MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Hope so, but got a little suspicion we will remain an enigma for a little while yet.

For some reason the Flying Dutchman keeps popping into my head as an analogy, dumbfounding folks as it pulls into port.

To again quote @Audity “Cue Beta…oh sh1t” :sunglasses:


I agree and I hope we are both wrong.
MAID has fallen very, very low. Remember, not too long ago MAID was priced at 20k Sats, or in other words, more than five times the value at the time of writing. Quite a journey to get back there, but then again, it’s been done before so it can be done again.


Does anyone know which decent non-US exchanges still list organically (no fee)?

Just trying to nut out what might be in the works as far as the briefly mentioned (approaching) new listing?


Although if we were to hit 20k sats again at 7k btc we would be at $1.40. And i suspect btc will most likely rise this year.


Zoki. You got to stop tickling me dude. All this excitement is not good for me. Everytime i think i am going to get rich it goes back down :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Journey to the moon is not an easy task. Comforting when the engineers keep saying that they’ll definitely launch the rocket.


IMO, maidsafecoin is priced keenly in USD and has a floor under its BTC price. I wouldn’t be surprised to see BTC continuing to fall to sub sub 5k USD and maidsafecoin rising in USD to stay pegged again the BTC value.

In other words, I expect maidsafecoin to go up relative to BTC, but I don’t expect USD fireworks until we have at least a few test/alpha nets with datachains etc.


Thats what tickles me hahahaha


Nice upwards price movement independent of the bitcoin price…


Devcon a cometh and price a riseth :muscle:


when is the devcon???


Devcon is on Monday 23 april.


Is the DevCon entrance fee priced in MAIDSAFEs?
That would have caused some market movements.


I wonder if the optimism showing in green is due to people getting excited about a possible big breakthrough in routing.
Could it be a game changing announcement that sends us up and up and people are buying to avoid losing out.
I feel its going to be a big one.


1 year ago today.

Just seen this posted in r/cryptocurrency. And some people asking what Maidsafecoin is.

Link to the Reddit post is here:


One year ago $0.21
The current price is a really good buy price $0.26 or anything in the $0.20 to $0.30 is especially a good price. It’s a gift.

Should check behind the sofa for some pennies.

From that reddit post…

Do you watch Silicon Valley? SAFE network is what Pied Piper is based on. Some of the team are listed as tech advisors in the credits.

There will be a lot of buzz. Sub $1.00 will disappear again soon.


Zoki…i like you :kissing_heart:

Of all the posts yours always make me smile. I simply love your predictions. I hope they start coming through soon :wink:


Curious to hear people’s thoughts on the recent mainnet release of Golem (GNT), the resulting relatively modest movement in the price, and what this may mean for the price of Safecoin upon beta release of the Safe Network.

Are some of the predictions in this thread for the Safe Network’s Beta release optimistic given current market sentiment, as evidenced by the lack of reaction to GNT’s Mainnet release? As of writing GNT sits at $0.27 vs $1.60 back in January 2018. Or are there other factors at play here?


There isn’t a lot of people requesting work on Golem yet, so not a surge in demand in GNT. I think there are a lot of factors to consider for SAFE launch. How much data will people want to store on the network when it launches? Are there popular apps with active users in the testnets that are likely to take off upon launch? We’ll have to wait and see for the most part.


I think that is fair, and for the most part I think that will reflect the reality for SAFE. Specifically that there will need to be some critical mass before there is a significant increase in price. Release of the Safe Network is not enough for the price to shoot up - or at least that is my impression in light of the Golem Mainnet release, which I believe was one of the most successful ICO’s at the time.