MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


If poloniex does not delist MAID there is no reason to dump more in BTC price. But BTC can dump more easily. So USD value is questionable during panic sell off.


Yep, looks like a local minima in absence of other factors… but there are stilll many things that could tank the usd price of all crypto. Still buying week to week, but have a decent cash pile if there is another huge spike down.


The price has spiked at $50m twice before the recent highs. This would provide support if the price were to go that low, imo. However, that would be a massive retrace and would not reflect the progress made over the last 2 years. For me, this is about the floor in both BTC and USD.


It’s unimaginable for a drop down to ICO levels of $0.01, $0.10 - $0.20 maybe… But not for long. Feels unlikely.

At below $0.10… a buying gift, just feels very very unlikely given how far the project has come a long - but this is crypto.

Anything below $0.10 - I would be tempted to take out loans, very irresponsible - I’m not the type, but the thought would cross my mind.


If that happens I think it’d likely be a momentary accident like that time ETH went from $319 to $0.10 in a mater of seconds…


Was just thinking about trading from an exchange point of view. Currently an exchange needs to maintain and sync blockchain for each blockchain coin which must be a pain.

Time to sync, blockchain maintenance, processor time…

Trading SAFEcoin and tokens running on the SAFEnetwork would eliminate much of the hassle, many benefits except they will need to work more on keeping transaction records - no public ledger to fall back on.
Ideally exchanges would build websites on the SAFENet reducing further need to do data maintenance.

We talk about erc-20 tokens conversion here a lot, it will be other coins including erc-20 that will be making the move and transition to SAFEnetwork based tokens. Business idea related tokens though, not “the new blockchain” type coins. Exchanges might even start pushing coin projects to change their coins to SAFEnetwork coins. We already have decorum coin for example as a SAFEnetwork based token. We have also seen a sample wallet for the SAFENet tokens and have created many SAFENet tokens on the test net with amazing results.

Thinking about all of this… SAFEcoin and SAFEnetwork will swallow the entire crypto market long term. The market will have to buy safecoin to access other token coins, safecoin will become the new gateway coin and replace bitcoin.

…And at $0.23 per coin as of this morning, it is a steal, and people quite soon in the future will wonder why they didn’t buy or see it coming.


Bad move by Indian Central Bank, I am praying to get SAFENetwork as soon as possible.


My understanding is that not much at all has changed: Indian “banks are not allowed to deal with or facilitate dealings with or in cryptocurrency. Which essentially causes no change on the ground as no banks in the country provide cryptocurrencies and no exchanges have official partnerships with banks either.”


With what @Zoki said, and with many other reasons for/from grand utility eventually taking place: it feels absurd that price isn’t up already. But, that’s the ‘price’ of not having a full release yet.

There could be a hefty rally whenever just a mere “seemingly” major breakthrough/final milestone occurs, e.g. much like years ago etc. what with all the “vaults from home” (VFH) hype. I.e. not the actual, final release.

People may also feel like, presently, through some dread throughout recent months, that there won’t even be that big of a rally upon the above VFH-type hype. … I do feel that it will happen, though, personally.

(Expanding on that: unfortunately lately, reasonable rallies “feel doubtful” solely because of there being not much widespread news about any crypto lately besides the dreary “Entire-Crypto-Market-Cap”/“Bitcoin” reality—whereupon it feels like every project is extremely tethered to Bitcoin’s existence. But if I look at coinmarketcap right now, I see that Ontology is doing really well. That looks to be virtually the only one, however. Hopefully that happens more often with more projects individually, is all I can say.)

Then weeks later the cost of MAID will slide down a little again, because VFH-type hype, albeit a huge milestone, isn’t the true tipping point.

…And then, the final breakthrough lol, where there’s a true public awareness and mass-buys from them, rather than mostly whales (though, whales always exist, regardless, and I imagine even then would love taking advantage of ‘true public awareness’-type buys).

Basically it’s good to prepare for the different levels of rallies instead of being misled by oneself or others.


I don’t know. I feel hesitant to comment on any particular cryptocurrency’s price performance in this bear market. It’s hard to tease out what is stagnation due to general market sentiment and what is actually specific to a project’s perceived progress. I’m withholding judgment till crypto turns bullish again. My two cents.


Not really. Though they did not ban the Cryptocurrency (technically they can’t), they took indirect approach to stop the fiat transactions. Earlier it was easy to buy from your bank, you just needed to transfer money to some exchange and buy from there but after this we cant do it directly.

Its false statement. Many banks did support buying, even I bought a little PDC using fiat 2 weeks back. But now I am uncertain.
I am guessing launch of “Jio Coin” and the govt is ensuring a smooth transition of that. Corrupt politicians


Im long here. thank you for you patience time to moon


It does feel like the spring sale is over, that was it guys - hope you loaded up. Am ready to buy more if the bottom falls out, but at this point - I have my doubts.

Moon it is.


Just need like one small announcement to make it moon


Generally, cups with longer and more “U” shaped bottoms provide a stronger signal. Avoid cups with a sharp “V” bottoms. Depth - Ideally, the cup should not be overly deep.

Read more: Cup and Handle
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Edit:. I don’t usually read tea leaves but we’ve had a lot of deep V shaped action, this horrizontal move and possible I shaped pattern could be the signal mentioned above.


3k satoshi has been the floor several times over the last 4 years. The only people who bought below this point were around the ICO or those lucky enough to buy at the bottom since. They are likely to be very strong hands as a result; they have held this long and are likely to hold while ever there is any faith in the project.


But But some guy told us months ago that it was going to hit 0.00002000 BTC


I am not selling, I bought to have the tokens for using on the network and bought while low so I don’t pay “full” price later on when people will be paying $$s each


i was showing an adam and even double bottom and break out of diagonal resistance


The Last time we saw a bowl was around the beginning of 2016… look what happened next, moon shot. It’s all different conditions, volume is different number of people trading is most probably higher.

We could be in for a rocket upwards, with more traders it could be massive. We could zoom past $1.00 and hit $10…


We are also, from the last Thursday night update, a few weeks away from a more solid development timeline… feels like a perfect storm is brewing. Plus the upcoming new website, tutorial materials… the maidsafe ship’s sails are catching a strong wind - you can almost feel the pull on the rigging.


The only missing link is the price of Bitcoin