MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


But we have had alpha 2, which was a good step forward and closer to the goal of competion. Billion dollar caps could be pretty speculative, but $100m to me still seems like great value. When alpha 3 with datachains comes along, it would seem like a steal.

I agree it is a shame that more hasn’t been delivered, but it feels like appreciable value has been added nevertheless.


It feels like the sale is over already. Gave up waiting for $0.20 … $0.23 was close enough - upwards trend? Thanks to whoever sold me cheap coins over the weekend.

Crash in … 3… 2…


I have dealt with people selling off MAID. Their reasoning is akin to what SwissPrivateBanker just suggested.

Alpha 2 is great. But if alpha 4&5 are getting talked about now, alpha 2 does not imply closing in on beta, not at all.

Investors who are strictly in for dough look at it like this: “MAID (or whatever) might be a cool tech some day, but as of now, it’s not making me any money. I may get back when (if) this changes.”

Period. They don’t look at it like I do. They focus on simple indicators, all of which point to the SAFE Network development stretching on for many more years. They feel they can make a lot of money elsewhere in the meantime.


Just to be fair to the dev team. Alpha 3 & 4 have been talked about for a long time now with alpha 3 being nodes (with no vaults) at home and alpha 4 being vaults at home and both will be running concurrently when alpha 4 is released.

The dev team have not said there is an alpha 5 planned and only liked a couple of posts that said “if needed then alpha 5 will occur”

I agree though that if the perception that it was only going to be alpha 3 then beta (cannot find anything from the dev team saying this though) but now they feel the talk is about alpha 4, 5, 6, etc then it can be a bad sign.


Someone put in a large buy at 89000 maids this weekend I am told, if true, could signal the start of a recovery?


This in itself would demonstrate the ability to deliver. If there are more alphas, if 3 and 4 deliver as planed - it’s a massive positive signal. I’d expect the time between testnet to lessen, once the final pieces fall in place I guess you would want to test each new addition individually and quickly.


Yeah, I was talking about a casual investor’s point of view.

Then of course, there are folks who are so well off they don’t really care either way. I know at least one guy who is extremely wealthy, a philanthropist you could say. A guy who works for him asked me what I thought was the next big thing.

I said MAID and started doing the math for him, ready to conjure some huge overwhelming would-be numbers that amount to you-know-what as of now.

He interrupted me with “it’s not about money. A really big thing, like… in the grand scheme. We would like to be part of that, not missing out.”

Only then I realized talking to someone who has enough money for a thousand of lives, chuckled and said… “Well, MAID.”

But only very few people are like these really.


Ha. That’s not what most of them care about. Unless there is a rational reason for the price to move up in the next couple of months, they consider keeping money in MAID to be a lost opportunity to make more money elsewhere. At least that’s what I’ve garnered from talking to some investors and talking MAID to them specifically. They want a quick buck.


I think this is very good for this community and the friends and relatives we introduce to SAFEnetwork.
There are people who just follow blue lines and trends… I’m happy they do, leaving coins for the rest of us.


I think that is pre-bubble behaviour. Chase the easy bucks, etc. Settling into a bear market should make everyone a little more discerning as to where there money is going. It becomes less about chasing high returns and more about steady returns.


These will go for projects that promise a long-term return in form of passive income…

Like Restart Energy.


Where have you seen 5,6? I have seen beyond 4…


3 == routing network
4 == vaults from home and possibly test safecoin

There may be 5, but we don’t know yet. The work right now will reduce testnets and be extension alpha releases.



If 4 is delivered in due course, I will be grinning like a Cheshire cat. It tells me the project is practically de-risked


If my memory is not failing me, I think I read somewhere that alpha 3 and 4 was going to be done at the same time, was that the case?


Its more a case of when alpha 4 is released that alpha 3 will continue.


Do you know what will happen with the “LifeStuff” suite of apps?
Is that still going to be recycled on the current version of SafeNetwork?


I would expect that any APPs will need to be uploaded again to any new alpha. We will be informed if there is anything different to that. I suspect that the dev team are unable to say that data will carry across alphas since that is not yet programmed.


We really are at rock bottom prices. Looking at the bitcoin price spanning back over time. I don’t think further drops in price measured in bitcoin is likely.

If you are buying with bitcoins this is it, load up.

Further drops in the $$ value of bitcoin will bring the $ value of safecoin down though. Might be more fiat buying opertunites if lucky.


It just feels like this is the point where the bitcoin price of maidsafe will start to rise and stay USD stable at around >$0.20 <$0.30 if bitcoin falls further.
Gut feeling is that this is the $$ bottom. I have nothing much to base this on though.