in this project, otherwise I wouldnt be here.


Say it aint so! Safecoin is ded? And may stay ded forever :open_mouth: ?



Good ol’ Tone Vays. He is the guy who excoriates people for not reading Bitcoin’s whitepaper and understanding it. Here he is complaining about Golem and not understanding it based on an article from Coindesk!

Tone, read the dang Golem whitepaper.


I will say, a industry that should be targeted is porn

Probably not news to you, but Verge is targeting it.
I’m not following them, but I have to say this commercial is timed well (the release of it: Stormy Daniels…):
Brazzers Embraces Cryptocurrency: “The Future Just Came” (OFFICIAL COMMERCIAL) - ft. Stormy Daniels


It looks like the verge market reaction to this news was a little… ahem… anti-climactic


Looks like maid is turning bullish again polo. It fixed that rising wedge scare without dumping. The low volume since the trex delist is still a bit worrying though. Either way, I have been buying like crazy since 3200 sats. What about you guys?


Nice to see Maidsafe in this very long list of crypto’s. A shame it’s only advertised as a storage system. I think there are many people in this space that either haven’t heard of maidsafe or don’t really know what it is. Let’s hope good marketing strategies in the coming months can change that.