MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


It’s an interesting question, but I think things will be very different for SAFE.

When SAFE is released, among many other things, people will immediately be able to;

  • access distributed social networks, email, and instant messaging (easy and safe alternative to Facebook / Twitter etc)
  • upload files for sharing with zero ongoing hosting costs & no ‘seeding’ required (easier & faster than Bittorrent)
  • create very low / zero fee crypto tokens that scale well (better / faster / cheaper than ERC20)
  • backup data to a reliable and secure cloud (safer than Google drive etc)
  • earn Safecoin by contributing their resources to the network
  • browse an uncensorable Internet easily (easier than TOR)
  • create web sites with no ongoing hosting fees, no down time, that are fully censorship resistant (unique & powerful)

etc etc etc, so it’s very different to Golem.

However, this requires quality apps to be available, which will hopefully happen during Alpha 4 & Beta, so that at launch the apps are ready to go and the network is very useful for normal people from day 1.

Perhaps the price will rise significantly during late Alphas and Beta though, as the network becomes more likely, so launch its self may not see a huge change if Beta is obviously useful causing demand to grow at that stage.


I tend to agree.


Tone’s whole premise is that decentralization is inherently inefficient, so it should only be used when necessary for censorship resistance (ie Bitcoin). This can be true, but not always. Decentralization is good at doing parallel tasks. Bittorrent is a much more efficient way to distribute data that having everyone hammer on one server. Likewise, distributed computing can offer great computing power at competitive rates.


I love Maidsafe but with so many new “shiny” platforms, I doubt it. Especially when you can meanwhile make more money on other projects than on Maidsaife (As you mentioned $0.21 a year ago and $0.26 now!!!) and when time comes re-buy into maidsafe.


For me, this is a sign of potential. No point in chasing coins which have already had big gains.


and an even more greater amount of dumb shiney noob money lining up for said platforms without any idea what DD means, heck these ICO’s and blockchain platforms they all apparently cure cancer and fix world hunger right?

SAFE does not need anyone to ‘buy it’ to be a success, it only needs to be useful, the economics not fail and it’s pretty close to a default top 3 coin.

All it takes to work this out is a month or two of reading and asking questions…something beyond the scope of 99% of speculators who make a x10 and think their suddenly a genius.

Trying to anticipate the market in a bearish cycle is not easy and eventually will leave many pockets empty when the market matures in a year or two.


Totally agree. It amazes me how many people in this space FOMO invest and don’t understand where value can come from.


IMO, even if you consider what I think is"worst case scenario", the platform is still incredibly useful. The black market can get off the horrible network that is Tor. That right there is a multi billion dollar economy, and near impossible to shut down and trace on Safe. Torrenting becomes utterly obsolete in the midst of this network. Sure, it technically costs money to upload the initial files, but someone will pay the modest costs for the benefit of everyone else. Finally, you have the ability to create decentralized markets for both creating and trading crypto. If these three, rather sizable, markets all buy in, which I think they will, even if network growth stops there, we’ve gained significant value.

The thing is, if those three communities do buy in, you then have a significant user base that will only expand from there via word of mouth. I think the likelihood of the network receiving organic growth is higher than not.

I will say, a industry that should be targeted is porn. Porn is always on the cutting edge of every technology, and one guy controls 90% of the money in porn. I think people would be more than willing to try to get out from under his thumb.


Something is making the market happy. Anyone who bought recently at $0.22 is sitting pretty.

$0.22 was a good solid buy in.

$0.30 today.

Just gives you confidence in holding.


Lets hope we have a great update that drives the community crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why you should be buying as much as you can reasonably afford.

Soros, Rothschild and Rockefellers. The trio are in.
Do you think once they understand what safecoin and SAFEnetwork is compared to other crypto currency… that they will leave any cheap coins behind for the rest of us?

What do you think @SwissPrivateBanker ?


Rough estimate, how much Safecoin do you need to hold to be a millionaire in $, say in 5-7 years? Please just give a number without long points and discussions. Thank you


I think 2k safecoins will be enough.


Optimistic guess: 1,5k Safecoins.


Ok, thank you for replies. 2k or 1.5k coins mean the network would be worth $1.5 trillion at least (assuming 3 bn coins on circulation). I would say that is really optimistic. Lets keep faith and finger crossed.


It does sound optimistic, but it would only be a little over 10x Bitcoin’s market cap today.

Given Bitcoin is used & held by a small portion of people, if the Safe network gains mainstream usage & its multiple uses for everyday things, that could be achievable.

So it’s within the realms of possible, though of course so is the network never gaining mainstream adoption or achieving anything like a 1.5 trillion market cap :smiley:


I think the highest prices will be reached short before launch, after that it will drop and it will take some time to get back up there. If so, I will sell 50 percent of my safecoins for sure.


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I wonder whether 3B coins in circulation within 5-7 years of launch might be rather aggressive. What if the growth rate is similar to another coin—MUE—which also targets ~4B total circulation, but is designed to take ~130 years to get there? Plus, some members on this forum, who are much more technically informed than me, have hypothesized that there may be fewer Safecoin in circulation on day 100 (figuratively speaking) than on day 1 post launch.

Trying to understand the impact of divisibility and circulation growth rate is one of the aspects I find most challenging in trying to value the SAFEnetwork at any given point post launch.


Definitely. It’d be more like 12-15 years at the earliest if things go as suggested. Recycling will keep the number a lot lower than people expect, especially those used to blockchain crypto. This isn’t crypto and total coin will only increase significantly as the network is being used and uploads are levelling out. As more coins are farmed then more coins are used to upload is the expectation.