MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


This makes me confident that we have had our maidsafecoin crash now. A complete retrace to the price from 1 year ago must have driven out any semblance of excessive exuberance!

I can’t say the same for Bitcoin though. Looking at the chart, it looks like there is a way to go yet.

If maidsafe can keep up the momentum and start kicking though the test/alpha net gears, I think there is reason to be optimistic. That goes for both the relative Bitcoin price and USD price.


I’d like bitcoin to go down much further, would like to charge my crypto address with cheap bitcoins to secure future transfer of my Omni maidsafe asset. I have no bitcoins. :smile: just the dust that transferred in with my maidsafe coins.

Price of maidsafe, I have some buy point ideas on the way down, buy a little every $0.10 drop.


Love that analogy. I was just staring a second ago at CMC with a perplexed looked but then just stopped, put my phone down and cracked open a cold one.

Honestly, for the fan with their bag already full who gives a sh1t about price for now. It literally means nothing.

For those accumulating it’s Christmas arriving in April and looking at the thin support at the lower levels of BTC it may get even better for these folk :santa:

For anyone else worried about MAID price or ranking there’s nothing wrong with that, just realise your worrying about NOTHING that crypto stands for. Traders will trade, Speculators will speculate. Maybe only 1% of those guys end up seeing the big golden door at the end.

I get kinda a warm fuzzy feeling knowing these times are letting the real believers, the genuine folk, eat up just a little more of the Pre Release pie.

Heck give everyone on this forum a 100k bag and the world will be a much better place a few years from now, that is almost a certainty if this project succeeds.

Maybe that’s being ‘greedy’ and against how it should be but in this current crypto crap show and sick salivation for easy money over change I think the idea of there being many ‘safe’ hands for this project is a somewhat comforting thought.


Besides, you have to wait at least to this summer to be able to get a more ‘practical’ Lambo Urus :wink:
So indeed no need to convert immediately to Lambo for those who are interested.
Ps: I find #SinceWeMadeItPossible more applicable for the SAFE Network (if finished) then a powerful SUV.
EDIT: didn’t realise this is a real option on Coinmarketcap -> convert today, tomorrow is too late :smile:


Dollarwise yes, but bitcoinwise we are 20% lower than the ICO.


Will we see ico price in dollar(like 0.01)again if btc goes down hard?


It would seem unlikely, considering the ICO was during the last major Bitcoin crash.

Relative to Bitcoin, maidsafecoin has been crashing for the last 8 months, with us bouncing off a floor twice. We are at the same USD price as 1 year ago. This feels like rock bottom to me.

Considering how far the network has come since ICO, it seems hard to believe that value hasn’t been added. There is still a concern over whether it can be delivered, but this has always been the case, especially after the announcement to rewrite in Rust.

If I hadn’t already loaded up, I would be buying maidsafecoin now. Maidsafecoin has always been somewhat counter cyclic to Bitcoin and I think this will become obvious once more in the coming weeks and months.


I think the market price is fairly justified, if we step back and take a look from a high level view without focusing on dev updates and such the skepticism is justified. A project that has been long running and at one point announced they were about ready to launch before making a justified change that set them back a lot. Sure its proprietary in nature but the market does not care about how “hard” something is to build, they just care about results aka delivery. If/When this project delivers its value will be realized. Plus I still feel like there is plenty of unfinished business even if the network itself is created.

  1. Has the official safe coin been 100% programmed in and ready to integrated in with the network of safe?

  2. Has the gui/app wallet been developed that will manage users safe coin, is that entirely going to be an “app” in the browser? I have not kept up to date here.

  3. Vaults - Where is the gui/app for that? In browser as well? I have read that vaults have been sort of tested around in the past but is the code in a mvp state?

I have tons of other questions regarding products in the todo list and their timelines because even if its something that is fairly straight forward the work still has to be done and someone has to do it which takes time. Not to derail this chat on price but I think you have to consider remaining technical hurdles when discussing price. All we hear about are updates to the network right now and complex stuff that is going down, but I am curious on the front of less proprietary tech too, the stuff that just takes months/weeks to grind out… visually appealing and user friendly tools. People can say that stuff goes fast and not to worry since its “been done” but I know nothing generally “goes fast” in tech, and if it did then it probably was done poorly :smiley: .


But relative to a year ago, have things moved forward? In my mind, yes they have.


I agree, but like the previous comment said it is also another year without a full release, so it kind of makes sense where we are now.

Once we are knocking on beta’s door and safecoin is being tested the market will start to make some decent moves imo.

Most people that know how well the development is going already bought in a while ago, although it does seem the Guardian article was nice exposure and brought a lot of new people here, but I think a lot of them people are techies that are probably less likely to throw lots of money at speculating compared to all the crazy non-techy people that are falling for all the hype with a lot of the other projects.


I posted an article on Steemit. An attempt to value SafeCoin using Chris Berniskie’s valuation model.

If anyone has time to read it I would love to hear what you have to say.


“Cost for advertising” ? What’s that?
Btw, the total supply of safecoins are 2^32 (=4294967296)


While an interesting valuation exercise, a number of assumptions in this model are quite questionable, I think, beginning with the aggregate number of tokens in existence (growth rate seems much too aggressive).


True, but a year ago it was pretty similar picture, but with less proven tech. I am not saying where we are justifies a billion dollar market cap, but $100m seem a like great value.


Well, this seems true to me. I was out shopping for a good amount of MAID last night. It was hard to buy in large sums. It seems no one is selling that much. I had to buy in tiny increments on the exchanges. It felt like scraping the bottom of the barrel, for whatever I could get my greedy little hands on. Cheers!


Thanks for the comments guys, I’ll fix it up.

@piluso And the advertising thing is the size of the whole digital advertising industry. I thought it would be relevant in valuing safecoin because there will not be much need for advertising on safenetwork since website/app creators will be paid per visit with safecoin as is fundamentally built into the safe network. Hopefully removing the need or choice to sell advertising.


I think you would like to see my estimation:


@conreezy88, here’s another way of thinking about it as well:

In general, perusing this thread will provide quite a few different valuation exercises that might be helpful to you


In a year we had alpha 2.
Still no datachain or testnets post Alpha 2.

I know behind the seen work is being done and it’s an amazingly difficult task to complete. But for someone who is not actively following this forum, nothing has changed much.
A year ago nobody was talking about Alpha 4 &5
It was supposed to be alpha 3 and then boom…beta.

So from an external perspective delivery seems as far as it ever was.


So we could see another speculative pump back up to $1.20 ?